Democrats Worship False Gods

Democrats are the party of the left worshipping false gods of their own creation to dupe the ignorant and mislead the foolish.  Their gods represent America as the opposite of her nature:

  • Racism – Making America a racist nation in their fictional ideology of false gods
  • Climate change – Making America responsible for global warning from CO2, a trace gas that is the product of life
  • Socialism – Making America a demon of greed over her economic engine of capitalism that liberated the poor to become the Middle Class.
  • Sexual Perversion – Making America a corruption of every sexual norm
  • Abortion – Making America submit to baby sacrifices from the womb
  • False gods – Making America anti-Jew by promoting Islam as the religion of peace and tolerance to demonize Christianity (for those who forget that Jesus is a Jew)

Democrats are the face of hate.  Understanding Democrats and their hate America ideology is of paramount importance if this great nation is to survive.  The people who forced America to retain slavery at its founding are now the people that want to destroy America for having had slaves.  Democrats want to remake America as a socialist state – which is just another form of slavery.

Democrats have indoctrinated and duped millions of Americans into believing the lies of leftism.  Democrats have not been able to completely corrupt this country.  Now that their subterfuge has been exposed to impose communism on this nation their only recourse is to re-populate it with outsiders.  Americans at a Trump rally chanted, “Send her back,” about Ilhan Omar (D-MN), a Moslem Somalian immigrant who proposes to transform America from its evil ways.

No one actually wants her to go back where she came from, except maybe to get a good dose of why she left and why she should appreciate this great nation that took her in.  Democrats reveal how deeply they misunderstand Republicans:

RUSH: All right. We’re gonna get straight into this here, the “send her back” business. We’re gonna have a wide– ranging set of comments about this. I want to start, grab audio sound bite number 9. This is David “Rodham” Gergen, who was on CNN last night, Anderson Cooper, and the question was: “I’m wondering, as someone who’s worked in both Democratic and Republican administrations, what is it like to see the president on that stage tonight encouraging, or at least allowing the ‘send her home’ chant to grow?”

GERGEN: Listen, I think that this may work in a short term for Republicans, but if you look at the long term, it’s a much bleaker picture for the Republican Party. All the Millennials, they’re going to be a massive force along with women, people of color in our new politics just five, ten, 15 years down the road. So, I think the Republicans are in an active slow self-destruction in supporting the president as much as they do, because, in the long term, this could be suicidal.

RUSH: Let me ask a question. Why is it not suicidal [for the Democrats] when Republicans get forcibly kicked out of, spat upon at restaurants? Why is it not suicidal for the Democrats when Black Lives Matter advocates shooting cops? Why is it not suicidal for the Democrats when they defend Antifa? Most recent example in Portland, Oregon, where the cops were ordered to stand aside while people were assaulted, and businesses were destroyed. Why does none of that, why isn’t that ever said to be suicidal for the Democrats?

Why does none of the stuff that makes “send her back” pale in comparison, that pales in comparison to the actual activity, the assaults, the attacks, the damage done to businesses in Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore, why does the media never say, “Man, this is not good for the Democrats, that’s a suicidal move”? Let me tell you something. This “send her back” chant last night, there’s so much attached to this.

And let me just say at the outset, I don’t want to send her back. I want her to stay here! And I don’t want her to be silenced. I want Ilhan Omar to continue speaking, because it is working. Trump is winning this. I understand the “send her back” sentiment. I could give you, as I have just begun to do, a series of explanations.

This bozo Gergen forgets one thing – Millennials will grow up and become more educated as time passes by.  Most liberals grow up to become conservatives when they learn the truth.  All people are born to the ignorance of liberalism and convert to conservatism as they learn morality, the truth, and observe how the world works.  That’s why the majority of Millennials are liberals and the majority of Baby Boomers are conservatives.  Fifty years ago, Baby Boomers were the liberals of the 60s.

But most of them have since grown learning the good of America and the evils of socialism, while only a small portion continue to be dedicated to their anti-American liberalism.  Those few have actually become dedicated leftists striving deceive the next generation of ignorant young liberals.  Democrats portray Republicans as being what they themselves are, and portray themselves as being what Republicans are, and only those who ignorantly hate America believe them.  America, however, is getting an education in liberalism as President Trump forces them to expose their true nature.

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