Patriots vs. America haters; the war on taxpayers, police, and patriots


Before 2008, Democrats declared “We want our country back!”  They elected Barack Hussein Obama and the country Democrats wanted back is the one that he delivered.  Obama promised the Sun, the Moon, and the stars, that he would give everyone filet mignon.  Instead he delivered a sh*t sandwich and calls it the “new steak.”

The War on Taxpayers

The country Democrats want is one in which they can live for free by electing a government that will steal from the haves and give to deadbeats.  Under Obama’s leadership, available jobs have decreased by twelve million, welfare and food stamps have almost doubled with work requirements being lifted, and a trillion dollars a year of our children’s tax money has been given to his friends on Wall Street.  Democrats continue to say they are for the little guy, but their actions have all been to reduce citizens to peasants and make lords of their wealthy campaign donors.

But Democrats are losing voter support as they institute their socialist utopia and know that voter fraud will not be enough to keep them in power this next election.  To this end, Democrats want to bring in millions more illegal aliens and give them the vote.  California’s Democrat governor and state legislature have already passed a law to allow those who stole their way into the country to vote in their state.  Liberals are only too happy to take away the rights of citizens and live by a different code of improving mankind.

  • “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day.” – moderates
  • “Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.” – conservatives
  • “Give a man someone else’s fish and he’ll vote for you.” – liberals

Sheriff Clarke War on Cops

The War on Cops

The black community, which switched in the 1960s from Republican to Democrat because their former masters promised to give them free goodies, has been suffering more than any other group with the lowest employment rate, the lowest earnings, but the highest crime rate and highest abortion rate.  Blacks are killing themselves off faster and more efficiently than former slave owners of the Democrat Party could have hoped.  All the while they are being duped that Republicans are the ones who want them dead.

The Black Lives Matter movement has been damning police and glorifying criminals for the past two years.  Democrats have been persecuting and prosecuting police for doing their jobs to protect the citizens.  Now that criminals are ruling the streets and blacks are being murdered in droves they are again demanding police do their jobs?  I have no sympathy for these people.  You made your bed, now die in it!

The War on Patriots

At the Democrat debate, Hillary Clinton was asked who her enemies are.  She did not answer, “Communists” who are invading Ukraine and moving into Syria.  She did not say, “Islamo-Nazis” like ISIS who are beheading Christians and carrying out a genocide of infidels to bring about the End of Days.  Her enemies are Republicans who want the government to stop seizing so much in taxes and spending our children’s taxes before they are even born!

This is what becoming a socialist nation means.  Like Venezuela where Chavez became a billionaire while his nation became destitute, socialism is all about making the powerful rich.  Democrats see nothing wrong with stealing from the rich because they believe they became rich by stealing from the poor.  They have no understanding that it is capitalism that lifted two billion people up into the Middle Class.  They just think this depression that was engineered by the Democrat Congress in 2008 is all Bush’s fault.

The country Democrats wanted back, socialist America, never existed.  But they are doing their best to deconstruct this nation, unmake the Constitution, and fundamentally transform America into another failing socialist state.  While the people of the country may become destitute and live by the good graces of the Democrat Party, the good news is that their leadership will be filthy rich and able to give extra table scraps to any of their devotees that please them.  The reason Democrats think the only way to get rich is by stealing is because that is how they do it.

The road to liberalism

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