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Democrats Play the Shutdown Game Again

Yesterday was just another episode in the daily soap opera of congressional Democrats striving to manipulate Republicans through extortion and slander. Liberals continue to wage war on the Republicans over the budget.  Democrats continue to demand that military cuts be … Continue reading

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Neo-Democrat’s Race of “Brown People”

In 21st century America this is the Left’s catch-all phrase of anti-white racists and two-faced name calling.  They made up this “race” to include anyone who is not of European descent including Mexicans and Moslems and Californians with a spray … Continue reading

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Trump’s ‘Insanity’ on Display Playing on Media

‘Donald Trump is so mentally unstable that he speaks incoherently, can’t put two sentences together, falls asleep in meetings, and demands obeisance from members of Congress.’  In an open meeting on Monday, President Trump showed the world that he is … Continue reading

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