Democrats – dupes, delusionals, and deceivers; zombies to propaganda

Obama Zombies

Democrats blindly follow their leaders who promise them goodies while delivering misery.

The Democrat Party is the party of diversity pandering to the lowest common denominator.  It consists of blacks, gays, feminists, Mexicans, atheists, Islamists, junkies, thieves, felons, unions, and fraudsters all demanding taxpayer funds while condemning lobbyists doing the same for their pet business.  America has become so wealthy that its poorest citizens, no matter how freakish, demand benefits for their bad behavior like spoiled rich brats.

People are not born civilized human beings understanding right from wrong.  People are greedy, selfish, envious, petty creatures who are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals that will lie, cheat, steal, and kill if they think they can get away with it.  Modern liberal socialism, as Rush Limbaugh identifies leftist LiVs (low-information voters) consists of the ignorant and swindlers who promote the most gutless, foolish ideology.  It takes no knowledge or wit to be a liberal as all people are born that way.

Liberal morality

All you have to do to be a liberal when you see something bad is say you care and want to change it, which is not moral at all.  Moral wisdom is understanding that good, right, legal, and fair are not synonymous.  Take sex:

Sex with your mate is good, isn’t it?  You both have fun.  It’s pleasurable to both of you so what’s bad about that?  Nothing!  Even bad sex is good!

What if your mate has sex with someone else?  It’s still good, isn’t it?  They’re having fun and experiencing pleasure, but is it right?  The answer is ‘no’ because they are cheating on their mates and risking exposing them to VD from others.

What if you are under sixteen and your mate is over twenty-one?  It’s still sex and it’s still good.  You are monogamous so it is right, but is it legal?  Again, what is good and right is not legal.  It’s considered statutory rape by the law.

What about a boyfriend/girlfriend who has sex with you whenever, however you want.  They also do the same with others.  Is that fair?  Is it legal?  Is it right?  Is it good?

What is good or right or legal or fair is not necessarily applicable to any of the others.  Not everything is all good and right and legal and fair.  When you understand this then you are beginning to understand morality, gain wisdom, and are ready to tackle actual ethics.

Liberal economy

The reason America’s economy is in such a sad state is not due to capitalism that raised two hundred million people out of poverty and into a new Middle Class, but because of socialist government taking more and more wealth out of the economy.  The fallacy of liberal economics is exhibited in the statements of liberal beliefs of how the economy works.  Every policy is designed to increase the size of government power, put wealth into the hands of those running the government, and duping the people into giving them that wealth and power in return for false security.

From stopping aggressive nations from invading their neighbors to “saving the planet” from pollution, every liberal policy is a fraud being perpetrated on ignorant voters at the expense of the taxpayer.  Liberal Democrats have no idea how an economy works and believe they can orchestrate it by using government power to pick winners and regulate against those businesses they don’t like.  Their policies have brought America into the worst recession since those same policies were used to create the Great Depression, and Low-information voters blindly follow.

  • “If you own a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” – Barack Hussein Obama
  • “Don’t let anybody tell you that corporations create jobs.” – Hillary Clinton
  • “I watched as big banks raked in billions of dollars by trapping people in debt.  And that’s when I had an idea.  What if we built a new agency?  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is now the law of the land.” – Sen. Elizabeth Warren, (D-MA)
  • “The Middle Class isn’t a consequence of wealth, it’s the cause.” – Gov. Martin O’Malley (D-MD)

Whenever someone says something that doesn’t make sense it is usually because they are lying.  Democrats have unleashed economic destruction on America just as they have let loose the savages to create civil unrest in the name of racial discrimination that no longer exists.  And they have lunatics like Rachel Dolezal who say they are what they are not.

Rather than extoll citizens to succeed in school and at work, they promise luxury benefits that let them sit at home and do drugs.  Young Americans who have been taught that socialism is good are being fooled into believing they are living capitalism right now, that capitalism caused the economy to tank, but that’s a lie.  There is no need to theorize on what socialism would be like in America – we are living it right now.

“In capitalism the wealthy become powerful.  In socialism the powerful become wealthy.” – Rush Limbaugh

More liberal backwards think from Democrat candidates

Climate change deniers vs. Chicken Littles

Rachel Dolezal another delusional Democrat

{Author’s note: If Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who says there is no proof she is Caucasian because she never took a DNA test, is accepted by the leftist community as a black woman because she identifies with black culture, and they accept Bruce Jenner as a woman despite having Y chromosomes, then I will take a heroic stance by coming out of the closet to declare that I am actually a black lesbian trapped in a white man’s body.  I have known this since I reached puberty and found myself with the jungle fever to devour small white and Asian women like an animal!  So don’t you dare try to call me racist, sexist or homophobic!  Anyone who does so is just evil and sick!}

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