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Mr. President, Take Charge Before Democrats Destroy Us

President Trump offers to send illegal aliens to Democrat’s sanctuary cities and, instead of welcoming the cherubs, they cry out in disgust! What a Trumpian Idea! Send Gifts of Love to Sanctuary Cities Trump Says He’s Serious About Sending Illegals … Continue reading

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Democrats blame Trump for making America unsafe

Yet another jihadi terror attack in NYC, but don’t blame Islam!  After years of praising Obama for importing Moslems, after decades of importing illegals, welcoming them into their homes, and making their citizens give up their jobs and provide for … Continue reading

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End Corporate, Wall Street, AND Blue State Welfare

Democrats created the mantra, “Democrats are for the poor, Republicans are for the rich.” Democrat class warfare is the lie on which their party rests their foundation Democrats say they want the government to end corporate welfare.  That’s actually very … Continue reading

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