Why are there no Muslims in Star Trek?

Star Trek

There is a joke that goes:

While visiting the United States, a renowned Imam Ambassador visits the White House and talks to President Bush.  They go to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum where the Imam sees the replica of the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek.  Curious, he asks,

“Mr. President, I have a question for you.  In Star Trek there is Ensign Chekov who is Russian, Lt. Sulu who is Chinese*, and Lt. Uhura who is black.  Your country is enemies with them, yet they are working together in peace.

“Why are there no Muslims in Star Trek?”

President Bush smiles whimsically and answers, “Because that’s the future.”

Some claim there is no religion in Star Trek, but one episode of the original series, “Bread & Circuses,” does speak of Christ.  The civilization they encountered was one where Rome never fell, but they had sun worshippers, or so Kirk thought.  At the end, Lt. Uhura reveals, with an adoring smile, “They’re not referring to the sun up in the sky, but to the Son of God.”

Christianity is represented in Star Trek standing at the forefront of the show whose episodes are basically Christian morality plays.  While no other religions are referred to in the series, the different cultures with which the Federation interacts all represent various Earth cultures.  As with any work of fiction, be it fantasy like the “Lord of the Rings” or science fiction like “Star Trek,” the show deals with cultural conflicts found in the world through aliens of other planets.  The aliens that represents Islam with its theocratic mental programming through the Muslim Call to Prayer five times a day, and requirements that all members think and act alike in complete submission to the will of their leader, is the Borg.

The simple truth is there is no place for the violent religion of Mohammad in the civilized world of free peoples.  Islam is not being “hijacked,” it is not being “radicalized,” it is being practiced by Jihadis according to the teachings of Mohammad.  The deceitful façade that Jihad means anything other than waging what Moslems call “Holy War” on infidels can only fool the willfully ignorant.  Those who practice Jihad as instructed by the very life and teachings of Mohammad are the ones killing, raping, and looting their way around the world, just as Mohammad did in Arabia in the 7th century in his war with Mecca.

A billion Moslems do not participate in Jihad because they want to live in peace and watch they children grow and prosper and not give their lives for Allah.  But a billion Moslems do not stand against the Jihadis because they follow the teachings of Mohammad.  Some pay lip service to opposing it, but by their inaction prove they endorse it, and polls have shown that 2 out of 3 Moslems do endorse them.

If their words of denial are to be believed, then so must the word of all criminals who profess their innocence be believed.  The world cannot rely on proven deceivers to put an end to the teachings of Mohammad because Allah, Sharia, and Jihad are all the heart and soul of Islam, and abolishing them would require abolishing the religion.  There is only one way Jihadis will ever be stopped.

There is no place in the civilized world for the religion of Islam!

Why are there no Muslims in Star Trek?  Because that’s the future!

(*Sulu is Japanese, but the anonymous author thought it made the joke work better to make him Chinese since America is in conflict with Communist Russia and Red China.)

Good Muslims of the world, turn from the hate of Jihad and seek Jesus!

Mohammad – the First Terrorist and his religion of self-imposed brainwashing

There is no place in the civilized world for Islam

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12 Responses to Why are there no Muslims in Star Trek?

  1. thebalzan says:

    There is NO religion in Star Trek, there are episodes of tOS that have Christian slants because the writers wrote what they knew (shock/horror).
    The future of Star Trek is one of in inclusion of all people, you clearly missed the point.


  2. mrfreddiemillerjr says:

    Gene Roddenberry was a Humanist and very anti-religion. He seemed to show the most contempt for Christians. Like most of his ilk, which would include the poster “Dark Ages…” Gene could only hurl insults and belittle religion, while he himself was a well known reprobate who regularly cheated on his wife Majel with Nichelle Nichols and other women. Gene was also very pro socialism/communism, insisting that the Federation be written as a thoroughly secular nanny state with no money or commercial industry (although he was well known for cheating those who worked on Star Trek out of money, Alexander Courage for example). His “perfect” humans show little to no emotion when loved ones are lost (Roddenberry insisted that future man would embrace death as part of life and would not mourn their dead), were contemptuous of anyone who were spiritual (Riker’s open mockery of Worf’s belief in the return of Kahless) were hedonistic visiting pleasure planets where the whole purpose of the trip was to have as much sex as possible (Gene is on record as having wanted the planet Risa to consist of ‘nothing but naked women groping one another’ – the studio shot that idea down for obvious reasons), and they love giving pretentious speeches to aliens about how superior they are because they have given up religion and capitalism etc. They are also quite bland and predictable. It wasn’t until Roddenberry’s death that Deep Space Nine gave us some true flavor in the Star Trek universe, much like Sisko’s beloved gumbo. I give Gene credit for coming up with the basic concept of Star Trek. But it was less Gene Roddenberry and more people like Gene L. Coon, D.C. Fontana, David Gerrold etc who truly created the sci-fi universe we know and love today. Gene’s own ideas were often so bizarre that studio heads refused them.


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  4. Kullman says:

    Dr. Julian Bashir was an arab character, and his religion was never discussed in the series.


    • dustyk103 says:

      Alexander Siddig is half Arab, half English and, despite playing an Arab or Moslem in some movies, he is not. Not everyone born in the Middle East or of Arab descent is Moslem.


  5. John Keller says:

    Uhura is Swahili. Swahilis are Muslim. Also, Geordie La Forge is from Africa and might be Muslim, as well. Nevertheless, these would only be cultural affiliations, as the following quote might suggest:

    “Humans don’t have souls. We don’t believe in them.”

    – Benjamin Sisko


    • dustyk103 says:

      Neither statement is quite accurate. Moslems have conquered much of Africa, but there are still many others who hold out against them. Even a quite Google of Swahili reveals the dichotomy. Swahili were there before Islam began its conquest and they were not all subsumed. Uhuru espoused Christian beliefs and no Islamic beliefs such as in the episode “Bread and Circuses” in which she referred to the Son of God, something which no Moslem would do. And Sisko often spoke contrarily depending on the situation. You would have to provide the context of his statement. I never take a sentence quote unless I know the context of the entire paragraph or encompassing events.


  6. truth says:

    there are muslims in star trek
    Imam al-Jazaar ministered to the Muslim community of Starbase 47 as of 2265. (VAN novel: Harbinger)


    • dustyk103 says:

      Islam is represented in Star Trek. Their ideology manifests in the race known as the Borg. Islam has no place in a civilized world. In no way would Sharia be allowed to expand in the universe in Star Trek. A rogue novelist trying to write them in does not incorporate Islam into Star Trek. When they don’t understand Islam all they are doing is propagandizing as apologists concealing the truth about Muhammad by misrepresenting the hateful, tyranny of an anti-Christian teaching.


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