Trump’s rhetoric is not creating hate – it’s Democrat’s!

Democrats accuse Donald Trump of inciting violence through his rhetoric that they describe as hateful bigotry.  They say this because the El Paso mass murderer used the same words he did in describing illegal aliens invading the country.  What they did not say is that the shooter also ascribed to all leftist beliefs.  Words are not proof as both sides use the same words to describe each other.  What is proof is that there has never been a single Republican, conservative, or Christian involved in violence the last few years, while Democrats account for 100% of riots, attacks, and assassinations of police.

Democrat’s dangerously delusional rhetoric

Leftists always use the liar’s defense.  Liars always accuse truth speakers of being liars in order to obscure the truth.  To know the truth, one must learn the stories of both and examine the facts behind them.  Whenever someone exercises this kind of responsible intelligence, they will always find that leftists falsely accuse the righteous of doing what they themselves are doing.  When you reach that level of wisdom is when you convert from being an ignorant, misinformed liberal into being a knowledgeable, informed conservative.

When leftists say Trump’s speech is generating fear, hate, and rage, you can turn around and examine everything to see that it is Democrats who are doing exactly that.  They begged and chastised him exhaustively to condemn racism and white supremacy, and when he did, they turned right around and condemned him for it.  Leftists are utterly two-faced and you can never believe anything they say or do anything they ask.  They will always use whatever you say right against you.  In leftism you are not only guilty until proven innocent, but you are still damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Liberals cannot tell the truth or be honest about themselves

Democrats have become increasingly desperate to turn people against President Trump.  This is evident in their rhetoric that has become more and more shrill and hysterical, unhinged and damning.  They have nothing to offer Americans except their hatred and contempt for Trump and all Republicans.  They instead offer everything for free by promising to take it from the righteous.  Their ideology has never been more than to conceal their true nature that they wish to be rulers over Americans.

Leftist ideas for stopping mass shootings are always to abolish the 2nd Amendment so they can take guns away from all law-abiding citizens.  That leaves the citizenry defenseless when they seize power to tyrannize the masses.  It is the MO of every socialist nation throughout history.  This latest effort to dupe the people by “Red Flag Laws” into declaring mentally ill people banned from buying weapons is one more bogus effort to disarm the people.

What constitutes mental illness that should be denied 2nd Amendment rights?  Less than 4% of mass shootings have been committed by mentally ill people.  What about the other 96% of terrorists?  What criteria would liberals use to define mental illness that disqualifies one from 2nd Amendment rights?  Would they deny Moslems guns on the basis of their jihadi beliefs?  Just like the creation of the NSA produced a general fear that they would be used to spy on the people, having liberals come up with these laws should cause deep anxiety in anyone.

When Bush created NSA spying to root out terrorists, conservatives voiced their concerns that they could be used to spy on people for political purposes.  That’s exactly what happened under Obama.  The same would happen with mental illness laws to deny gun ownership.  What would liberals say represents mental illness?  Conservatives definitely understand that liberalism in 21st century America is a dysfunctional ideology founded in ignorance and bred on immorality.  But that doesn’t make them mentally ill, only uneducated and immoral.  The 20% of them that make up the population changes as each generation learns, though admittedly some don’t and grow up to be lifelong liberals.

“If you’re over thirty and a liberal, you have no brain.” – Sir Winston Churchill

Russian collusion, climate change, illegal immigration, and white supremacy are all leftist fictions that liberals believe until they open their minds, eyes, and ears to become educated.

The FBI already does background checks on every gun buyer.  The gun show loophole that Democrats keep harping on doesn’t exist.  What more can be done to stop potential mass shooters and other terrorists and criminals from obtaining guns?  Felons cannot legally buy guns but obtain them through the Black Market and by stealing.  How do you stop the Black Market and crime?  Democrats don’t.  Virginia’s Democrat governor even pardoned sixty thousand convicted felons so they could vote for Democrats – and gave them back their right to buy guns.

Here’s list of what liberals would say qualifies as a disqualifying mental illness:

  • People who are violently insane
  • People who are certifiably insane
  • People who cannot understand right from wrong
  • People who do not exhibit compassion for others
  • People who say they seriously want to do harm to others

At this point I must pause to ask – who determines what constitutes good common sense and understanding right from wrong?  Liberals would not list themselves on this list despite being irrational and dysfunctional because they believe they are sane.  Regardless of their beliefs in falsehoods and doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result, they see themselves as educated and enlightened even though they are ignorant and misinformed.  So, here is the rest of what would become victims on their list of people who they deem to be mentally or emotionally too unstable to own firearms:

  • People who reject Democrats
  • People who deny their phony climate science
  • People of faith who believe there is a God
  • People who refuse to live by socialism
  • People who vote Republican
  • And especially veterans who served in the military

They would condemn everyone who does not stand with them in their wrongheaded beliefs.  They would decry Republicans and conservatives as haters, and Christians as irrational people believing a fantasy.  They would condemn military veterans as being inherently violent and unstable.  Notice there is no mention of violent criminals or drug addicts who are not only mentally and emotionally unstable, but also a direct threat to those around them.  This is how socialists would convince the righteous to allow themselves to be disarmed by their rulers.  This is how socialists dupe the people into giving up their rights to freedom.

Guns are not the problem.  They are the tool.  Without guns murderous people turn to using knives and clubs.  Terrorists will use bombs and chemicals.  The problem isn’t the tools.  The problem is people without morals, God, family, compassion, along with a lack of good sense or a real education who are the problem.  The problem in America is that people are being taught wrong.  The problem in the world is that most people are uneducated in morality and there are some cultures that indoctrinate their people into the opposite of morality.

Islam does not lack for violent terrorists because they indoctrinate and brainwash their people five times a day into the teachings of Muhammad to obey their Imams.  Even as they persecute Christians, Jews, Buddhists, and Hindus, they declare they tolerate others.  While only a small percentage actually take up the sword, the vast majority believes they do so for the right reasons.  Likewise, liberals believe criminals in America have justifications for becoming criminals.  Rather than condemn them, they have been warping America into assisting them despite the fact that 85% of them remain criminals even after being educated or rehabilitated.

America needs a revival to stop this epidemic of violence and voting for people who import even more violent people.  Democrat’s “refugees” are not coming to America to become Americans.  They are Latino-communists and Islamo-nazis coming under the guise of refugees to force their ideologies on America.  That Democrats share those ideologies is what has been concealed.  But the elections of Obama, America’s first Moslem communist president, and Trump, a true American Christian conservative patriot, have revealed the truth behind the façade Democrats have maintained for generations.

Listen to Democrats who declare Republicans to be the haters as they smear them as Nazi racists and white supremacists.  When they say that Trump’s rallies are promoting white nationalism, not a single liberal can quote anything said or done at these rallies that is racist, but they believe the headline because they never read the story.  Liberals are easily manipulated because they operate in shallow thoughts.  America doesn’t need to stop Trump from speaking the truth.  The people need to Democrats from demagoguing lies, spreading fear and hate, and prosecute those that are ginning up rage that drives their people into the streets to commit violence.

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[Author’s Note: Media cannot be trusted.  The NYT posted an article following Trump’s speech against racism that objectively and accurately reflected what he said.  But the Twitterverse and liberal universe “blew up” forcing them to change the headline to a more damning statement.  Their fact check sites cannot be trusted either.  For example, Democrats put up a picture of AOC crying beside a fence captioned that she cried for the immigrants imprisoned inside.  A witness revealed that there was nothing on the other side of that fence.  The picture was posed.  But because they said the other side was an empty parking lot instead of an empty street, Snopes reported that the truth that the AOC was faking it for publicity was false.  Social media is censoring conservative speech and promoting liberal speech.  90% of the media is working with Democrats against Republicans.  The only reason for this has got to be money related.  If you want the truth you have to hunt for it.  Only then can you learn what is right and wrong and who is telling the truth and who is lying.  If you don’t have a moral base from which to judge right and wrong you will easily be led astray.]

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