Righteousness – God’s Love vs. self love

God’s Love vs. self love – the Right vs. the Left; learning righteousness

GOOD_vs_EVIL_by_meadowerThe war for the souls of men

The atheist says to the Christian;

“If God is so good and loving, why does he allow so much evil in the world?”

The Christian says, “When you see Him, why don’t you ask?”

The atheist says, “Wouldn’t you want to ask him?”

The Christian replied, “I wouldn’t dare.  I’d be afraid He would ask me the same question.”

The answer to the atheist’s question is found in science.  Like God, light and heat have no opposites.  People may feel cold, but that is only the absence of heat, with Absolute Zero being the absence of all heat.  Likewise, darkness is measured only by the absence of light.  God didn’t create evil.  Evil is the absence of God with Satan being the equivalent of Absolute Zero by utterly rejecting God even in the infinite Glory of His Presence.

America, the only nation in the history of the world founded on Christianity, is declining.  Her decline is the direct result of her people turning away from God and instead embracing the moral relativism of the Left, rejecting God as an “undefinable myth.”  She has entered this decline because the righteous have let slip their moral authority in the name of political correctness and the false ideology of Leftists.

Where the Right lifts up, builds, and educates, the Left pulls down, destroys, and indoctrinates.  The Right is freedom founded in liberty, while the Left is slavery founded in tyranny.  The Right is for everyone to respect others and work to correct those who do not.  The Left says it is for everyone to tolerate others, and then excludes those who do not conform.

To understand the truth, one must understand the propaganda of the Left.  It is not rocket science to understand the Left is morally wrong.  Even Forrest Gump understood when he said, “I may not be a smart man, but I know what love is.”

There are four kinds of lack of intelligence; stupidity, naivety, foolishness, and
ignorance.  The first cannot be helped as Forrest and Larry say, “Stupid is as stupid does,” and “you can’t fix stupid.”  Naivety is a weakness of not learning of the lies inherent in evil.  Foolishness is believing in those lies even when one knows better.  And being ignorant of the truth is just another excuse.

Likewise, lies come in four types; white lies, denial, concealment, and deception.  White lies protect others from harm, but denial is lying to oneself and leads to foolishness.  Concealing the truth keeps people ignorant, but deliberately deceiving others to benefit oneself and bring harm to others is a grievous evil.  The Left uses deception to obscure evil as good and good as evil.

The Knights Templar is a perfect example of their demonization by the Left to steal people’s gold.  The honorable knights set up the first system of banking wherein one could leave their gold at one temple and take a notarized mark to another temple to claim it, negating the danger of being robbed on the road.  King Phillip IV of France betrayed and murdered them in a plot to seize all they had, spreading lies that they secretly worshipped Satan to justify his evil.

Such propaganda continues to this day with the Left demonizing the righteous at the slightest excuse.  That fascism is being exercised against people like Brendan Eich who was fired from Mozilla for donating $1000 to California’s Prop 8 supporters, and the Koch brothers for supporting Republicans.  Where the Right welcomes open debate to reveal the depravity of the Left, the Left would silence opposition to keep from being exposed.

The Left see the American Dream as the attainment of great wealth, and American Exceptionalism as hubris.  The Right understands that the American Dream is to be able to worship God and prosper under government protection rather than oppression, and this is what makes America exceptional to all other nations in history.  Only in America could one attain wealth on one’s own achievement where others have always attained wealth through force.

As Rush Limbaugh correctly espouses;

“Capitalism makes the rich powerful, while socialism makes the powerful rich.”

The error that the Right has made is in compromising with the Left.  Conservatives and liberals do not mix, and those moderates who would make it so are only corrupting American values.  Universal suffrage enables those who have no stake in the nation to vote for benefits taken from others rather than shared responsibility for the safety of all.  Again as Rush advocates the truth;

“When good compromises with evil, evil wins.”

There have been warnings of this before from such men as John Milton, author of the epic poem, “Paradise Lost,” who said,

“If all human ideas, good and bad, are allowed a battleground, so long as Truth is in the field, Truth will prevail.”

The truth that the Left is not only deceitful about their intentions, they are in denial about their own motivations is the hardest truth of all.  Love is the most desired state of all human beings, but those who love themselves before all others are not only incapable of being totally truthful, but rather than be capable of sacrifice, they demand sacrifice of others.  They laud victims as heroes, thieves as achievers, and villains as role models.

But those who deceive will attempt to corrupt the loving heart.  “Beware of False Prophets.  You will know them by their fruits,” Jesus said, their fruits being the bad ends of their good intentions.  Falling victim to deceit is what the righteous must be wary of in all their doings and these sayings are a guide to not be the fool;

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.” – Abraham Lincoln

“He who does not learn from history is doomed to repeat it.” – George Santayana

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.” – Albert Einstein

While the righteous develop a system like American capitalism whereby everyone can benefit, Leftists will corrupt that system where only they and their friends benefit adopting either socialist totalitarianism or crony capitalism.  When the righteous stop them, they cry foul, yet there is no wrong in stopping a thief as there is in allowing a thief to come to power.  They only understand that their intentions are for what they see as the greater good and do not understand that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.  There is total confusion over the means and the ends and which they justify.

The righteous understand that loving God is having the capacity to love others before oneself.  All true heroes all have the same character trait, they sacrifice of themselves for others.  As Jesus said, “Greater love has no man than that he lay down his life for his friend.”

A righteous man will acquire wealth to help others by creating jobs and through charity and philanthropy.  A Leftist will acquire wealth at the expense of others, and they perceive all the wealthy as greedy thieves, which is why they detest the rich in general rather than specifically.  They see Mitt Romney as no different than Ken Lay, and will create a history and character to support their version rather than examine the actual facts that support the truth.  This is why they can so easily dupe themselves regarding climate change and make it a matter of faith rather than fact.

The righteous man will have priorities of God, family, country, as one cannot always determine whether the leaders of their country will be good or evil.  Even family is circumspect as Jesus said, “Who are my brothers and my sisters?  Those who do the Will of My Father are my brothers and my sisters.”  The Left goes so far as to corrupt God’s Love as being unconditional.

God’s Love is not unconditional as no love is.  Love is available to anyone, but it is not given to everyone.   Jesus died for everyone’s sins but everyone’s sins are not forgiven without accepting His Love.  True Love is a gift, but a gift not accepted is a gift not received.

Dogs are perhaps the greatest reflection of God’s Love, but try going home and beating your dog every day and see if it still loves you.  A dog will give affection and fight to the death for his master, but not if that master does evil to him.

Love cannot be earned, nor can it ever be taken.  Love is only given and can only be accepted by a willing heart.  God’s Love is only accepted through His one gift, that His Son be accepted as Lord and Savior.  One who does not have the heart to love God with the willingness to accept His Gift will not love others.

Salvation is only an unattainable dream for he whose heart is devoted to himself rather than to others.  Heaven is for those who give of themselves, not those with good intentions who offer empty promises, nor those who would take from others.  God’s Love is True Love.

“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.” – Jesus the Christ, John 3:16

This is the reason the Left hates God and Christ and why they are the evil ones to them.  Leftists believe that people should be free to do whatever they want, be absolutely free to choose to do whatever feels good to them, and they resent any rules God made for man to follow.  This is why liberalism is evil, like the Dark Side of the Force in Star Wars, because it is easy to choose to live without morals or rules and operate in moral relativism.  Christians are not free, they are slaves to God, while Satan is truly free and therefore to be venerated and emulated.

Yet in accepting God’s Gift, Christians are guaranteed Heaven, which is cause for further resentment.  But we are called upon to do more than just enjoy the benefits, We are called to share the Word with others.  In this there is opposition by those who reject God, and we are warned not to allow evil free reign, which is what is happening in America today.  They would have Christians be silent, but God would not.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

And at times the battle will become so vicious, as it is in America today, that righteous men must learn to fight fire with fire.  Mud-slinging, demonizing, and mocking the Right has lured many of the young to the darkness and corrupted them.  So Christians, rather than be compliant, willing to compromise, or remain silent, must learn to fight fire with fire.

But be prepared to check yourself.  Fighting fire with fire is dangerous.  If you start thinking like a Leftist you may become a Leftist.  Frustration can lead a righteous man to declare “kill them all and let God sort them out.”  There are no absolutes in humanity.

Mankind is somewhere in between God and Satan, and there is not much to delineate any one.  Mankind exists in temperatures somewhere between zero and one hundred degrees Fahrenheit, and so does his righteousness.  So don’t ever think you are so much better than another that you can judge them.

Also do not be fooled by the Leftist defining the meaning of Jesus.  When Jesus said, “Judge not, lest you be judged,” He was not making an admonition not to recognize good from evil, not to condemn wrong from right, but in not being so arrogant as to believe you can judge who will go to Heaven.  Judgment comes only from God, but man has the knowledge of good and evil.  Condemn the sin, not the sinner is the righteous way.

Finally, there are parables to teach us that Jesus doesn’t call on us to save the world, but we are called on to do our parts.

One day an old man was walking along the beach. It was low tide, and the sand was littered with thousands of stranded starfish that the water had carried in and then left behind.

The man began walking very carefully so as not to step on any of the beautiful creatures. Since the animals still seemed to be alive, he considered picking some of them up and putting them back in the water, where they could resume their lives. 

The man knew the starfish would die if left on the beach’s dry sand but he reasoned that he could not possibly help them all, so he chose to do nothing and continued walking. 

Soon afterward, the man came upon a small child on the beach who was frantically throwing one starfish after another back into the sea. The old man stopped and asked the child, “What are you doing?” 

“I’m saving the starfish,” the child replied. 

“Why waste your time?  There are so many you can’t save them all, so why does it matter?” asked the man.

Without hesitation, the child picked up another starfish and tossed the starfish back into the water… “It mattered to that one,” the child said.

Some of the greatest quotes of the past years come from, of all things, comic book heroes and fantasy books written by Christians like Stan Lee and J.R.R. Tolkien.  Their greatest messages often come from those who are thought of as just supporting characters.  Alfred J. Pennyworth of Batman and Samwise Gamgee of “The Lord of the Rings” are two such servants of the Lord who aid and guide their masters with God’s loving wisdom.

“There is no defeat in death, Master Bruce.  Victory comes in defending what we know is right while we still live.” – Alfred J. Pennyworth, Batman & Robin

“There is good in this world, Master Frodo, and it’s worth fighting for!” – Samwise Gamgee, Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien

Samwise the Brave

Being a true hero is not being a victim who survived.  Being a true hero is not asking others to give more.  Being a true hero is sacrificing of oneself for others.  Being a true hero is the Love of God.  That is Christ.

On April 7th, 2014, Rush Limbaugh made his entire show a presentation of how the Left degrades, corrupts, and demonizes the righteous through lies and propaganda.  The entire transcript is worthy of being listened to and understood by Christians who don’t understand how good can be made to appear to be evil and how evil is made to appear good.  The heart of Leftist ideology is that if you do not love Satan then you are a hateful Christian.

Jesus said to love the sinner, not the sin.  He never meant that we should love the sin and love Satan equally with God.  Leftist ideology is predicated on the foundation, not that all men are created equal by their loving Creator, but that all things are equal and must be respected.  This is why there is no meeting ground between liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans, except by those who stand on the fence of ignorance as moderates because they are only beginning to learn true morality.

Rush Limbaugh – April 7, 2014

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