Why the simple facts of business and science escape liberal minds


Liberals believe profits are greed and the climate change scam because they lack the education to understand the truth.

Liberals do not understand profit and climate change for the simple reason that they are under educated.  The reasons they fall prey so easily to the scams of ‘tax the rich’ and global warming is that they have an insufficient education to understand science and business.  They have no understanding of the negative consequences of minimum wage, taxing the rich, and government corruption.

A large part of how liberals backwards think when it comes to taxes is believing that they are a benefit from government rather than a subsidy to government, believing that profits are greed and not good business, and that mankind’s pollution is destroying the planet.  The reason demagogues like Obama want the young to vote, for illegal aliens to vote, and for uneducated blacks to vote is because they can be more easily fooled due to their ignorance.  Adults know from the experience of their own teenage years how easy it is to mislead them and how hard it is to help the young to think critically and open their minds to learn the truth.

“There are some things about our world that you know that older people don’t know.” – Al Gore speaking to 12 year olds

Al Gore said this to sixth graders talking about global warming, discrimination, and government.  To tell children that they know things their parents do not know is pandering to ignorance – as if people grow up and forget what they knew as children.  This is how you teach children to not learn from the experience of their elders, to not listen to the wisdom of adults, and to grow up believing in their own ignorance as the fountain of knowledge.  Everyone is born an ignorant liberal, and this is how you teach them to be an ignorant liberal all their lives.

“Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on immorality.”

This is why the voting age should be much higher than eighteen.  High school and college kids are poorly educated, actually indoctrinated into leftist ideologies, and have not had time to learn what is right and true.  Most fall for every scam being inflicted on them by liberals and moderates who only see them as chattel to provide them with wealth.

Liberal’s knowledge of business math is as deficient as their knowledge of scientific facts, which is why they so readily believe in the fictions that profits are greed and that mankind’s pollution is destroying the planet.  They also fail to understand, even though they know there are charlatans who perpetrate such frauds on the gullible all the time, that there are scientists and businessmen who will vouch for the government’s scams for nefarious reasons.  In their emotional response to propaganda they do not recognize that these are dishonest stooges on the dole.  If they had learned in school all about criminology, demagoguery, pandering, corruption, and the ideologies of socialism, capitalism, religion, and trade, then they would better understand why America is declining and how their voting for Democrat charlatans has contributed to their own failure.

How profits, taxes, and global warming science actually work

Examples of liberal’s backwards thinking

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7 Responses to Why the simple facts of business and science escape liberal minds

  1. dustyk103 says:

    Jana Jensen what’s your definition of greed?
    Like · 28 mins

    Dusty Koellhoffer You think there are different definitions? Greed is wanting more than you earn. It’s pure selfishness at the expense of others. What is your definition of greed?
    Like · Just now · Edited

    Jana Jensen Apple reporting 18 billion in first quarter net profits on chinese sweatshop labor stuffed 11 to 1 company dorm room making 1.25 per hour for Foxconn. and its just not Apple doing it, there are other glaring examples of so called exploitive free trade with no tariffs.
    Like · 55 mins · Edited

    Dusty Koellhoffer You’ll have to take that up with the Chinese.
    Like · 19 mins

    Jana Jensen ah pure deflection on your part, trade agreements made to allow those tariff free products were made by our politicians and U.S. Trade Commission along with corporate lobbyists for Apple and the rest. As long as they are over there you have no problem with child or commie labor imports tariff free? you deflect when this issue should be taken up here where the effects are felt.
    Like · 11 mins · Edited

    Dusty Koellhoffer I’m not deflecting. I don’t think the Chinese have anything to do with American economic policy. You want to complain about how Americans do business overseas, take it up with the government since our politicians are the ones who arrange the deals. What I didn’t see is your answer to your own question – what is your definition of greed?
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    Jana Jensen thats the problem with you unpatriotic irresponsible free market/free traders, you say take it up with china when commie china is sitting on our store shelves tariff free undermining our entire economy to the point we borrow money from them.
    Like ·

    Dusty Koellhoffer Still waiting…
    Like · Just now

    Kathryn Cole Here’s the history, as a reminder. When President Bill Clinton signed off on the North American Free Trade Agreement and the General Agreement on Trade & Tariffs in 1993, otherwise known as NAFTA/GATT, he quite literally slashed the economic throat of the United States. We’ve been hemorrhaging jobs to foreign nations like Communist China ever since.Until 1993, the United States of America was the world’s economic king, and our people enjoyed the highest standard of living in recorded history. But NAFTA/GATT changed all that by virtually removing all trade protections that ensured our general prosperity. Unfortunately, the Dems don’t fare much better than the Repubs on selling out the American workforce.
    Like · 31 mins

    Dusty Koellhoffer That’s because the Dems were in charge of both the presidency and Congress at the time, which is the case in almost every economic calamity this country has suffered. Those few times it was a Republican president, it was still Democrats in control of Congress.
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    Jana Jensen you complain about liberals while commie china sits on all of our store shelves tariff free, where is the logic in that?
    Like · 54 mins

    Dusty Koellhoffer You don’t understand that it is liberal Democrat who made that possible.
    Like · Just now

    Jana Jensen how did Ross Perot and Clinton debate NAFTA in the 92 election before Clinton was president? republican NAFTA written and negotiated by George HW Bush and his admin and was passed onto Congress for a vote where republican NAFTA was passed by 75% of republicans and 41% of democrats, clinton and the 41% of dems were also at fault for this republican legislation. look at the roll call vote……http://gopfooloftheday.blogspot.com/…/7579-of-all…

    75.79% of all Republicans voted for NAFTA | GOP FOOL OF THE DAY
    Like · 13 hrs

    Jana Jensen “I’m not deflecting. I don’t think the Chinese have anything to do with American economic policy. You want to complain about how Americans do business overseas..” the chinese are doing business here tariff free, if you are not deflecting its obvious yo…See More
    Like · 13 hrs

    Jana Jensen both of you do know George HW Bush and his admin wrote the terms of NAFTA right? you do know the republicans carried the NAFTA vote in congress right?
    Like · 13 hrs

    Jana Jensen 75.79% of all Republicans voted for NAFTA
    People are talking about bad economy and the lost jobs.
    Look at the 1993 roll call of who voted for and against NAFTA.(The beginning of the job losses or the Giant Sucking Sound)

    Senate YES NO
    Democrats 27 28
    Republicans 34 10
    No Vote(1 Democrat))


    House of Representatives

    YES NO
    Democrats 102 156
    Republicans 132 43
    Independents 1


    75.79% of all Republicans voted for NAFTA
    41.08% of all Democrats voted for NAFTA

    So when the Republicans and Tea Baggers cry about the economy and job losses, they have no one to blame but themselves! The Democrats who voted for it should share in the blame as well but you can clearly see the Republicans overwhelmingly supported NAFTA

    U.S. Senate: Roll Call Vote
    Roll Call Vote
    Like · 12 hrs · Edited

    Jana Jensen i posted the NAFTA vote roll call, its dominated by republican yes votes, your spin failed, own it.
    Like · 13 hrs

    Jana Jensen republicans who say “Clinton did NAFTA” are either uninformed or attempting to lie about how NAFTA got written and voted on.
    Like · 13 hrs

    Dusty Koellhoffer Well, Jana, at least you are honest and decent enough to post the vote and not just try to lay it all on Republicans. The truth of Congress is that it has been run by liberal Democrats and moderate Republicans for the last sixty years. The two are willing to work together the squander American wealth. That is why conservatism is the only way I will vote. But they are the most demonized people in politics because both sides go after them.
    Like · Just now

    Jana Jensen because no one wants this country to be far right fascists, Rand Paul and others like him would be lucky to get 25% of a presidential vote, we dont want to go back to sweatshops, company stores and child labor etc..Teddy Roosevelt ended that utopia of monopolies and corporate rule you dream of.
    Like · 2 hrs

    Jana Jensen and true conservatives are justly demonized for their attitudes on anything goes free trade, “let the free markets run their course” thats why we have tariff free commie chinese child labor products on every store shelf.
    Like · 2 hrs

    Dusty Koellhoffer It’s funny you condemn Republican conservative Christians as running fascist sweatshops and then name Teddy Roosevelt, one of the greatest Republican conservative Christian presidents we’ve ever had, as the man who stopped that. Should make you understand conservative Christians better than you do.
    Like · Just now

    Jana Jensen wrong, i did not condemn republican conservative christians. i condemned republicans, i never mentioned the term christian so please refrain from lying. i have many conservative free trading athiest republican friends, conservative and christian are 2 different things. and btw Roosevelt was a progressive that conservatives hated. its very obvious you do not understand poltical dynamics or party history nor do you understand economics.
    Like · 19 mins · Edited

    Dusty Koellhoffer Roosevelt’s idea of progressive is not today’s idea of progressive which is now just another term for socialist.
    Like · Just now · Edited

    Jana Jensen Roosevelts idea of progressive is still different from far right policies, the far right did not like his branch of the party.
    Like · 9 hrs

    Jana Jensen Roosevelt split from the republicans based on his progressive bull moose party platform after disagreements with WH Taft, you might want to do some research.
    Like · 9 hrs

    Dusty Koellhoffer You might want to do your own research into what his platform actually was and ignore the word progressive used by socialists today. He was against Taft because Taft in today’s terms was a moderate who didn’t follow Roosevelt’s conservative ideas and was going back to supporting the Robber Barons of the era. Teddy was 100% against the liberal institutions of Democrats and hated what Wilson did to the country. The so-called “far right” of the Republican Party today, the TEA Party, adheres most closely to Teddy’s ideological beliefs. You are confusing what was known as conservative and liberal in the 19th century with what they mean today.
    Like · Just now · Edited

    Jana Jensen no, you are wrong, just like you were wrong about NAFTA and what is happening today, we have 16 other free trade deals favoring corporations over country and all of them are republican just like NAFTA with a few democrats who sold out the country like republicans as well, do the research, free trade in its current unpatriotic form is of republican origin.
    Like · 28 mins

    Jana Jensen teddy roosevelt was considered a progressive for trying to move the republican party to the middle, you far right fascists would call him a RINO in todays terms, Roosevelt was anti-trust and pro-union and we know you far right conservatives hate unions…..http://www.conservapedia.com/Theodore_Roosevelt

    Theodore Roosevelt – Conservapedia
    Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th president of the United States of America, 1901-1909,…
    Like · 19 mins

    Dusty Koellhoffer Here’s where you are completely wrong about free trade. We are not operating in a free trade market and haven’t been since 1912. Democrats have formed a government that shakes down businesses, subsidizing their friends while regulating their competit…See More
    Like · 17 mins

    Jana Jensen Taft was the conservative, Roosevelt was the moderate progressive, you are sooooooo wrong.
    Like · 6 mins

    Dusty Koellhoffer Jana, you really need to learn about the difference between 19th century politics and 21st century politics. Your adherence to the leftist belief that the rightwing is fascism will be your undoing as you get swept up in a totalitarian dictatorial government of your own making. https://liberalsbackwardsthink.com/…/left-vs-right-the…/

    Left vs. Right – The true paradigm
    For years now, the language of America has been subverted to confuse the people. Over a…
    Like · Remove Preview · Just now

    Dusty Koellhoffer https://liberalsbackwardsthink.com/…/the-changing…/

    Michael Bush Roosevelt was pro-union and split from Taft and the conservative republican branch of the republican party. its easy for all to see.
    Like · 57 mins

    Michael Bush and Jana is right, we have 17 major free trade deals all of republican origin. the minority of democrats who go along with them are guilty of selling out the american people as well. Roosevelt was no conservative.
    Like · 55 mins

    Jana Jensen Michael, Teddy Roosevelt would be considered center-right, progressive in the middle, a moderate, even a RINO by the far right today, this guy just doesnt get it.
    Like · 25 mins

    Dusty Koellhoffer Oh, no, I more than get it. The country over the last century has moved drastically to the Left. It is people who believe the TEA Party are fascist members of the KKK who have been duped by the far Left socialists trying to remake history.
    Like · Just now

    Jana Jensen you were wrong about republican NAFTA, and you were wrong about Teddy Roosevelt, he quit the republican party, Taft the conservative stayed in the party. Roosevelt after leaving the republican party because he was not conservative enough lost to Woodrow Wilson a true conservative. You have no idea what you are talking about.
    Like · 1 hr

    Dusty Koellhoffer Now you’ve got me confused. Wilson a “true conservative?” You mean a true socialist dictator of the variety that Roosevelt was dead set against. Otherwise he would have joined the Democrat Party and supported his takeover through the establishment of the Federal Reserve and confiscatory taxes. Instead in 1916 he dissolved the Bull Moose Party and went back to Republicans because his progressive ideas were not those of the true socialists.
    Like · Just now · Edited

    Jana Jensen Roosevelt was a progressive and quit the republican party, you are too thick to understand, you are as wrong as you were on NAFTA, have a nice day.
    Like · 41 mins

    Jana Jensen correction, wilson was the democrat, taft the hard line far right, and Roosevelt a moderate progressive who started national parks and backed unions, something the far right conservatives would never do, at least i admit when im wrong, you were wrong about NAFTA and kept adding more rhetoric, i know your type, never opologize for anything, all 17 of our trade deals that sold out this country are of republican origin favoring multi-national corporations, own it and admit it.
    Like · 37 mins

    Jana Jensen just like that other lady posting here, you both were “clinton did NAFTA” republicans, you either knew the truth and were lying or you were naive on how NAFTA started and got voted on, so which is it? were you spinning NAFTA lies or did you not know NAFTA history?
    Like · 28 mins

    Dusty Koellhoffer Neither. I keep trying to explain to you that after decades of Democrats winning by pandering to LIVs that Republicans decided to follow suit. Thus making the Democrats after a century a fully leftwing party and Republicans mostly a centrist party. Liberals and moderates spend just like their names suggest and both believe taxes are their personal piggy banks. Do you want a government that will take all it can in taxes and dole it out as they choose, or a government that will only tax what is necessary and let people choose how they want to spend their money? Actual conservatives do not waste taxpayer’s money. What Teddy did was not become a leftist, but his ideas today are interpreted as such in light of today’s socialism. He said at the time he didn’t agree with socialism, but wanted government to take a greater hand in being on the people’s side, which is exactly what the TEA Party conservative movement is all about. It’s not so cut and dried as what the far left and far right of the two parties believe today.
    Like · Just now · Edited

    Jana Jensen once again, did you not know the NAFTA vote or were you trying to blame it on Clinton and clinton only? all 17 of our outsourcing trade deals listed on the US Trade Commission website are of unpatriotic corporate backed republican, you know that right?
    Like · 13 hrs

    Jana Jensen i think you are a liar, you know that right? you wont admit who wrote and who had the most votes for NAFTA. now concerning parties, democrats are mostly libs and center-left, republicans are mostly center right, you far right conservatives are getting pushed out for 2 reasons, 1, we do not want to be a fascist jack booted far right country, 2, you are stupid and let moderates take over your party, either way you show weakness and no political savy and shouldnt be in charge of anything.
    Like · 13 hrs

    Jana Jensen and for the 51st time teddy roosevelt was not a conservative, roosevelt was the progressive moderate, taft was the conservative, and when they ran against wilson the democrat roosevelt and taft split the vote and wILson won. ROOSEVELT WAS NOT A CONSERVATIVE.

    Dusty Koellhoffer I understand that leftists want to claim Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt were on their side, but history does not bear that out. Where leftists want government in control to rule over people, all of these men were Christians who believed in the individual and personal responsibility with limited government.
    Like · Just now

    Jana Jensen once again you are lying, Roosevlt was not on the left and the left didnt claim him as you lie, Taft ran as the consevative, Roosevelt was the moderate progressive with just as many left and right qualities that left him in the middle. you sir, are a liar.
    Like · 45 mins

    Dusty Koellhoffer You can call me a liar all you want. I see what you’re trying to do and it doesn’t fly with me. Demonizing conservatives as the ones who have inflicted leftist policies on America is how the Left twists history and blames those who made America great and would repair the damage done by the Left. You can bang the drum of the Big Lie till you’re blue in the face. I have studied the history and I know the truth.
    Like · Just now · Edited

    Jana Jensen 1. you “clinton did NAFTA” liars are easy to spot when George HW Bush and his administration wrote and negotiated NAFTA. remeber when Ross Perot mentioned that big sucking sound of jobs leaving? that was the 92 debates with Clinton BEFORE clinton was president, NAFTA was written and negotiated by republicans before clinton took office therefore NAFTA and the 16 other free trade deals like NAFTA are republican outsourcing unamerican policy. 2. the left do not claim teddy roosevelt, your second lie. being a moderate progressive means one is in the middle, not left or right. you need to learn politics and stop lying.
    Like · 21 mins


    • Dear Jana . . . .
      Mussolini invented Fascism . . . he was a follower of Marx and Engels, also a devout Socialist.
      A Leftist prophet
      The ideas of Benito Mussolini (1883-1945), the founder of Fascism, are remarkably similar to the ideas of modern-day Western Leftists. If Mussolini was not the direct teacher of modern-day Leftists, he was certainly a major predecessor. What Leftists advocate today is not, of course, totally identical with what Mussolini was advocating and doing 60 to 80 years ago in Italy but there are nonetheless extensive and surprising parallels. Early in the 20th century, he prophesied that the 20th century would be the century of Fascism and he got that right in that most of his ideas are still preached by the modern-day Left.
      In Mussolini’s own words

      Let us listen initially to some reflections on the early days of Fascism by Mussolini himself — first published in 1935 (See the third chapter in Greene, 1968).
      “If the bourgeoisie think they will find lightning conductors in us they are the more deceived; we must start work at once …. We want to accustom the working class to real and effectual leadership”.
      And that was Mussolini quoting his own words from the early Fascist days. So while Mussolini had by that time (in his 30s) come to reject the Marxist idea of a class-war, he still saw himself as anti-bourgeois and as a saviour and leader of the workers. What modern-day Leftist could not identify with that?
      “Therefore I desire that this assembly shall accept the revindication of national trades unionism”
      So he was a good union man like most Leftists today.
      “When the present regime breaks down, we must be ready at once to take its place”
      Again a great Leftist hope and aspiration.
      “Fascism has taken up an attitude of complete opposition to the doctrines of Liberalism, both in the political field and in the field of economics”.

      President Woodrow Wilson, the man that Segregated the Army would have fit right in with ole Benito . . .
      Didn’t Wilson give us the Federal Reserve?


  2. dustyk103 says:


    Dusty Koellhoffer • an hour ago
    Depends on which party is in power. Republicans spy on Jihadis, Democrats spy on conservatives.

    Liberals just can’t understand why America is declining.
    1 • Edit• Reply•Share ›
    Duane Savage Dusty Koellhoffer • an hour ago
    This is why we should be very careful about the laws we pass. Sometimes, the chance of power falling into the wrong hands and potential abuse of a law (that by it’s very nature limits our freedom) is not worth the temporary protection it may provide. At what price liberty?
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  3. dustyk103 says:

    Jorge Otazo That is why liberals create more jobs than the conservatives! 18 million more jobs in less time that the party of stupid, simply laughable!
    Like · 1 · 1 hr

    Dusty Koellhoffer You are seriously misguided by numbers you do not understand.
    Like · 1 hr

    Jorge Otazo Google it, you will be totally surprised how misguided you have been!
    Like · 1 · 1 hr

    Jorge Otazo Since 1961, for 52 years now, the republicans have held the White House 28 years and created 24 million jobs.
    The democrats 24, and created 42 million jobs, can you do the math?
    Like · 1 hr

    Dusty Koellhoffer What does the presidency have to do with creating jobs? You can play the same game with Congress. It is the economic policies that make the difference and those of Reagan and Gingrich were what created the greatest economic growth.
    Like · 1 min

    Jeanie Perez Robin Justice here.

    Dusty; First, you ask what the presidency has to do with creating jobs. Then in the next breath you say that it is the economic policies that make the difference and even mention those of one president, Reagan.

    If economic policies make a difference and presidents, among others, make and implement economic policies, then, well, you figure it out.

    Just be sure and use basic logic and reason when you do.

    For you really do need to make up your mind.
    Like · 1 · 13 hrs

    Dan Austin Is there some other link with facts? you posted a link with some hilariously funny stuff…

    “If they had learned in school all about criminology, demagoguery, pandering, corruption, and the ideologies of socialism, capitalism, religion, and trade, then they would better understand why America is declining and how their voting for Democrat charlatans has contributed to their own failure.”

    I am not even sure what this written trainwreck of a sentence is even supposed to be saying.. Whatever this link is they dont even do propoganda well. So if you could post the real link that would be great
    Like · 11 hrs

    Jorge Otazo Dustin, you need to read a lot, you seem very dazed and confused!
    Like · 53 mins

    Dusty Koellhoffer Typical liberal. Want to take the speck of sawdust from another’s eye while having a plank in your own.

    Dusty Koellhoffer You are right, Jeanie, that it does seem confusing. But I am not claiming they created jobs, I am saying their economic policies allowed the private sector to create jobs. And Dan, I know that sentence is alot to take in, but the point of it is that there is a world of information required to understand economics, not just how many jobs were created during an administration.
    Like · Just now


  4. dustyk103 says:

    Tom Craterfield More trash from Dusty.
    Like · 22 hours ago · Edited

    Dusty Koellhoffer Proving once again that you still can’t read.
    Like · 22 hours ago

    Deanna Sands Liberals dom’t think America is declining. They like it this way.
    Like · 15 hours ago

    Kathy Rogers Perez Deanna doesn’t like the facts: gas prices low, job rate higher…deficit cut….healthcare…she would rather have higher taxes and let the rich corporations pay little or nothing…but she doesnt care..she’s wealthy AND stupid.
    Like · 11 hours ago

    Kathy Rogers Perez http://www.politicususa.com/…/two-faced-marco-rubio…

    Two-Faced Marco Rubio Turns Back On DREAMers As He Wants…
    Like · 11 hours ago

    Kathy Rogers Perez https://www.facebook.com/AntiTedCruzTeaParty/photos/pb.1407762462790107.-2207520000.1431308397./1649627768603574/?type=3&theater
    Americans Against Ted Cruz and the Tea Party’s photo.
    Americans Against Ted Cruz and the Tea Party
    I can’t imagine why anyone except a Koch or a Walton would vote for a republican . -B

    From Blue Dem Warriors

    Posted at Americans Against Ted Cruz and the Tea Party

    Like · 11 hours ago

    Dusty Koellhoffer Posting Democrat propaganda that is proven false by the facts does not make your case.
    Like · a few seconds ago


  5. dustyk103 says:


    Dave Corvino · Top Commenter · Summerville, South Carolina
    Liberals don’t think America is declining. They think it is finally coming around to their vision. They are the blind leading the blind. You can’t expect them to see the truth.
    Reply · Like · 6 minutes ago


  6. dustyk103 says:


    Theodore Michael Alexander · Creator at Earth
    Your posted article is hogwash to the finest degree. You realise uneducated people in general are the reason the country is in this mess. You sir, do not understand business. Taxes are a subsidy to the government, for sure, but we get that money back in the form of nice paved roads, schools (which wouldn’t be under-performing if taxes were raised so schools could compete for top talent like the private sector), emergency services, military defence and a host of other functions vital to our nation maintaining its position as top dog. Liberals, such as myself, understand basic business principles and do not think profits are greed. Businesses sign a social contract when hiring workers and the ripping apart of that social contract started with Reagan. If we went back to pre-Reagan taxes and spending our country wouldn’t be in the debacle it is in now. =
    Reply · Like · 5 hours ago

    Dusty Koellhoffer · Top Commenter · University of Georgia · 146 followers
    Theodore Michael Alexander Those high taxes are what caused the Great Depression and kept the Middle Class from growing as it did in the twenty years following Reagan’s reforms. Tax increases under Obama are what has caused this recession we enjoy today. And if you don’t understand that ObamaCare and trillion dollar deficits were a huge tax increases, that Democrats are choking businesses with their regulations, then you don’t understand business at all.
    Reply · Like · Unfollow Post · 2 seconds ago


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