Moslems attack convention of cartoonists in Garland, TX


“Chalk marks around dead terrorists best art at the show,” remarked one witness.

Chalk marks

Garland police saved the day at the Curtis Culwell Convention Center when two Moslems attempted to repeat the Charlie Hebdo attack.  Cartoonists and satirists were attending an American free speech event when the terrorists attacked.  Both were killed and no attendees were harmed thanks to the heroism of Garland police who had men on scene.

Last night, two Moslem terrorists living here in the United States attacked a convention center in Garland, TX to kill cartoonists drawing caricatures of Mohammad.  One unarmed law enforcement officer was wounded when the assailants opened fire, but other officers responded swiftly and the two terrorists were killed before they could unleash their Jihad.  American police, who have been being viciously slandered by Democrats who are calling for all police to be disarmed, were the heroes of the day as they have been every day they serve.

Moslems attack in Garland, TX

Liberals blame the cartoonists for inciting the attack just as they blamed those who were murdered at Charlie Hebdo in Paris in January.  They expect Christians to swallow “Piss Christ” as “art,” but justify murders committed by Mohammadans in the name of Allah against satirists.  Americans are outraged that Democrats believe that freedom of speech in the Constitution justifies their denigration of Christianity, but wish to institute Sharia Law when it comes to exposing the evils of Islam.

Event organizer Pamela Geller CRUSHES liberal media murderers of free speech

pamela geller

{Author’s Note} The Left is always prepared to condemn Christians as “haters” and, as Rush Limbaugh points out, will blame the victims of terrorists for “inciting” them in the same manner that a woman “incites a rapist” by the way she dresses.  They will pay lip service that rape is wrong, but blame the victim over the perpetrator – classic backwards thinking.  They believe this event is equivalent to ‘walking down a dark alley in a bad neighborhood’ just looking for trouble.

It is one thing for a woman to dress provocatively and walk into a gang’s lair, and quite another to go to a party with the expectation of not being attacked.  This event is being held here in America where we have the right to free speech, not in Saudi Arabia where no such right exists.  There is no liberty in Islam and Americans do not abide a totalitarian rule so will not abide Islamist’s coming to America and demanding we live under their authority.

What the Left absolutely does not want is for Islam to be held up to the light.  When the teachings of Mohammad are exposed then they are clearly the same as the teachings of Hitler, which is why those who promote Islam are rightly labelled Islamo-Nazis.  America needs more people like Pamela Geller who will speak the truth and destroy the fraud of liberals like Alisyn Camerota who will strive to silence their voices and demonize them.

Jon Stewart actually gets it 100% right

DFW TV on scene when shooting occurred as FBI investigates dead shooters

Anti-Islam protests

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6 Responses to Moslems attack convention of cartoonists in Garland, TX

  1. trixpflu says:

    Thanks for posting this! My parents and two of my siblings live in Garland not far from the Culwell Convention Ctr. Kudos to the brave cops who stood up to protect others against evil! Wake up people–this is spiritual battle and the only way to deal with it is through Christ Jesus. Be ready in and out of season!


  2. jonolan says:

    On the bright side, two ragheads were reformed and added to the ranks of peaceful Muslims. 😉


  3. FrankPernice says:

    This is the response these animals can expect in an armed society. Lesson learned … don’t mess with Texans.


  4. dustyk103 says:

    Rhonda Reichel · Top Commenter · San Antonio, Texas
    Yep and they didn’t need the patriot act….the idiots posted their intentions on social media a week before yet still the FBI did not act
    Reply · Like · about a minute ago


  5. dustyk103 says:

    Chris Brooks · Top Commenter · Project Manager at Infinity Structures
    Dusty, I really like your commentaries and to drive your point home, just compare the two articles from the Huffington Post:

    In the first link “hate speech” does not appear and it is considered art.
    Reply · Like · Edited · 21 minutes ago


  6. dustyk103 says:

    Dusty Koellhoffer · Top Commenter · University of Georgia · 131 followers
    There is no place in America for this fascist religion.

    Terrorists attack cartoonists in Garland, TX. Witness declares, “Chalk marks of dead terrorists the best artwork at the show,” after Garland police save the day!

    Islamic reform is not realistic. The spread of Islam must be stopped!
    Reply · Like · 40 · Follow Post · Yesterday at 10:23am

    Andy Kolb · San Antonio, Texas
    And take those old fashioned Christian thinking with you. We don’t want them either.
    Reply · Like · 2 · 16 hours ago

    Patricia Schoolcraft · Top Commenter · Geneva High School
    Andy Kolb Just shut the hell up!
    Reply · Like · 4 · 13 hours ago

    Mack Stevens · Follow · Top Commenter · Fairfield barber college
    Patricia Schoolcraft , you sound JUST like the muslims you so hate- no free speech for Andy! No wonder your grandkids hate you.
    Reply · Like · 4 hours ago

    Brenda Wiseman · Medical Billing Specialist at Everett Urology
    Andy Kolb, it says one nation under GOD. while I respect your right to free speech, you are sadly in the wrong. don’t want Christians around? then it’s time for YOU to head out.
    Reply · Like · 1 · Follow Post · 3 hours ago

    Michael Parker · Works at Truck Driver
    Mack Stevens Thats the funny thing with christians…..the religion does the exact same thing, but dont see it AND refuse to accept the fact that they did the same thing “Back in the day” before it was stopped, BY our constitution.
    Reply · Like · Follow Post · about an hour ago

    Dusty Koellhoffer · Top Commenter · University of Georgia · 131 followers
    Wrong, Mr. Parker. The crimes of the Church were stopped by Christians.
    Reply · Like · Follow Post · Edited · 2 hours ago

    Dan Summers · Follow · Top Commenter · Edmonton, Alberta
    Why shuold anyone have to shut up? LOL This is an article about Freedom of Speech for Goodness sakes! LOL
    Reply · Like · Follow Post · about an hour ago

    Dan Summers · Follow · Top Commenter · Edmonton, Alberta
    Brenda Wiseman: Please look up twhen the “under God” part was added. It was added in the 1950s when the scare of Communism was sweeping the nation. Communist Russia was atheist…so Americans countered with religion.

    Remember the US is in now way a Christian Nation.
    Reply · Like · Follow Post · about an hour ago

    John Mccord · Top Commenter
    Andy Kolb Muslims say you will be islam or die. Christians say,they would like for you to accept Christ but,believe any way you want.And you can’t tell the difference? Not too bright ,are you? I would like to see you have a draw allah contest and the next day a draw Christ contest. What? You wouldn’t be here the next day? Wonder why.
    Reply · Like · Follow Post · 27 minutes ago

    John Mccord · Top Commenter
    Mack Stevens You are about on par with andy for smarts.andy had his say and Patricia had hers.If she was like your muslim friends,she would have tried to cut his head off. Sad. You still can’t see the difference. Govt schools did a great job on you.
    Reply · Like · Follow Post · 22 minutes ago

    Robert Truss · Top Commenter
    Islam is NOT a Religion! Islam is a CULT of EVIL, and must be destroyed.
    And Andy Kolb, this old man is one of those old fashioned Christian’s. I have lived, worked and battled with God watching over me. That’s why I am still here today. If you don’t believe in God, that on you. But leave well enough alone.
    Reply · Like · Follow Post · 9 hours ago


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