Trump Vows to Investigate the Democrat’s Attempted Coup

Democrats are saying that President Trump is “breathing new life into the ‘disproven’ rightwing conspiracy theory that Trump was spied on” after they just spent the last two years bragging about spying on Trump!

Trump calls out Democrat coup attempt

The worm has turned.  Following the collapse of the Mueller/Obama/Hillary attempt to enact a coup to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States, President Trump is unleashing AG Bill Barr to investigate the investigators.  This won’t be a two-year investigation like the Democrat distraction.  Pray Donald Trump in making America great has swept aside the traitors and the Avengers are going into action to protect America from the socialist infiltrators that have corrupted her.  The leftwing stupidity that they spent the last two years applauding Obama’s operatives spying on the Trump campaign to find non-existent Russian collusion is now going to slap them in their collective faces.  They are now going to go into rabid smear mode to discredit, mock, and impugn Barr as they have been doing to Trump, but the American people have had enough!

RUSH: The next sound you hear is that of the Coyote going off the cliff, having his Acme bomb fall right on the top of his head.

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That Obama had FISA warrants drawn up by which to spy on Trump is no secret.  Obama’s agents tried to infiltrate the Trump campaign, not to warn Trump about Russians, but to plant them.  For two years, liberals have believed the Democrat conspiracy theory that Trump colluded with Russia.  They believed Trump tried to obstruct the investigation when he did nothing to deter it.  Now they have set out to obstruct by any means the investigation into their criminal spying.  This is the difference between tinfoil hat conspiracy theory and truth.  Like socialist totalitarianism with all of its lies, the left engages in fiction while disparaging anything the righteous do as fiction.  This is deception via projection and denial that only fools believe.  This is leftist psychology encompassing the 20% of the population that foster the lies and 20% that swallow them.  (It could be 10% and 30%, but either way it is 40% of Americans who are immersed in the lie that is leftist liberalism.)  They cannot be dissuaded.  They cannot be reasoned with.  They must be defeated!

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President Trump is more popular among Americans despite being demonized in the media daily than Obama was regardless of media slobbering over him.

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4 Responses to Trump Vows to Investigate the Democrat’s Attempted Coup

  1. tonytran2015 says:

    Karma in action !


  2. Roy says:

    Akin to the Wizard Of Oz, I hear the Democrat Party saying “Help me, I’m melting, I’m melting”
    They’re in your face, having a psychotic breakdown in front of the world.
    God bless Trump, Pompeo and Barr.


  3. Sally Frederick-Johnson says:

    Reblogged this on Texas Trump Train.


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