From drinking water to Comey’s firing Democrats prove they are psychotic

“Republicans want to drink dirty water.”

The question is not, “How stupid are Republicans that they don’t want their drinking water to be clean?”  The question is, what kind of freaking retard could be so galactically stupid as to believe such a thing?  Would everyone who is so incredibly stupid that they believe Republicans want to drink dirty water please raise your hand!  You are the people who should not be allowed to vote!  Don’t tell me how intelligent you think you are when you vote for Democrats over such obvious lies and stupidity.  How oblivious can you be?  When people say Republicans want to steal from the poor, but it is Democrats that actually do it and you can’t figure that out, you are a moron.  When Barack Obama campaigned on reducing the debt, then got into office and took $10 trillion in deficit spending giving half of it directly to Wall Street, how blind do you have to be not to see this?  It’s not the Republicans who are getting rich stealing from the poor.  It’s not Republicans who want to drink dirty water.  It’s Democrats who be dum.

When it comes to the firing of FBI Director Comey, Democrats flip flop like a fish out of water.  They praise him to Heaven one week and damn him to Hell the next.  They claim Republicans do the same thing, but that is false.  Republicans are realists who don’t go to the extremes that leftists do.  When it comes to Trump firing him the Democrats say Trump did it to scuttle an investigation of his connection with Russia even though Comey’s not the one conducting it.  Had Trump kept him on then they would say the fix is in.  You cannot win against liberal logic because it is so dysfunctional that they talk out of both sides of their mouth and believe they are speaking truth both ways.  They are the essence of psychotic insanity believing there is something there when it’s repeatedly been proven there is not.  They are so invested in their lie that it’s remarkable that they don’t demand we continue sending men to the Moon until they prove it’s made of cheese.

Speaker Gingrich puts Democrat spin in context

Democrats are saying that Republican’s repeal of ObamaCare is genocidal murder and advocate for them to be lined up a shot!  Can anyone say Hitler’s Fascist Nazis live?  This is how leftists justify their murderous fascist terrorism.  They say people must choose between food and medicine unless government takes more money from taxpayers and gives it to their deadbeat voters.  How many people have had to choose between paying ObamaCare fees and rent?  Leftists are so demented that they make jokes about Trump having an incestuous relationship with Ivanka, not because Trump has expressed that desire, but because they are all in lust with her.  I’m in lust with her, too, but I don’t fantasize about her having sex with her father.  The Oedipal and Elektra complexes are in the minds of leftists.  Liberals are so obsessed with sex like children who never got over the discovery their body toys that they think sex with anyone or anything is good.  Islamists are so obsessed with their lust they make laws that they can rape women under the right conditions and that, in their Paradise, if they kill people along with themselves they’ll have their own harem of houris.  To top it off they believe they are rational human beings while they promote the most irrational animal behavior.

Democrats have no functional ability to think logical thoughts, which is why they have so much trouble understanding the truth.  The old adage, “Believe half of what you read and none of what you hear,” applies to Washington politicians.  You should only believe half of what Republicans say and none of what Democrats say.  Find out the facts for yourself because you should know better than to believe politicians who spin the facts to suit their narrative rather than espousing the truth.  There is so much propaganda and misinformation in the media that the only way to find the truth is to go to the source.  If you can’t find the source then be skeptical until proven otherwise.  Learn through observation that liberal lunacy is a mental condition rendering the victim deaf, dumb, blind, and unable to smell their denial to the realities of their warped thinking.  Believing you are right on both sides of the argument between right and wrong is always wrong.  It is just proof that liberals may be socially functional, but they are not logically rational.

Liberal stupidity is a Pre-existing Condition

Indoctrination: How the ignorant are being overwhelmed with propaganda

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2 Responses to From drinking water to Comey’s firing Democrats prove they are psychotic

  1. DB says:

    “How stupid are Republicans that they don’t want their drinking water to be clean?” The question is, what kind of freaking retard could be so galactically stupid as to believe such a thing?” Well said!!! That truly is the question. The Democrats will say anything and continue to try and create victims for their party. Because if the Democrats don’t have victims, then they don’t have anything!!!

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  2. Eileen says:

    Nobody liked Comey despite what the Democrats are saying now. If, OTOH, the Democrats produced real proof that the alleged Russian hackers, acted on the Kremlin’s orders, then produce it and quit hiding under the shield of “Anonymous Intel sources”. Comey talked about both sides of his mouth and nobody ever knew what evidence the FBI had or didn’t have; I do know from Alex Jones himself that HE was under investigation from the FBI for ties to Putin. Maybe he can shed some light on the real reason. For now, we’ll have to wait for a tweet from the President,

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