Donald Trump may be just the leader America needs


Trump/Cruz 2016 may be just the ticket to reverse the liberal decline enacted by Democrats and restore America to greatness.  These two fearless leaders who will put Americans first are what is needed to stop Obamaism from destroying the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

Those who say Donald Trump could never be elected president are no different than those who said the same in 2008 about the rookie junior senator from Illinois.  Intelligent, informed voters said the same thing about Barack Obama, yet he coasted to victory over an impotent John McCain.  While Obama proved that you should never doubt the stupidity of liberals in large groups, hopefully Trump will prove that the Moral Majority of American patriots still exists.

Would it be as stupid to elect Trump as it was to elect Obama?  How would it be a bad thing to elect a man who is who is the exact opposite of Obama; a business genius, pro-Christian, and pro-American?  How would it be bad to elect a man who will fight both liberal Democrats and moderate Republicans who have been crushing America under cronyism?  How would it be bad to have a man with the will and determination to tear down those who have supported the destruction wrought by an anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-American bigots like Obama?

Government over the last century has become increasingly corrupt with politicians duping people into voting for them and then proceeding with a contrary agenda?  Subsidies, tax loopholes, and regulations have become the tools of oppression and money laundering of campaign funds.  Cronyism is ruling America rather than the people and it is time it was stopped.

A self-made man like Donald Trump, one who doesn’t have to seek money from cronies whom he must serve while in office, may be just the ticket to take government out of the hands of the greedy.  Sen. Ted Cruz, also a fearless advocate for what is right would be his perfect running mate.  America doesn’t need good men, it needs righteous men to lead her back to greatness.

Trump, Cruz, Walker, Rubio – the Four Horsemen of the Democrat Apocalypse

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