Donald Trump and the Perot Disruption Potentiality


It remains to be seen if Trump has truly become a conservative or if he is a Democrat shill who will play Ross Perot for Hillary.

Most young voters were not aware back in 1992 when billionaire Ross Perot emerged to run for president against Bush 41 and Bill Clinton.  His expression of dissatisfaction with liberal Democrats and moderate Republicans making common cause against the taxpayer drew in 20 million votes.  Today, enter Trump who says he still supports single-payer insurance, but wants to run on the conservative ticket, which flatly opposes single-payer that would give government ultimate power over healthcare.

Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina is also running for president.  The difference between Fiorina and Trump is that Trump is a Rock Star whom everybody knows, while nobody knows Carly.  But hopefully, after this debate, everyone will start paying attention.  She is a business genius and, unlike Trump, is a rock solid conservative Christian who is up to speed on foreign affairs.  The question about Trump that Sen. Paul expressed is; could Trump be a Democrat shill considering his past?  Nothing would be better for Hillary than splitting the Republican vote to get elected the same way her husband did.

Liberals claimed that it made no difference as Perot voters were equally split between Democrats and Republicans.  But a simple examination of the votes in 1988 and 1992 tells the whole story – Perot split the Republican vote to allow Clinton and the Democrats to win big.  Considering the state of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, this kind of election disruption may be just what she needs.  The question in the minds of Republicans is as Sen. Rand Paul alluded to in the first Republican debate – Is Trump legitimately seeking the Republican nomination, or is he going to play spoiler so the Hillary Clinton can clip into the White House the same way her husband did.

1988 Presidential Election Results

1992 Presidential Election Results

Donald Trump, erstwhile liberal Democrat now running as a Republican, made it clear that if he does not take the Republican nomination then he will seriously consider running as a third party candidate.  In 1992, Ross Perot ran third party because he was disgusted with President Bush 41 not only breaking his promise not to impose new taxes, but because those taxes were on the rich.  Bush only broke that promise because Democrats controlling Congress insisted that the increased revenue was necessary – and then they hanged him on it.

Once Democrats got into the Oval Office as well they began dipping their greedy hands into the till and demanded more taxes, which is what Democrats always do.  The result was the glorious victory of Newt Gingrich leading Republicans to take both houses of Congress in 1994, and then forcing a balanced budget down Bill Clinton’s throat – a budget that Clinton fought tooth and nail, even shutting down the government for a month, but takes credit for today.

2008 saw the phenomenon of Barack Obama, a rookie junior senator of no accomplishment or skill besides speaking eloquently, take the Democrat Party by storm and win the presidency with a Supermajority of Democrats in Congress.  His first actions were so destructive that when Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) died the next year, super blue Massachusetts elected a Republican to replace him and break the Supermajority.  Since then Republicans won the House in 2010, extended their control in 2012 even though Romney botched his bid for president, and got control of the Senate in 2014.

Republicans now stand to win the presidency against the Democrats in 2016 by a landslide, so long as they promote rock solid conservatism and don’t pretend to be Democrats-lite.  Obama’s lawlessness, crushing American fossil fuels, making illegal aliens citizens, giving them citizen benefits and the vote, along with his enabling Islamo-Nazis to become more powerful in the world, has made America so unstable that she is in critical decline.  But if Trump splits the Republican ticket in a fit of angst then the nation could be doomed by the liberal Democrats and moderate Republicans who will continue to spend taxpayer money as if it’s their own personal piggy bank.

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