Help Wanted: President of the United States – no experience necessary

Republican presidential candidates

The Republican presidential field is filled with men and women of great achievement and intelligence, yet liberal media says none of them is qualified to be president.

If the election of Barack Obama has taught us anything, it’s that there are no qualifications for the office of President of the United States.  With no experience aside from two years as the junior senator from Illinois, no records, as he kept all secret, no skills besides being a sweet talker, and no talents aside from being a charming, pathological liar who can parse words to blame Republicans for everything wrong with the country and taking credit for other’s success, Obama has been a lame duck with a poison bill able to dupe LiVs.  Despite the will of the majority and the restraints of the Constitution, he has successfully continued with his agenda to fundamentally transform America into a second rate nation.

Democrats are offering a continuation of Obamaism for a herd of dull-witted liberal socialists that want to lead the Lost Generation in America’s decline.  They promise to keep steering America left, making the nation weaker by increasing taxes and entitlement spending, all while reducing energy and job opportunities.  Arrayed against them is a contingent of conservative, and some moderate, Republicans vowing to put America back on track.

The Left is trying to say the best and brightest of Republicans like Cruz, Rubio, and Walker are under experienced and unqualified to be president. What makes them unqualified in their minds is a joke.  What Americans can be assured of is that conservatives will conserve taxpayer’s hard-earned money, while moderates will happily spend like drunken sailors, and liberals will blithely spend like crackheads with a stolen credit card.

Liberal media always praises Democrats are brilliant, wise, and godly beyond human understanding, while they demonize Republicans as greedy, uncaring liars of little wit.  But when they say things like “Rubio has a ‘luxury’ 22’ speedboat and four traffic tickets, or that Harvard debate champions like Ted Cruz, or men like Donald Trump who built a multi-billion dollar empire, or someone like renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson lack the intelligence, experience, or integrity to be president, then it becomes obvious even to the dullards that they are the deceivers.  Obama has proven that the only requirement to be president is the ability to fool people into believing what they say.

But unless one is watching FOX News, one does not know the truth, which is why liberals demonize FOX News and vilify their viewers as the most ignorant.  Obama’s policies of fundamentally transforming America into a declining socialist state is only masked by the liberal media who promote videos of Obama saying America is becoming great under his guidance.  The question isn’t whether Obama is stupid or evil, but which are his voters?

Is Obama stupid or evil?

Forrest and Larry say, “Stupid is as stupid does,” and “you can’t fix stupid.”

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