Climate change deniers and the idiocy of believing they exist

Church of climatology

Which is more probable in your mind; that millions of people are completely ignorant of and reject science, or that millions of people are being duped by people who claim their science is true despite conflicting facts?

Climate change is a fact with which 100% of people agree.  Liberals believe they are being told science and are the “enlightened ones,” while those who don’t believe the scam are superstitious boobs who deny science.  It takes a special kind of doofus to be so completely and utterly duped into believing that everyone who doesn’t believe what they believe is ignorant.  Education can only go so far when people close their minds to possibilities and fail to exercise critical thinking.

The world is filled with liars and scammers ready to convince other people to give them their money – they are called salesmen, con-artists, and just plain fibbers.  The problem with liberals is that they believe what they are told by hucksters; that climate change is influenced by mankind’s pollution and can be controlled by government.  They want to convince people to buy what they’re selling; that the leftists of the Democrat Party will bring them salvation from extinction.

Liberal’s solution to climate change is for the USA to tear down all her electric power plants, stop using coal and oil, don’t use nuclear power, and become a third world country living on wind power, while the last treaty Democrats made with China allows them to freely build a coal-fired power plant every week for the next fifteen years.  While this is happening, liberal shysters like Al Gore are getting rich by promoting green energy, and other Democrats are getting rich taxing the people to give money to their friends making green energy companies, companies that ultimately fail without government funding and contribute heavily to Democrat campaigns.  Getting through liberal’s thick skulls to reach their pea brains is extremely difficult in order to get them to understand – conservatives do not believe climate change is a scam.  They believe that Democrats claiming that man’s pollution is causing the Earth to die, and that electing them into power and giving them more money from taxpayers will fix it is the scam!

(These statements by Cruz and Fiorina are MUST SEES!)

Cruz and Fiorina put Katie Couric in her place on the climate change scam

Liberal beliefs are based on frauds by shysters who want their money

Liberals live through fear-mongering not only through climate change, but today’s hysterical racism, homophobia, welfare entitlements for deadbeats who won’t get a job, and college rape culture.  The last item alone who exposed in how liberals present their “facts.”  While police reports show that one in five hundred women in college is the victim of rape, liberals claim that one in five women in college is raped.  But that figure includes every woman who has sex while drunk, which Feminazis say is rape.

They also claim that one in three college men say they would commit rape, i.e. they admitted they would have sex with a girl who is drunk.  They completely deny that 100% of women who get drunk do so to have sex.  This is just liberal, man-hating stupidity on parade.

They use the same kind of fear-mongering, dysfunctional logic to declare the sky is falling and they will save the planet.  Who will save us from these lying thieves and shysters stealing our wealth with their fraudulent taxes?  Democrats have proven to be the source of the worst corruption in Washington, yet fools believe them when they claim that Republicans are the ones who are corrupt.

Some say that maybe, just maybe, it could be true?  Maybe, just maybe, we should take action just in case?  Here’s a fact for you; it is a guarantee that a meteorite will strike the Earth.  Even a small one could come down and hit your house!  If you believe you should elect someone to give them your money to protect you from global warming, then you should send yours truly $99.95 for your personal, lifetime meteorite insurance.  Included in this deal you will have an advocate to demand that government track meteors and develop technology to stop them before they hit your house!

Shouldn’t you buy that insurance just to be on the safe side?  You never know if it could happen – you could need it!  Better to be safe than sorry.

Refuting global warming science is elementary

Take a look at the list of liberal beliefs based on the Big Lie

Every item on this list is a fraud that has no basis in actual fact or reality and is promoted by the Democrat Party.  Sixty million people fall for these

Liberal fairy tales:

  • America is a racist nation
  • Men are homophobic
  • Pollution causes climate change
  • Men in college rape women
  • Republicans deny women birth control
  • Democrats help the poor
  • Republicans want the poor to die off
  • Criminals are good people, too
  • Illegal aliens are Americans
  • Unemployment benefits create jobs
  • Christianity is fascist
  • Socialism is fair
  • Islam is a peaceful religion
  • Armed citizens are dangerous to the public
  • Obama is a Christian, not a Moslem

None of the liberal beliefs on this list have any basis in reality.  All of these beliefs are based on Democrat propaganda and beaten into people’s dull minds by the liberal media.  Not one has any basis in historical truth.

Now try not to be so bull-headed and get out of that gully!

You don’t need science to prove Democrat’s global warming is a scam

Thank the liberals for saving Mother Earth

Democrats – dupes, delusionals, and deceivers; zombies to propaganda

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1 Response to Climate change deniers and the idiocy of believing they exist

  1. John says:

    Consider that many Muslims have been programmed to think they will go to heaven and be showered with virgins (I hope they are male virgins). With this in mind it’s no stretch to millions of people believing in the global climate scam.


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