Mr. Trump, don’t blow smoke up my a** like Obama

donald trump make america great

In 2008, Obama promised the Sun, the Moon, and the stars via his “hope & change,” and what did we get?  I say to Trump, “Don’t be like Obama who promised us filet mignon and then delivered a sh*t sandwich and told us ‘it’s the new steak!’”  Americans want a president who is honest above all else.

How can we know that Donald Trump is a man of his word?  “Hope and Change” and “Make America Great Again” are nice catch phrases, but they don’t mean jack without the knowhow, leadership, and guiding policies of Americanism to make a positive difference.  All of Obama’s actions have been to the detriment of America and the taxpayer, but beneficial to our enemies, criminals, and anti-American parasites as possible.  The president he thinks he can use Executive Orders to enact his will buy imperial decree, but that only works when you have a wimp like Boehner who can be bought and will bend over for you.

America doesn’t need a dictator, it needs a leader with a Congress that will work with him for the benefit of the nation.  Ronald Reagan had to work with Democrats who acted against him by raising the deficit while he forced them to lower taxes.  Even after revenue went beyond where it started they continued increasing the deficits so they could blame the debt on him.  Gingrich had to overpower a liberal president to force a balanced budget down his throat, but Boehner and Co. ousted him and began the deficit spending again.

How are you, Mr. Trump, as President of the United States going to coerce congressmen who want their goodies to do what is right for the American taxpayer?  How will you convince the voters, who have been voting for pandering demagogues for decades, to vote for truly conservative candidates that will take their charges seriously and act responsibly for the benefit of citizens and not for themselves?  THAT is the kind of leader America needs; a Reagan combined with a Gingrich!

Americans who love this country do not want Republicans that are willing to work with Democrats, but one who will work against them!  Democrat’s socialist agenda is wrecking the greatest nation on Earth, and working with them to promote their agenda is why conservatives want to remove Boehner as Speaker of the House.  Any Republican who says he wants to “cross the aisle” is a politician who will not defeat liberalism and all the destruction it is doing to this great nation, which is why Trump, Carson, Fiorina, and Cruz are leading in the polls.

Donald Trump has said he loves the TEA Party because he recognizes that they are the people who love America.  The GOP leadership has repeatedly expressed their contempt for the TEA Party as a bunch of upstart peasants who want to deny their leaders the benefits of leadership.  This puts him outside both the Republican and Democrat Parties, both of which have worked to increase the wealth of themselves through platinum pensions and Cadillac healthcare, and their friends through borrowing trillions of dollars and increasing taxes to the point the country is about to break.  America needs someone who loves this country enough to stop the politicians in Washington who believe they are the rulers and not the servants of the people.


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