A litany of liberal lies about Bush and other Republicans

Carlin's first rule - don't believe the government

From “Bush lied” to climate change to “Hands up, don’t shoot” to Obama is not a Moslem, the liberal media has perpetrated lies upon lies on the American people.  The worst part is that 90% of people don’t ever look beyond the headlines and remain duped to this day.

Those who know understand that the vast majority of Americans are entirely ignorant of how their government even functions let alone how it operates.  They know that LiVs (low-information voters) are the perpetual dupes of the Democrats and believe everything they are told.  Obama is the classic leftist who takes credit for everything Republican policies have done right and blames them for everything Democrat policies have done wrong, and they know no different.

Everything from blaming capitalism for the economic crash caused by Democrats who controlled Congress in 2008 to advocating socialism, the ideology that murdered 200,000,000 million people in the 20th century in wars and genocides, plus raped the wealth from citizens of dozens of nations, with being the only system by which America can improve.  Islam, the ultimate socialist state, proves his lies every day, yet he both exonerates Jihadis and credits Islam with making the world better.  Global warming, Green energy, taxes, spending, entitlements are all the kind of psychotic beliefs by the Left that is causing America’s decline, which they also deny is happening.

Liberals now blame Bush for the complete pullout from Iraq that was instigated by Obama against Bush’s warnings not to do so.  They trust Hillary Clinton despite her destroying thirty thousand emails on a private server to hide her activities as Secretary of State.  Here is a list of lies that liberals invented to demonize Republicans, and they are believed by tens of millions of people in spite of their proven fabrication.

  • Bush cheated to win the 2000 presidential election
    • Democrats lost Florida and attempted to have a recount in only the four most heavily Democrat counties contrary to state law that required all counties be recounted. Had Al Gore won his home state of Tennessee the Florida result would not have mattered.  If he couldn’t win his home state by the people who knew him best, why should he deserve to be president?
  • Bush was in bed with Enron and even had his baseball team at Enron Field
    • Ken Lay was a Democrat crony of the Clintons. When they left office he was left without crony government support.  He bankrupted his company and stole the investments of all employees who had been promised a piece of the profits.  Bush’s baseball team, the Texas Rangers, played at Arlington Field near Dallas, not Enron Field in Houston.
  • Bush lied about WMDs in Iraq to go after Saddam for oil
    • Every intelligence agency in the world and every politician in America believed Saddam was rebuilding his WMD arsenal. Even Bill Clinton admitted as much in 1998 when Saddam kicked out UN inspectors.  That none were found by Americans is not conclusive as Syria suddenly acquired an arsenal of chemical weapons at the time of the invasion.  In addition, the U.S. got no oil contracts with Iraq.
  • Bush crashed the economy through tax cuts for the rich
    • As proven by Reagan and Gingrich, tax cuts spur the economy. The Bush cuts did not harm the economy, but helped it to recover from 9/11 and the election fiasco.  The economy remained strong despite expenses on the wars and did not begin to suffer until 2007 when people foolishly put Democrats in charge of Congress.  Democrat regulation and cronyism, along with massive increase in deficit spending plunged the nation into turmoil.
  • Bush created the trillion dollar budget deficit
    • Bush refused to sign the 2008 budget with a $1,500,000,000,000 deficit. Democrats withheld it until Obama was inaugurated and had him sign it.  Obama was a member of the Democrat Congress that drafted that budget, so for him to say it was Bush’s budget it as patent a lie as Democrat’s claim that Jesus was a Community Organizer.
  • Bush ordered the withdrawal of all U.S. forces from Iraq
    • Bush made the agreement with Iraqis following the success of The Surge to withdraw combat forces from Iraq. It was up to Obama to make an agreement to leave a division of troops stationed there to keep the peace and maintain their stability against Islamist Jihadis.  Obama did not make that agreement and blamed the Iraqis just as he would later blame Ted Cruz for shutting down the government.
  • Bush created ISIS by deposing Saddam and abandoning Iraq
    • Deposing Saddam did not destabilize the region and make way for ISIS, nor was it created by the disbanded Republican Guard. Jihadis have always existed in Islam since Mohammad the First Jihadi.  These Jihadis were crushed by Bush in 2008.  Obama patted himself on the back when he withdrew all troops that he left behind “a strong and stable Iraq” in 2010.  But all he did was unleash the Jihad with his support of Islamists throughout the Middle East in overthrowing secular rulers.
  • Palin is so stupid she thought see could see Russia from her house
    • There are still tens of millions of Democrats who believe Sarah Palin said this. They have no idea that she actually said Russian territory is within sight of Alaskan territory, which is true.
  • Cruz shut down the government
    • Obama blamed Cruz for the government shutdown and erection of barricades around the WWII Memorial on the D.C. Mall. No senator has any such power as only the president can conduct that action.
  • Romney would deny women birth control
    • George Stephanopoulos invented the Republican war on women’s birth control and it has taken America by storm. Like so many other fictions, liberals believe this despite no Republican ever saying it.

Liberals depend on misinformation to spread ignorance, and silencing conservative voices with their constant demonization.  They know that when the truth is revealed and their policies debated that they will always lose.  Political Correctness is a symptom of the disease of liberal duplicity.

The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech by Kirsten Powers

The list of Democrat lies about how they are for the little guy, help the poor of the world, and will save the planet from evil Republicans is far longer.  The only means by which their propaganda can be defeated is through open debate in education, and the Left has taken control of that over the last few decades through schools, universities, and the media.  There is no doubt that with the perpetuation of ignorance and dysfunctional thinking by the Left that America will eventually go the way of Rome, and the barbarians will once again plunge the world into darkness.

Scandal rap sheet – 48 excellent reasons to distrust and despise the liberal media

Examples of liberal’s backwards thinking

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4 Responses to A litany of liberal lies about Bush and other Republicans

  1. dustyk103 says:


    Dusty Koellhoffer · Top Commenter · University of Georgia · 153 followers
    The liberal media has kept Americans duped for decades, and people still believe the lies they tell about Republicans being to blame and Democrats being benevolent.
    Reply · Like · 1 · Unfollow Post · May 24 at 7:44am

    Don Jindra Jr. · Top Commenter · NTSU
    Dusty, I didn’t bother going past the second item in your list. Why don’t you do some fact checking first?
    Reply · Like · May 24 at 8:51pm

    Dusty Koellhoffer · Top Commenter · University of Georgia · 153 followers
    Don Jindra Jr. Seriously? You think Bush was in bed with Enron and his baseball team played at Enron Field?
    Reply · Like · 1 · May 24 at 9:26pm

    Pamela Dunn · Top Commenter · Works at Retired
    Don Jindra Jr. << HOW about YOU do the "fact" checking; OF COURSE that WOULD mean a. pulling your head out of your Anus
    B. Quit kissing Obama's Butt
    C. Find some intelligence.
    Reply · Like · Yesterday at 12:25am

    Don Jindra Jr. · Top Commenter · NTSU
    Dusty Koellhoffer , Yes, seriously. Enron was a major contributor to Bush. This is simply the fact.
    Reply · Like · Unfollow Post · Yesterday at 9:12am

    Dusty Koellhoffer · Top Commenter · University of Georgia · 153 followers
    Like all corporations they hedged their bets by donating to both parties, but Enron was a Clinton supporter and got subsidies from them in return. They did not get any free money from Republicans which is why they went belly up. Your narrative that everything bad that corporations do is the fault of Republicans when half of them are in bed with Democrats is crap.
    Reply · Like · Unfollow Post · 23 hours ago

    Don Jindra Jr. · Top Commenter · NTSU
    Of course Enron spread its money around. I didn't claim otherwise. I dispute your insinuation that Enron and Lay were aligned with Democrats. That's simply false. According the CBS, over 70% of their campaign contributions went to Republicans.
    Reply · Like · Unfollow Post · 15 hours ago

    Dusty Koellhoffer · Top Commenter · University of Georgia · 153 followers
    The liberal media is not known for reporting accurately. Lay's relationship with Clinton was reported and Enron prospered during his presidency from federal subsidies, then languished under Bush.
    Reply · Like · Unfollow Post · 14 hours ago

    Don Jindra Jr. · Top Commenter · NTSU
    Enron's languishing had nothing to do with Bush. It was due to the fact that the business was basically a fraud. The fact that it failed during Bush's presidency is purely coincidental.
    Reply · Like · Unfollow Post · Edited · 12 hours ago


    • Russ Rahn says:

      Don Jindra Jr. – Ken Lay and Bill Clinton scratched each others backs throughout Bill’s term in office. In the late 90’s, Ken Lay started to recognize that the fraud was starting to unravel, and he needed an administration on his side. He very much felt Al Gore would work with him as Bill Clinton did. The race was going to be tight, and he wanted influence if Bush won. For that reason, he spent tons of money on the Republicans, hoping to buy favor. In fact, soon after Bush took office things did start to unravel on the public scene. It had nothing to do with Bush, but Ken Lay had become a Clinton crony in the early 90’s and benefited greatly with Clinton’s help in India.


  2. Russ Rahn says:

    Dusty – You failed to mention the very large impacts generated by three other forces that worked against the success of the Bush Tax cuts. The Bush tax cuts were working to help restore the economy. Also helping was normal rebound, as drops that occur as the result of tragedy drop further than economic forces would normally cause. What the libs fail to mention is that the Fed was very concerned with inflation that they felt would result from the growth they were seeing.
    That inflation being the result of the economy outgrowing the labor force. The Fed started raising interest rates. A bit of time into the raising of rates, the NY Times quoted economists saying that the raises in rates were fine, and would not impact growth until they reached a specified rate. Later, after the rates were raised way above that specified number, the Fed was still raising them. Greenspan did not want inflation as his legacy, and he was ignoring the two other impacts that were also weighing down the economy. Fuel costs started going through the roof, with gas reaching over $4 a gallon. Finally, the artificial expense pushed on business by the large increase in the minimum wage during 2006 (state level), 2007 and 2008 and planned for 2009 (Fed level) started having their effects on businesses in 2005 as they planned for them in the future. Many states had issues on the 2006 ballots, so business knew there was a chance for the upcoming burden, and they had to prepare. These burdens on business far outweighed the benefits of the Bush Tax cuts, and started a slowing of growth. Throw in a banking crisis caused by bad policy, and you now have everything necessary for a disaster. Ignoring these forces, the libs just say “Bush Tax cuts did not provide growth.” It’s like telling people to not build homes for shelter. See Joplin MO May 22, 2011 as proof that building houses for shelter just does not work.


    • dustyk103 says:

      Thanks, Russ. I also did not mention that during the Bush recovery we were not only manipulating the interest rates, but fighting two wars. And, contrary to liberal beliefs, wars do not increase growth and wealth, but are an expense to a nation. Everything produced in war does not increase an economy by making people’s lives better, but is expended on the battlefield. The jobs produced are all temporary and paid for by the taxpayer. It’s a vicious cycle of paying yourself for diminishing returns as everything you produce is destroyed that confuses liberals who don’t understand how the economy works. The National Debt became enormous and government taxed the rich to pay for it.

      But after Vietnam, Democrats turned to raiding the Social Security Fund of the Middle Class to pay the piper, and no one has stopped doing that since.


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