Lawless Democrats led by lawless president

Obama immigration

Obama declares he has the power to change immigration law by his own dictates.  This lawless president threatens to give illegals amnesty by executive fiat.  He says he will act if Republicans do not agree to his policies before the end of the year when they take control of the Senate.

In the first two years of his presidency, Obama could have passed any legislation he wanted with a Supermajority that kept Republicans from blocking him.  The reason he didn’t do Cap and Trade that would have instantly destroyed coal and oil production because Democrats objected.  Same goes for amnesty for illegal aliens.

Now Obama wants to do amnesty by executive order unless Republicans act before the end of the year, i.e. before they take over the Senate.  He affirmed three years ago that he understands quite well he has no authority to do so, but in an interview this year he said he does.

Republicans threaten to fight Obama’s actions, but Speaker Boehner has bowed repeatedly to Obama even to the point that he signed on to Obama’s massive deficit spending last year.  Now that Mitch McConnell is Senate Majority Leader Democrats expect him to reinstate the filibuster rule that they abolished so they could pass what they wanted without Republican interference.  Why should they?

The Democrat media always says Republicans must compromise with Democrats, cross the aisle, etc., but, of course, they never say that Democrats must do the same.  All of them are always pushing for the Democrat agenda and initiate their policies, those very policies under which America has been suffering for the past eight years.  Obama said this election was about his policies and people did not vote for Democrat policies.

A caller, John in Mount Clemens, Mich., said to Rush Limbaugh,

“If voters wanted Congress to work with Obama they would have elected Democrats.”

John explains what the 2014 election means

If McConnell restores the filibuster rule and hamstrings Republicans, he will prove himself to be not only worthless, but a traitorous leader and join Boehner in the class of Democrat collaborators.  More and more every day Obama takes actions and steps over the line between being president and being a dictator.  If Republicans don’t stop him then America will suddenly become Nazi Germany.

Impeachment should not be off the table, but at the forefront for this lawless president.  His race should not protect him from prosecution for criminal actions while in office.  As he becomes more lawless without having to answer for his crimes against America, blacks all over the country follow his lead.

In Ferguson, Mo., blacks are still rioting over the shooting death of Michael Brown, still pretending he was executed while surrendering.  These people are threatening riots and murder unless the officer he attacked that shot him is prosecuted and convicted.  Why is this being permitted?  It’s time to round these people up, revoke their citizenship, and banish them to Liberia.

Obama says he heard those people who didn’t vote.  In his mind, what did they say?  Is he going to claim that a hundred million people didn’t vote because of voter ID?  If nothing else, this Hitler-wannabe should be impeached because he is mentally unstable.

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