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Rush Limbaugh – Jan 12, 1951-Feb 17, 2021

While patriots mourn the loss of The Big Voice on the Right, leftwingnuts rejoice they won’t have his morally righteous certitude dissecting their lies and exposing their deceptions day to day. Continue reading

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Liberal’s Backwards Think Has Reversed American Liberty

In America, liberalism is a reflection of righteousness, which is why they have it all backwards. Their belief that God is the oppressor and Satan is the liberator is just how contrary they have become. Their ideology is the reverse of what is good and true in the world. Continue reading

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Leftwing “Journalists” – Not Leftist Bias but Outright Activists

Liberal media is openly advocating for Democrats.  Because Americans are abandoning their web of lies, their bottom line is suffering.  Now they are begging congressional Democrats to subsidize them with taxpayer money.  What did I tell you?  Democrat hacks pretending … Continue reading

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Liberal Democrat Fascist Vomits Hate, Racism, and Genocidal Rage

More proof that the Left is the heart of hate, the soul of Fascist Nazism and Communism, and that it is 100% they who are the source of all the bigotry, genocide, and hate across all the world throughout history.  … Continue reading

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Hatred is Inherent in Liberalism

Liberals live life with their glass half empty resenting others who live with their glass half full. Leftists spew their hate in various ways; from Antifa Nazi fascists declaring all Republicans are the KKK so they can justify attacking good … Continue reading

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Lala judges, NOT Trump, are in violation of the Constitution

The U.S. Code of Law is clear.  Trump has complete authority to institute a ban on whomever he, as President, deems dangerous to Americans even if that includes ALL Moslems! Liberal Activist Leftwing Anarchist judges are not ruling in accordance … Continue reading

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Deposing a tyrant

America is getting off Obama’s train of division and decline and jumping on the Trump Train to renewed prosperity that will bring unity. Barack Hussein Obama may have been elected president, but he was never the leader of the free … Continue reading

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