Washington gridlock is a good thing – if we had it

TEA Party - OWS

Obama and Boehner have Americans by the balls.  Republicans and Democrats are not opposite ends of the scale with Independents in the middle.  Their bases are the TEA Party that is farther right and OWS that is farther left and they share no common ground.  But the GOP and DNC can meet on their common ground of sucking wealth out of the people for their corporate friends.

Democrats and Republicans may seem to be at odds but, pulling a Boehner, the Republican Speaker has proven to be more of an asset to Obama and the Democrats than a roadblock.  For the past six years Democrats have operated without passing a budget, illegally spending taxpayer money without declaring how they spent it even when they had control of both houses of Congress.  On top of their spending all of the tax revenue they took in, they borrowed almost a trillion dollars more each year to pay out to Wall Street, which makes Obama’s condemnations a mockery of the fools who follow him.

In the past, when opposite parties held the presidency and Congress, they would have to make deals with each other that would restrict their spending.  Now they make deals to increase it.  Since taking control of the House of Representatives, Speaker Boehner has worked with Obama and the Democrats while saying he is working against him.

The final proof is passage of the CRomnibus bill to fully fund ObamaCare and amnesty that Democrats want.  In return, Obama gave Boehner relief from the campaign finance reform act to allow him to get all the corporate funding he needs to defeat the TEA Party.  Conservatives of the TEA Party are the only people in the country fighting to stop government waste, high taxes, and crony spending, and for that they have been portrayed as hateful demons by both liberals and moderates.

With the National Debt hitting $18,000,000,000,000, gridlock would be a good thing, if we actually had it.  The only gridlock has been Democrats blocking all Republican bills to relieve the economic chokehold Democrats have inflicted on businesses.  Ronald Reagan drew the roadmap of how to increase American wealth, and by extension, the tax base.

How the Laffer Curve changed America’s economy

But only conservatives in Washington want to implement it, but they are sorely outnumbered by moderates and liberals each group of which spends as their name implies.  Liberals borrow and spend liberally, moderates tax and spend moderately, conservatives conserve and save money.  If there is anything else on your agenda besides how much of your money government takes then you are going to lose it all as those in power in Washington take what you have with the promise they will provide for you.

People say that the best place for government action is in the center, but there is no center when one side wants capitalism and the other wants socialism.  Independents, rather than being in the middle between Republicans and Democrats are actually on the outer wings.  The entire political landscape is nothing like what most people portray it to be.  While the Right is praying people come to Jesus, the Left is chanting, “We want dead cops.”

The Left has it wrong that corporations have so much power that they run government as an oligarchy.  It is the government that has been corrupted to bank for corporations rather than restrict them.  This is what happens when voters believe what politicians say rather than watch what they do.  Democrats are not for the little guy and Republicans are not only for the rich.

What America needs is TEA Party unity

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