Raining on Obama’s parade of deadly dangerous climate change


Barack Hussein Obama says climate change is more dangerous than Islamo-Nazi’s genocide in the Middle East and the coming of WWIII.  Liberals alternately say the Earth will flood, dry out, or just choke to death ending all life in 200 years unless America becomes a socialist state.

Climate change alarmists have been saying people are dying due to global warming including, Obama says, being the reason that the Middle East is in flames where Islamic Jihadis are mass murdering Christians.  Liberals in support of government enforced regulations are urging Obama to put “climate change deniers” in prison.  Shades of Adolph Hitler!

The New Inquisition: Punish climate change deniers

Professors call for federal investigation into climate skeptics

“Deniers” are those who reject liberal claims that mankind’s CO2 is destroying the planet and will make the Earth lifeless in 200 years.  The science that liberals ignore while pushing for their solution – that America becomes a socialist state in order to “save the planet” – is the science of leftist deception.  Their belief that man has the ability to affect the planetary climate is believing that mankind can control the climate, and they don’t see how foolish this is.

“Pollution is quite separate to the climate problem: one can be solved, and the other cannot, and the public doesn’t understand that.” – Dr. Freeman Dyson

Top Democrat physicist destroys climate change nonsense

Liberals claim Antarctic ice sheets face catastrophic collapse from CO2

Susan Rice repeats the Obama meme that climate change, not Islam, causes Jihad

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10 Responses to Raining on Obama’s parade of deadly dangerous climate change

  1. Kiowah says:

    Oh yeah, right! “Pollution” forgot that word. Now I remember, long ago, the word that started it all. Makes perfect sense… heh.


  2. preuser says:

    What happened to the ice age the alarmists prediceted ~ 35-40 years ago that didnt happen for thier wealth re distribution scam ,academia funding and the lefts political narrative ? ….. then they invented global warming and now climate change !


  3. Your Friendly Neighborhood Scientist says:

    97% of SCIENTISTS agree that climate change is occurring and is directly proportional to increases in Greenhouse gasses. Please do tell me why they are wrong and you are right.


    • dustyk103 says:

      What makes me right is the fact that the Left’s climate predictions of the last forty years have all proven 100% false. The 97% claim has been proven to be as accurate as “4 out of 5 dentists recommend Trident gum.” The fact is 100% of people, as well as scientists, agree that climate change is occurring. What is contested are the claims by the Left and the Right. The Left says it is mankind’s CO2 pollution that is the cause and the only solution is for the U.S. government to become socialist and seize all wealth. The Right says that it is a natural occurrence that leftist socialists are using to defraud the people.


    • boone1 says:

      They are all liberal IDIOTS moron.


  4. Jason Traxler says:

    Sources? This is a significant issue of our times. Please start providing verifiable data sources. Talk is cheap if not supported with truthful facts.


    • dustyk103 says:

      I have written dozens of articles citing sources. I can’t include them in every article I write. Try looking. Start with the Climate Change subject tab on the right.



  6. dustyk103 says:

    This exchange in a link to this article is typical liberal facts and logic:

    (This quiz on this site is elementary, probably from the game show, “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?” If you can’t get 100% then you probably shouldn’t be arguing about the “true science and facts” of man-made climate change.

    Matthew Lieff Not by “Democrats” by the overwhelming consensus of the Scientific community, by the government of 200 nations, and the evidence of your own eyes, if you would only open them. Do not be so proud of your ignorance.
    Like · Reply · 2 · 18 hrs
    Fred Ritter
    Fred Ritter Matthew Lieffyouare absolutely wrong……those so called scientists are ALL those who need those Gov’t grants. The data is falsified to suit their needs to get their grants. Research and learn. Volcanic and Sun activity do way more than man ever could………..donna
    Like · Reply · 17 hrs
    Dusty Koellhoffer
    Dusty Koellhoffer Matthew Lieff Really? Did I miss the north polar ice cap melting completely away? Take your head out of your rectum and look for yourself and don’t spew your self-righteous stupidity at me!
    Like · Reply · 15 hrs · Edited
    Paul F. McKernan
    Paul F. McKernan Fred, are you a climate scientist or just a Fox News attendee? Scientists do not get kudos for being wrong. and Mathew, is spot on. This is just NASA……You really think we put a human on the Moon by spreading b.s.? Read more my friend. http://climate.nasa.gov/evidence/

    Climate change evidence: How do we know?
    Like · Reply · 13 hrs
    Andy Pilkington
    Andy Pilkington Do. Seriously. Misinformed, it borders on insanity….
    Like · Reply · 11 hrs
    Dusty Koellhoffer
    Dusty Koellhoffer Yeah, what? http://www.forbes.com/…/updated-nasa-data-polar-ice…/

    Updated NASA Data: Global Warming Not Causing Any Polar…
    Like · Reply · Remove Preview · 11 hrs
    Scott Dodds
    Scott Dodds Fred Ritter So, we are supposed to NOT believe scientists because the PR departments of oil companies have more knowledge and credibility.
    Like · Reply · 7 hrs
    Dusty Koellhoffer
    Dusty Koellhoffer Scott Dodds No, Scott, we’re supposed to believe our government because they subsidize global warming scientists to convince us that government needs more of our money to “save the planet.” A far more noble pursuit from the honest and uncorrupt members of our government than seeking to make money through greedy profits.
    Like · Reply · 1 min · Edited


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