The nightmare of single-payer medical insurance

single payer

Democrats say single-payer medical care would save people from “greedy” insurance companies.  How does putting those in government in charge, who have already proven they are just as corrupt, giving them absolute power not corrupt them absolutely?

Socialists believe that giving government ultimate power over the healthcare system is wise and that it will not lead to ultimate corruption in Washington.  Trusting the same people who gave the people Social inSecurity is about as wise as trusting a wolf to overlook the sheep herd.  A look at how Democrats used Social Security and Medicare to milk the Middle Class under the guise of benefiting them is all it takes.

Social Security has become so insecure that all those poor working stiffs in America are fearful that life insurance for seniors over 80 will be taken away and not be available for them in their retirement years.  Democrats set it up in 1932 to be voluntary and to be doled out to those over 65 years old, far above the mortality rate at the time.  In 1939 they made it mandatory for everyone who worked, and in 1969 when the fund had a $4 billion surplus they didn’t invest it for the future or dole it out to the seniors who paid into that fund.  They took it and spent it on themselves.

Now Social Security is labelled, retirement insurance or graded whole life insurance for seniors and is dependent entirely on how much revenue the federal government takes in.  The result is that in times of recession, as now, they pay out less to seniors and deny them COLA (cost of living adjustments) so they cannot keep up with inflation.  Those living on a fixed income for rest of their lives when lifespans are in the mid-70s face tough years ahead on the little they get from the Social Security program Democrats promised would take care of them late in life.

Just as Democrats raped Social Security in ’68, Obama raped Medicare in ’09 by taking from seniors and giving to young deadbeats so they can have medical insurance through ObamaCare and vote for him.  What more proof do you need that giving government control of anything is a good idea?  What makes people think that giving their money to the government will be to their own benefit and that those in government will not pocket half that money for themselves?

Insurance is a great idea.  People pooling their money so that when one faces disaster they have a parachute.  But insurance companies have made insurance of ‘for profit’ business and now up people’s rates for making claims.  That’s not how insurance is supposed to work!

The problem has been two-fold; small groups sometime cannot afford to cover everyone in case of widespread disaster, and greedy people have gotten into the business to make money rather than protect people along with lawyers who sue to skim off more money than is necessary.  The idea of the entire nation pooling their money through the government has the same defect.  Single-payer may work on paper, but it doesn’t work in real life when greedy politicians control the money and would rather keep more for themselves than payout to those in need.

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