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Leaders of the free world united in Paris to declare their stand for peace against the war by Jihadis on humanity.  Most notably absent was the Leader of the Free World or any high ranking representative of his – Barack Hussein Obama.  Americans elected Obama with the hope of ending the conflict with Islam that is resurging in the modern world.  Their hopes have been dashed as Obama, heavily influenced by his Islamic heritage, rather than strive for peace or even fight back has laid down in submission.  (As the Paris Moslem policeman discovered in following the advice of American Democrats, lying down in the face of Jihadis with your hands up is a death sentence.  The march was not about standing with France in mourning, it was about standing with the world against evil.)

Obama’s Islamic Heritage

Liberals condemn Christianity more than they condemn Islam, but when it comes to terrorism they want the world to stand united behind them in peace.  But their idea of peace is to blame the victims of terrorists for inciting them to violence.  The belief that victims are responsible for being attacked is the same as blaming a woman for being raped.  America did not create Jihadis.

America was not in Arabia when Mohammad was waging Jihad on Mecca.  America was not there when fanatic Jihadi Arab armies conquered North Africa, Persia, and Spain.  America was not in Europe when the Turks waged Jihad and invaded.  America was not in Africa when Jihadi Barbary Pirates in the Mediterranean raped and enslaved American merchants.  America was not stealing from Saudi Arabia when they made a deal to drill and buy oil and the Saudis broke that deal to steal and nationalize oil rigs and refineries in the name of Jihad.  America was not in Afghanistan when they were invaded by the Soviets and declared Jihad to fight back.  No Jihadis in history were created by America or the CIA.

The best hope for people of the Islamic world to move forward with the civilized world is to turn away from Jihad and embrace the teachings of Jesus.  Where Mohammad declared war for revenge and the subjugation of the infidel, Jesus taught peace, love, and forgiveness.  Despite all the claims by the Left, giving credit to Islam for advances in civilization is like giving credit to the Inquisition for advances in science.  Contrary to their claims about Christianity, it was Christians who fought to crush the Inquisition, and it will take Christians who fight to crush the Jihad.

There is no place in the civilized world for the religion of Islam

Moslems hold “Stand with the Prophet” rally in Garland, TX

Good Muslims of the world, turn from the hate of Jihad and seek Jesus

Islam’s Witnesses to Christ:

Ex-Muslim’s open letter to America

Son of Hamas leader courageously converts to Christianity

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