The Final Solution to Islamic terrorism and the Jihad


“You cannot coexist with people who want to kill you.”

Jihadis are not going to war because they are poor, but because of their religion and the teachings of Mohammad.  Obama and his administration’s attempts to blame their hatred on poverty spits in the faces of billions of Hindus, Chinese, and poor people of the world who are not murdering and raping.  This deceit is for the ignorant who do not know the teachings of Mohammad and his religion of Jihad.

The argument over Islamic terrorist between Republicans and Democrats who say it is not Islamic is putting America and the world on the path to WWIII.  If ever there were people who need to be dead it is Islamic Jihadis.  Obama Democrats argue that they cannot solve the problem of terrorists with killing, but with jobs, which means American money poured into countries where Imams preach “Death to America.”

The problem with the Obama Administration; lies, deception, and treachery

Obama Democrats have a solution to “non”-Islamic terrorism – give the governments in Middle Eastern countries billions of American dollars to create jobs so Jihadis have something to do other than join ISIS.  He believes people become terrorists because they can’t get any other job, not because they follow the teachings of Mohammad.  Those countries, who’s Imams preach “Death to America,” give that money to terrorist groups, all of which be they ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, etc. all have one thing in common – they are all Islamic.

There is a new campaign underway by leftists that Jihadis are not Islamic.  But, as anyway not ignorant of history knows, Jihad is the foundation of the religion of Mohammad the First Jihadi.  State Department Deputy Spokeswoman Marie Harf says that the argument that they are not actually Islamic is “too nuanced for some.”  AG Eric Holder claims that the only reason anyone is concerned about the rapid growth of Islamo-nazi Jihadis rampaging across the Middle East is because they are the only ones talking about it.  He says FOX is more concerned with the naming it rather than actually dealing with it.

What is well known is that if you cannot name your enemy you cannot understand his motivations to defeat him.  This campaign by Obama and the Democrats to dissociate Jihad from Islam is so obvious, so treacherous, that it is painful.  Col. Ralph Peters says this is an example of the failure of the American education system on the public level, and the corruption by the Left in our schools, colleges, and universities.  At the leadership level it is lies, deception, and treachery, not only allowing America’s enemies to grow, but enabling them by giving them America’s wealth.

Obama working to hamstring America from fighting the Jihad

Texans have a saying; “Don’t piss on my boots and tell me it’s raining.”

The Final Solution

Step 1 – Name of the enemy

ISIS, ISIL, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, and a thousand other names for every group of terrorists in the Middle East and elsewhere all have a common foundation; they all follow the teachings of the religion of Mohammad.  Anyone who does not understand that Jihad is the foundation of Islam, who believes it is just a ‘spiritual battle,’ are fooling themselves and others.  Mohammad waged the First Jihad on Mecca from the moment he went to his tribal leaders and commanded them to make him the “spiritual” leader of the tribe.  From then and for the next fourteen centuries, Islamists have spread by the sword across the Middle East, North Africa, into Spain, France, and Italy, and through Persia into Afghanistan and India.

The name of the enemy is Islam.

Step 2 – Crush the Jihad

The only way to do this is to kill them.  Like the Nazis of Germany they are more than dedicated to their ideology.  They are brainwashed into submission to be fanatics.  The only way to make them go home is to kill all their leaders and enough of them that they are too afraid to wage Jihad.

This will require the full force of the American military, a military that is being weakened by Obama day by day.  Obama and the Democrats have been intent on reducing American power, choking down businesses with excessive taxation from programs like ObamaCare, and shutting down America’s energy production.  That America is now leader in the world of oil and natural gas production is thanks to private companies that operate in spite of Obama.  That wealth is being stolen and squandered by Democrats as they have always done.

Step 3 – Choke Islamists down

Currently, Saudi Arabia and other governments of Moslem countries support the Imams who preach Jihad to their people and chant “Death to America, death to Israel, death to Christians, death to the West.”  An American government that crushes the Jihad must now choke down the Islamists who teach hatred in their mosques.  To do this, America must bring economic pressure on their governments so great that they are forced to squash the Jihad.

Moslem nations had been doing this for the last century under secular leaders, but those leaders became lax and began encouraging Jihadis to take their fight to other countries as terror attacks rather than turn against their own governments.  But Obama has supported the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow their secular leaders and install Islamist theocratic governments in their stead.  The result is a mushrooming of Jihadi power and purpose.

Step 4 – free the people from Islam

There are millions of good people in these countries who would throw off the yoke of Islam if they had the chance to do so without the fanatics coming into their homes to slit their throats.  It doesn’t take but a small percentage of fanatics to subdue the general populace as proven by the Nazis, the Soviets, and every country socialists overthrew in the 20th century.  The majority of Moslems, who only want to live in peace and watch their children grow, are in danger of being subdued and converted into another Jihadi army to re-establish the Caliphate and wage Jihad on the world.

The only way to give them the chance that was not afforded to Germany when Hitler came to power is to force their governments to kill Imams who preach hate (because prison does not contain Islamists as American prisons have proven that Islam grows fastest among criminals), and give their people freedom to convert away from the hateful religion of Mohammad.  This is not the 1930s when German military power was great enough to hold back the allies until it was too late.  Moslem nations are third world countries because Islam has been in control and kept them repressed from advancing culturally, but they are gaining in military technology today due to trade with foolish western nations.  Their ideology of imposing Sharia Law on the world is every bit as destructive and dangerous as Nazism and Communism.

Radical Moslem Radical Christian


People in the Middle East are not joining ISIS because they have no jobs, but because of the teachings of their Imams that the Jihad is a higher purpose for their lives.  The United States should not be giving weapons and training to these people who do not know how to contain their religion.  The ease with which the Iraqi army that America had trained and equipped was defeated is evidence that.

Blaming terrorism on poverty is the greatest lie of the Obama administration.  His claim that global warming is more dangerous than Islamic Jihad is a colossal fraud.   If Islam cannot be destroyed then it must be contained, and allowing Moslems to immigrate into Europe and America, to colonize rather than assimilate, and spread their religion rather than adopt the culture and peaceful religion of their hosts is more than counterproductive – it is suicide.

A 12 year old can recognize the evil of the Jihad and Obama’s reticence

There is no place in the civilized world for the religion of Islam

Marie Harf : Jihadis cannot be defeated by killing, but by giving them jobs

Col. Ralph Peters puts Obama Democrats in their place

Dr. Ben Carson has some of the solution

Franklin Graham says ISIS will bow to Jesus

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  1. A fair analysis of Islam in my view – and I agree that Islam will never co-exist for long with western cultures based on democracy, freedom of speech and religious tolerance. I also agree that wiping out enough of the aggressor Jihadists to make the remainder too fearful to proceed is the sole solution if we don’t want to be overrun and beheaded in our beds. Please circulate this article as widely as you can – not just in the US but Europe and other first world countries too – it will take good public understanding and concerted will to crack this nut and I don’t think we have a lot of time left.


  2. ajoseph12013 says:

    I think under USA’s leadership, or that of EU, or under an umbrella of Media entities and organizations in the world, all anti ISIS, Islamic leaders like Egyptian President Sisi, the Jordan King, and all moderate, peace-loving leaders and influencers of the Islamic world must be brought-together,and chalk-out a massive propaganda campaign against violence practiced by Islam. What can not be achieved by a persistent, non-stop,media-led, world-propaganda ?

    Saddest fact of modern world is that, no tall leader, or agency and institution exist today to raise such all -out efforts, free-from all political self-interests, to wage such,much needed global campaign against such global-calamities and evils ! Priority of many nations and their political leaders is to take maximum advantage for themselves,and their nations, out of such conflicts and calamities..


  3. dustyk103 says:

    Editor’s note: People often argue good points on FB that actually belong in the article where everyone can share. Here is one:

    • February 19 at 10:20pm · Like

    Jeffrey Albert Geist If a Republican President would really stop this, then why didn’t GWB do it when he had his eight years? Or, for that matter, his dad? Reagan? With all due respect, honestly. I watch the news on many stations; I really don’t see a lot of righties busting down the wall on this issue. Would like to, but show me where that is. On second thought, as a friend, don’t waste your energy. Do agree that “the left” needs to be as strong on this as with apartheid though. However, again, don’t see too much coming from the right. What I see as primary to the right, frankly, is money and the economy. Not that lefties are free of having the same drive.
    Yesterday at 4:15pm · Edited · Like

    Dusty Koellhoffer No one is really going to address this because it is not happening in our backyard…. yet. Of all presidents only Jefferson and T. Roosevelt understood the danger of Islam. Reagan, Bush, and W all approached the issue with the thinking of Americans and not understanding the enemy we face. Obama knows the enemy and sides with them so there will be the opposite of help coming from him.
    Yesterday at 4:39pm · Like · 1

    Jeffrey Albert Geist @ Dusty Koellhoffer: Your post had much to be said I think that needed saying and I agree with you that, at best, Obama is not doing a good job here, although I do – as I think you do, too – respect the sensitive issue of not wanting to make the entire religion and all its people feel like it and they are being attacked for EVERYTHING it stands for, which is very easy to do. Obama, to me, is mostly spaced out on all this, is an incredibly poor leader (particularly re warfare), projects and has no sense of commitment to anything but his puppeteers (whom I view as Big Energy – you’ll disagree, I’m sure); but I don’t think he sides with the fundamental Islamic jihadist terrorists. I think that’s taking it a bit too far. Trying everything in to poverty, to (implicitly) the Israel-Palestine issue and altogether negating the Islamic factor, to me, is, however, not only wrong and stupid, but actually insidious.
    23 hrs · Edited · Like

    Dusty Koellhoffer Your last sentence is exactly what I was referring to when I said he’s on their side. I’m not saying he’s on the side of the Jihadis, but that he’s on the side of Islamists who support what the Jihad is trying to do. You don’t see any crowds in the streets chanting “death to the Jihadis,” just chanting “death to America.”
    23 hrs · Like

    Jeffrey Albert Geist @ Dusty Koellhoffer: If they were to do so, as I’m sure you’ll agree, they would be slaughtered immediately. You’ve got to know that.
    23 hrs · Like

    Dusty Koellhoffer Of course, which is why I write these articles to show what an evil religion Mohammad created.
    23 hrs · Like

    Jeffrey Albert Geist @ Dusty Koellhoffer: Can’t and don’t really want to fight you about Mohammed. There are some good elements of Islams (and there really are many Islams – for example, Sufism is a beautiful offshoot of Islam and is ultimately Islamic). Problem is because you know what you know, (redundant) it might be better to attack SPECIFICALLY (pointedly) the fundamental jihadist fanatics DISTINCTLY from the religion as a whole. Can we agree, and can we agree that – given the big “shake-down” – we DO have to choose our words carefully….not like Obama who refuses to make any association at all, but carefully? OK?
    23 hrs · Like

    Dusty Koellhoffer First, I hate discussing things like this on FB rather than in the arrival where everyone can see it. (Maybe I’ll copy and paste the whole thing.) There are as many sects of Christianity as there are of Islam as you point out. There are some sects, like Westboro Baptist that promote a wicked theology that is not of Christ’s teachings. Jihad, however, is the fundamental teaching of Mohammad. Sects of Islam that choose to disregard Jihad against the infidel are the same as a Christian sect denying the Resurrection. Like Jesus said, and I have to paraphrase, if the seed you plant is a bad seed then no matter how pretty the flower it is still a poisonous weed. Mohammad was a False Prophet and no good can come of his religion. If it does no evil to others, it still does evil to those who turn to a false god and away from the Lord God the Father and His Son.


  4. dustyk103 says:

    This was posted on FB – another liberal “blame America” for the evils of Islam.

    Frank Kortuem

    The Terror We Give Is the Terror We Get: Chris Hedges
    Both ISIS and the West revel in brutality that…


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  6. Using the American Military, involving us in MORE never ending wars, will not work. In fact, it was OUR involvement that caused the problem.
    As the article pointed out, “ISIS, ISIL, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, and a thousand other names for every group of terrorists in the Middle East and elsewhere all have a common foundation; they all follow the teachings of the religion of Mohammad.” So the only long term solution it to exterminate the religion. Short of that, all an invasion of “Infidels” will do is force all true Muslims to fight to the death (and 72 virgins) to defend Islam.
    The west, and the US, has been too “Christianized” to do what it takes to fight a war with Islam.

    Only a Muslim can be ruthless to keep them in check. Bush the Elder was wise enough to know this.

    Unfortunately, the US, through Bush the Younger and later the Muslim in Chief who supported the Muslim Spring, has destroyed the more secular rulers, with the exception of President Bashar al-Assad (who, BTW, PROTECTS Christians – who would have been slaughtered if Obama had his way).

    As a Christian, I favor giving arms to the few Christians left in the region so that they can try to defend themselves, and I also support giving political asylum (however the Libtards would never agree).

    Other than that, there is little we can do.


  7. dustyk103 says:

    From FB:

    Dusty Koellhoffer • a month ago
    And no one can find proof of this, especially since when asked he wouldn’t answer.

    Of all the people in the world these Jihadis are the only ones who really need to be dead. Then we must take action so that more are not created.
    • Edit• Reply•Share ›
    Simone Josefine Dønvang Dusty Koellhoffer • 5 hours ago
    I’ve been to Iran – not a single “jihadi” in sight ….. I was there for 2 weeks the last time – in 2 weeks i saw 4 women in burqa, and that was at the airports – on the other hand I see it everyday in Dubai – You should go there yourself and get a bigger perspective than you television …. The world is not that dangerous ……
    • Reply•Share ›
    Dusty Koellhoffer Simone Josefine Dønvang • a minute ago
    You think I need a bigger perspective than television? Yet you judge the whole world based on what you personally saw? Take a trip to Fallujah and see if that changes your own perspective.
    • Edit• Reply•Share ›

    Simone Josefine Dønvang Dusty Koellhoffer • 3 hours ago
    LOL – just the fact you cannot even tell the difference between Iran and Iraq just proved my point 😀 – You are aware that it is 2 different countries right ?? 😛

    Anyway – you can ask any other foreigner who has been to Iran, and you’ll see how many people are actually sharing my opinion

    You’re very ignorant if you dont think that your TV is based on political agenda in order to make you scared of everything, so you can get a support for more wars …… sick as it is – but just look what you did to Iraq

    Believe me – I would rather stand with Iran anytime – at least Persians know how the world looks like unlike you apparently …..
    • Reply•Share ›
    Dusty Koellhoffer Simone Josefine Dønvang • in a few seconds
    omg, your buffoonery in thinking you can teach me geography is epic myopia.

    My point was that just because you visit someplace and find out that everyone isn’t a slathering beast with a knife out to kill you, you think that the Middle East and Islam is all sweetness and light.

    Just because most people are decent doesn’t mean there is not a large enough percentage who are wicked that want to wage war, rape, loot, and murder. And those people can take power over the rest unless they are stopped.
    • Edit• Reply•Share ›

    Simone Josefine Dønvang Dusty Koellhoffer • 2 hours ago
    Welcome to the real world – Which country has Iran been trying to take over in the last 100 years? Have they been involved in murderess like you guys? nah – you know what – Iran is more peaceful than America will ever be
    – Not to speak of Israel for that matter ….
    I’ve been to some of the most religious places as well – and you know what – even the mullahs are talking about more peace than you are

    Read the Quran before you speak of Islam – Visit the country before you speak of it …. Other than that – You will always be living in ignorance

    Hahahah – Just reminded me of Bush’ speech of “either you are with us, or against us” If that is not aggressive, I don’t know what is
    • Reply•Share ›
    Dusty Koellhoffer Simone Josefine Dønvang • in a few seconds
    Apparently, I’m the one of the two of us living in the “real world.” If you had been following events of the last forty plus years then you would know Iran has been one of the chief instigators of international terrorism and rebellions. That means they have actually been the ones behind murdering innocent people. Is that what you call “peaceful?”

    Then there are the gays and apostates who have been murdered in Iran. I’m sure you know all about those, including the Mullahs who are telling their people to go into the streets to chant, “Death to America.” such sweeties.

    I have read the Koran and studied history and know the life of Mohammad very well. So do you believe he was justified in waging war on Mecca and murdering Jews who spoke out against him in Medina? Such a great guy to compare him to President Bush who actually said, “You are either with us or with the terrorists,” which is essentially just a fact that you either stand against evil or you assist it.
    • Edit• Reply•Share ›

    Simone Josefine Dønvang Dusty Koellhoffer • 8 hours ago
    A few years back the Israeli government offered the Jews (about 12.000) in Iran to migrate to Israel en receive a sum of money if they did so
    The Persian Jews replied back “Our nationality is not for sale” They would rather stay as Jews in Iran rather than go to Israel

    I will agree with you, that Iran has very strict laws and eye for an eye politic that you might not agree with – But however, due to their strict laws, Iran is safer than America fx where you constantly have people murdering each other on the streets, not to talk about all the incidents with white cops shooting black kids for no real reason

    Vietnam had 3,6 million civilians killed
    Cambodia had 1/4 of the population killed in the aftermath, after United states bombed Cambodia involving them in the Vietnam war
    I’ve been to those areas, and your heart would bleed of you saw the result of your actions in other countries

    Palestine and Gaza

    between 500.000 to 1.000.000 civilian Iraqis where killed for NO reason ass well – You invaded a country on false accusations !! And look at what it has become now (ISIS anyone? don’t be fooled, everybody knows who are founding them) – ARE YOU SERIOUSLY GOING TO DO THE SAME TO IRAN?
    If the “Evil” side is with the people who I have met in Iran – Sure – 100 percent – i would rather stay with them, anytime
    Have you forgotten how the Iraq war started? (with the same tune as you are trying to bully Iran btw)

    And apparently you don’t understand why your country and Israel are so interested in getting their hands on Iran

    According to the Torah, the Jews next prophet will come from Iran – This is why Israel has been campaigning for so long against Iran
    Netanyahu has since 1996 been telling the congress that Iran will have nuclear weapons within 6 months
    I’m sorry – But either he is lying or the Iranians are very slow (I know several Iranians and they are clever people)
    • Reply•Share ›

    Dusty Koellhoffer Simone Josefine Dønvang • a few seconds ago
    Nice try ducking the question, which indicates you approve of Mohammad’s wars, murders, and are either entirely ignorant or approve of Iranian threats against any Jews who would migrate to Israel.

    Vietnam? Cambodia? Those were China’s wars yet you give them a pass. White cops killing black kids for no reason? You have been duped by leftist propaganda. No such thing is happening. Name one black kid you heard about in the news you think was murdered by cops and I’ll post the truth for your education.

    You denounce Netanyahu as promoting a prophecy from the Torah, yet completely ignore the Iranian Ayatollah’s declaration that they wish to annihilate Israel to bring about the return of the 12th Imam.

    It isn’t Americans or Israelis mobbing the streets chanting “Death to Iran.” If you wish to stand with evil, that’s your choice. Don’t cry about it when you suffer the consequences.
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  8. dustyk103 says:

    Another reply from the same women at the same site;

    Simone Josefine Dønvang • 5 hours ago
    OBAMA GET THE DEAL THROUGH BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE ! No reason to wait – Let’s create some peace in the world please – I’ve been to Iran and without any doubt, it is the most beautiful place I have ever seen

    I felt so safe being in Iran, that i would send my grandmother – NEVER listen to the ignorant people who have never been there

    ALHL • 2 days ago
    OMG, another lie from sheik Obama.
    • Reply•Share ›
    Simone Josefine Dønvang ALHL • 5 hours ago
    Obama has been the best president you have had for a long time, who have been creating more peace in the Middle east and established communication which is good for the world – Call him Sheik or whatever – But he has done some great work 🙂


  9. David Isecke says:

    I think the term “Final Solution” is rather unfortunate, given its history of signifying the attempt to annihilate the Jewish people. You’re advocating killing Jihadis (which is analogous to killing enemy combatants), but not wholesale genocide of Moslems, whom you wish to free. So your idea is not really analogous to the historical “Final Solution”. You really need to think about changing your terminology there.


    • dustyk103 says:

      I chose that title deliberately because it is Jihadis who deny the Holocaust and Jihadis who want to kill everyone who is not one of their own. That my actual “Final Solution” to Moslems is to teach them Christ is the third leg of this trinity to stop the teachings of Mohammad from spreading. Obviously, being murdering fanatics, Jihadis are not expected to permit anyone to live who turns to Jesus, and therefore must be eradicated.


  10. dustyk103 says:

    maildude39 Dusty Koellhoffer • 34 minutes ago
    What about the First Amendment? You want to stop the spread of Islam. What if somebody wanted to stop the spread of Christianity?
    • Reply•Share ›
    Dusty Koellhoffer maildude39 • a few seconds ago
    It is no more an imposition to outlaw Islamic Sharia Law than to outlaw Satanic rites like human sacrifice. You can learn about it all you want, you can read about it, you can teach it, but you cannot practice it in the United States of America where the U.S. Constitution is our law.

    Do you want to start having women covered in shrouds, beaten for talking to men, having their genitals mutilated? Do you want to start throwing gays off of buildings? Do you want to cut the heads off any who oppose your point of view?

    Islam is not peace, it is not benign, it is an ideology of slavery perpetrated by a death cult as taught by a man who has done more evil throughout history than even Hitler ever conceived.
    • Edit• Reply•Share ›

    Dusty Koellhoffer maildude39 • 28 minutes ago
    It is no more an imposition to outlaw Islamic Sharia Law than to outlaw Satanic rites like human sacrifice. You can learn about it all you want, you can read about it, you can teach it, but you cannot practice it in the United States of America where the U.S. Constitution is our law.

    Do you want to start having women covered in shrouds, beaten for talking to men, having their genitals mutilated? Do you want to start throwing gays off of buildings? Do you want to cut the heads off any who oppose your point of view?

    Islam is not peace, it is not benign, it is an ideology of slavery perpetrated by a death cult as taught by a man who has done more evil throughout history than even Hitler ever conceived.
    • Edit• Reply•Share ›
    maildude39 Dusty Koellhoffer • 19 minutes ago
    Of course The First Amendment does not pertain to Sharia law, since It is illegal in the U.S.
    I am talking about Islam, the religion that is peacefully practiced by nearly one quarter of the worlds population.
    • Reply•Share ›

    Dusty Koellhoffer maildude39 • a few seconds ago
    Was I not clear or did you just not read the last paragraph? I even kept them short.

    Teaching Islam is no different than teaching Satanism or Nazism. It is “peacefully practiced?” Tell that to the victims of honor killings or slain as apostates. Tell that to the Christians whose churches have been destroyed in countries not controlled by ISIS. Tell that to the Africans who are being starved and slaughtered as part of Jihad.

    Islam is not just a benign religion that teaches peace. It is an ideology that teaches submission to an ideology that promotes fascism and is a direct threat to the Constitution and the values of those who believe in liberty. Like any evil, you should learn about it only to give you knowledge of how to defend against it.
    • Edit• Reply•Share ›

    maildude39 Dusty Koellhoffer • 2 hours ago
    You are very clear! Your “views” and “opinions” are clearly Islamaphobic!
    • Reply•Share ›
    Dusty Koellhoffer maildude39 • a few seconds ago
    Islamophobia is a term contrived by little minds to distract from the reality that Islam is evil.
    • Edit• Reply•Share ›

    maildude39 Dusty Koellhoffer • 12 hours ago
    You must have “little minds” confused with open minds.
    • Reply•Share ›
    Dusty Koellhoffer maildude39 • in a few seconds
    There’s nothing open minded about shutting down debate with epithets like Islamophobia to describe those who expose the truth about Islam.
    • Edit• Reply•Share ›

    maildude39 Dusty Koellhoffer • an hour ago
    I never said anything about “shutting down debate.” However, for debate to be productive, it should be respectful.
    • Reply•Share ›
    Dusty Koellhoffer maildude39 • in a few seconds
    Which the Left never gives when they start all debates with questions like – “Why are you an Islamophobe?” or “Why are you racist?”
    • Edit• Reply•Share ›

    maildude39 Dusty Koellhoffer • an hour ago
    I have never started any dialogue in the way you suggest. In fact, It’s being very disingenuous to say that the left starts “all debates with questions like…”
    • Reply•Share ›
    Dusty Koellhoffer maildude39 • in a few seconds
    It is not. I see it all the time. Rand Paul was mocked for walking out on interviews where the interviewer did exactly that. It is equally disingenuous for you to say you never “started” any dialogue in that way, but you went right to it in your second response.
    • Edit• Reply•Share ›

    maildude39 Dusty Koellhoffer • 11 minutes ago
    “It is equally disingenuous for you to say you never “started” any dialogue in that way, but you went right to it in your second response.”

    Keyword: “SECOND response” That means that I did NOT start the dialogue in that manner. Also, I did NOT call you, or ask you why you are an “Islamaphobe,” or “racist.”
    I merely commented that the “views and opinions” you expressed, were clearly Islamaphobic,” which I stand by those words.

    Obviously, your childish insults, misinformation, false allegations, etc are getting us nowhere.

    Have a Nice Day!

    • Reply•Share ›
    Dusty Koellhoffer maildude39 • in a few seconds
    Keyword – you’re equivocating and that is disingenuous. It doesn’t matter that it was a statement and not a question, it is purely meant to shut down debate by declaring one side bigoted and wrong without the merit of proving a point. That you then resort to calling my statements “childish insults, misinformation, and false allegations,” proves you have nothing intelligent to debate, just epithets to hurl.
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  11. Mo says:

    The only way to deal with these people is to annihilate them totally, so NO MERCY just as they have shown to be. We must fight fire with fire!


  12. dustyk103 says:

    Johann Ivan Not really up on that 1953 Iranian coup or the 80’s U.S. created Jihad in Afghanistan, are ya? As for ISIS, ISIL, or whatever marketing brand is being used.. well, there’s this thing called common sense. Here, have a few clues Scoob:
    Like · 13 hrs

    Dusty Koellhoffer omg, how absurdly myopic as if the U.S. created the Jihad.
    Like · Just now


  13. dustyk103 says:

    Tom Craterfield Dusty, how many Americans would you support being ssacrificed this time? 5,000 again? more? Are all of your dear ones that are of military age, ready to roll?
    Like · 19 hrs

    Dusty Koellhoffer Yes we are, and we’ll drag your parasitic backside along with us.
    Like · 19 hrs

    Tom Craterfield Dusty Koellhoffer, fat chance you are all ready. Well, what number are you willing to sacrifice? Up to 10,000?
    Like · 14 hrs

    Dusty Koellhoffer How many people’s lives are you willing to sacrifice to let ISIS continue?
    Like · 12 hrs

    Tom Craterfield None, you work every conceivable angle first. I see American lives are meaningless to you.
    Like · 1 hr

    Dusty Koellhoffer I see the lives of anyone is meaningless to you. As far as you’re concerned ISIS can kill all the good people in the region. Don’t try to play your ‘holier than thou’ game with me you hypocrite!
    Like · Just now


  14. dustyk103 says:

    Dusty Koellhoffer · Top Commenter · University of Georgia · 153 followers
    Just more proof that Communists don’t get along with Nazis.

    Islamic reform is not realistic. The spread of Islam must be stopped!
    Reply · Like · 56 · Follow Post · May 11 at 3:21pm

    Richard Claessens · Follow · Top Commenter · Sonoma State University
    Islam is repackaged Nazi Fascism

    Hitler used them and so did stalin as a chaotic force to de-stabilize
    the governments they were targeting
    Reply · Like · 10 · May 13 at 2:52am

    Susan Tsuchie · Top Commenter · Westchester Community College
    Unfortunately, there are so many of them already in our communities…our schools…our government offices….the current president and his administration, the stupid liberals who voted for him twice, the Hollyweird elite who all believe this will never affect them. The list is long and unfortunately their foothold is very large and thanks to social media and so many of our young people out of work and online, normalcy does not stand a chance. Our country is already history.
    Reply · Like · 2 · May 13 at 9:51pm

    George Lohmann · Top Commenter · CEO & Founder at The Lohmann Foundation for Widows and Orphans
    Guess you are not aware of the early arrangement between Hitler and the USSR?
    Reply · Like · 8 hours ago

    Dusty Koellhoffer · Top Commenter · University of Georgia · 153 followers
    I’m fully aware of WWII history, which is the point I make in many of my articles. Like Nazis and Communists teamed up to attack capitalists at the start of WWII, atheists and Islamists are teaming up to destroy Christians. They’re just kidding themselves if they think that doesn’t mean they won’t be at each other’s throats in the future. Islam was fascist Nazism long before Hitler adopted the ideology. He was just the 20th century’s Mohammad without Allah.
    Reply · Like · Unfollow Post · Edited · 2 seconds ago


  15. Pingback: The Final and Only Solution to Islamic Jihad – Investigating Philosophies, Culture, History, Myths

  16. akima tendo says:

    this buddhist girl humbly says, “pull ONE more ‘final solution’ and everyone could die in a nuclear holocaust. it is time for everyone to accept nonviolence, avoiding aggression, and nonsinning, avoiding harm to others. all of every faith and non faith can live side by side if they give up starting the use of force. before you seek revenge – dig two graves is old and proven by blood. accept an “infinite diversity in infinite combinations” and move on in truce – that we hand to the children, all of them, when this mortal life is done. buddha, tao, gods, and goddesses bless to one
    and all – for it is not either-or or both… it is all.


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