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Leftists try to Color the Right as White Racists

“Racism is the belief that one race – whites – should rule over all others.” – Chris Matthews, MSNBC Matthews’s assertion is itself racism against white people just as is the Democrat cry of “white privilege.” (i) According to Merriam-Wesbter, … Continue reading

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Liberal ‘Microaggressions’ Become Assaults

“Micro-aggression,” “Politically Correct,” charges of racism, flat-earthers, Islamophobes; all of these are leftist’s efforts to censor righteous, intelligent thought. A “micro-aggression” is anything you say with which a leftist disagrees.  These people have not been educated, but indoctrinated into believing … Continue reading

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Bill Maher – the boy who cried ‘wolf’

Bill Maher likened the ISIS Islamic Jihadis to the Mafia, then slandered Navy SEAL sniper legend Chris Kyle as a “psychotic patriot.”  Maher doesn’t know where to turn for protection from the Jihad coming to America. Justice is paying Bill … Continue reading

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