Libtardia – The 3D world of liberalism

The ideology of the Left

Dysfunction, denial, delusion; this is the world of leftwing liberal Democrats where what is wrong is right and what is right is wrong.  It is a world of deception and desecration of all that is morally right and ethically correct and when you tell them they are wrong they will guilt trip you until you yield.

Leftists want to take guns from law-abiding citizens who obtain guns legally by telling ignorant liberals it will make the country safer from criminals, psychotics, and terrorists who get guns illegally.  They want to let people choose their gender based on their own twisted thinking rather than their actual physical anatomy.  They believe CO2, a product and necessity of life, is going to destroy the planet.  They want to bring back the “Fairness Doctrine” to deny freedom of speech to conservatives because it reveals the stupidity of liberal arguments.

There is nothing more mentally retarded than white people who are anti-white.  They think all white people are racist (except themselves), but not anyone of any other race.  They think conservatives are bigoted against liberals.  We are not because we were once young, ignorant liberals ourselves.  But we got educated and learned what is right and that is how and why we became conservatives.  Some people do so early in life and some late, but that’s due to life’s circumstances and the distractions of living.  The fact is that ignorance is the foundation of liberalism.

Conservatives believe in giving people a hand up to improve their lives.  Liberals say this is what they believe, too, but instead demand others give people handouts.  Nothing was more enlightening in my life than when I had the epiphany that explained why I had so much trouble understanding people all my life.  Half of them tell and believe lies.  Suddenly so much made sense, and it also became clear to me that when I had made excuses rather than owning up to my responsibilities that this is how it all begins.

Our young are the new generation of barbarians at the gates who are trying to destroy the civilization that America has created to be the best in the world.  Like the dumb apes they believe themselves to be descended from they want to tear it down to their level rather than strive to elevate themselves to thrive in it.  Leftists used to be bomb throwers and assassins, but we developed the FBI to stop them.  Then they became rioters and looters, but we enlarged our police to stop them.

Where most of the liberal media have striven to link TEA Party patriots to psychotic shooters, they strive equally hard to never link Democrats to rioters.  Instead they blame Trump, and Palin, and Rush for leftists rioting against their “injustice.”  In addition, they provide cover for Bernie and Hillary who sent their people to attack Trumpsters.  Trump initially told her supporters to knock the lib attackers in the head.  But once he told them to back off from violence what did the libs do?  They escalated into full blow riots!  Now Democrat mayors and governors are letting the rioters run rampant just as they did for BLM.

This is all right out of Mein Kampf – Hitler’s playbook of how to overthrow the government.  He sends his people to attack his opponent’s supporters where they commit 99% of the violence.  But if anyone should strike back they are condemned for fighting!  It’s how Muhammad justifies Jihad in Islam!

Liberals cannot see how what they say and what they do are at odds.  In their dysfunctional thinking they deny the truth and are lost in delusions of grandeur.  This is a psychological defect in all of us when we are born and we must be educated how not to be this way.  Adults who remain liberals do so for one of two reasons both stemming from the same dysfunction; they are either deceivers or they live in denial of their misguided ideology and both are born out of a lack of ethical understanding – or any moral compass at all.  They understand the words, but don’t truly understand their meaning.

anti-white white

Study that said conservatives are psychotic reversed

A taste of American liberalism – Hillary send her fascists to attack Trump rallies

Liberals have complete contempt for our laws and strive to overthrow them

[Author’s note: if liberals are so out of touch with reality that they think we can mentally choose our gender then I want everyone to know that I identify as a black, female lesbian!  So if you attack me you are a racist sexist homophobe!  Now, ladies, I’ve got jungle fever so let’s get it on!]

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5 Responses to Libtardia – The 3D world of liberalism

  1. Fantastic article, good points. I would offer that liberals live in the 5-D world, however: Dark, Drunk, Dysfunctional, Depressed, and Delusional. They live in a world of fear, making them behave like the rabid animals they aspire to be. One whiff of the stink in the air at an “Occupy” crowd will show that they’ve mostly arrived (Portland and Seattle smell like this continually).


    • dustyk103 says:

      Well, I could make it 6D – dysfunctional, denial, delusional, deceitful, depressed, and drugged. Drunk and drugged are essentially the same thing as is dark and depressed, but they’re good additions as they are the goto universe of liberals who can’t deal with reality. So I would have to make it the Doubly dark 3D world of liberalism. Maybe I’ll revisit this in October. Thanks for the feedback and further insights!


    • jebor says:

      Make that 6, Doped-up


  2. Lori says:

    You’re not a real conservative. Sorry my friend. Trump wants universal health care and his views on trade are dead wrong. I’m angry too but we have to hold on to our values. Period!


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