Culture War – The Poisoning of American Minds

Trusting leftists is the greatest mistake you can make in your life.  Trusting Democrats to tell the truth is second.  Trusting liberals who are so easily duped and manipulated is your third.  Learning in life to identify who tells the truth and who knows the truth is the key to, not only sanity, but prosperity.  Trust should not be given freely.  Basic trust is a far cry from complete trust.  Someone you don’t know you trust no farther than you can throw them.  Trust beyond this is trusting someone with your name, your money, or your life.  (The only one I trust with my soul is Jesus Christ.)  When you put your trust in the wrong person for any of these you end up being disappointed or worse.

Consider this; half of people are low intelligence (have an IQ below 100), half of people are emotionally immature, half of people are ignorant of most things, and half of people are immoral and mean-spirited.  The simple fact is that liberals suffer from one or more of these dysfunctions.  Those who are ignorant, immoral, and mean-spirited readily join in militant terrorism of righteous people over lies.  Democrats have openly conducted a war against Republicans to intimidate, terrorize, and subdue them so they can win the next presidential election.  In doing so they are slandering over sixty million people as racist white supremacists.

37 Minutes to learn everything you need to know about Democrats vs. Trump in America’s Culture War:

I can’t stand oblivious Republicans in Congress who talk of Democrats as “my friends on the other side of the aisle are being disingenuous.”  No, they’re not! They are f*cking liars and they are NOT your friends!  Republicans who stupidly work with Democrats for anything often find in the end they are the ones standing with a knife in their backs.  Democrat smears and slanders have become more and more hysterical screeching by maniacal, deranged hatemongers desperate to malign Trump.

Democrats say that Republicans are not just racists, but that they are white supremacists!  They say only Democrats can save the people by giving them all free stuff.  They can only afford to do this by stealing everything from Republicans.  They say Republicans deserve to have everything stolen from them because they are evil thieves who stole their prosperity from the poor.  Bullsh*t!  We worked for our lives.  We studied in school.  We labor at our jobs.  And we trade fairly with others.  It is always the leftist who believes others have stolen from them because they have the hearts of thieves and see everybody else as being like them.

Trump’s Success Has Taken Every Issue Away from Democrats

No smear is enough for Democrats.  Just like their climate memes have evolved from global cooling to global warming to climate change to climate disruption to Armageddon, their memes for Republicans being anti-illegal aliens has morphed from anti-immigrant to racism to white supremacy.  Likewise, they have tried to change the name of illegal aliens to illegal immigrants to undocumented workers to refugees to make them more benign.

Democrats work to conceal their crimes while convicting Republicans through false accusations as being guilty of crimes.  Today, the Islamist jihadi terror group Hamas has a Twitter account while the Republican Senate Majority Leader’s has been suspended as having committed a hate crime by posting the liberals in front of his house yelling death threats at him.  Liberals don’t learn the truth or know the facts before they come to conclusions and act on them.  They are told that Trump is a racist white supremacist and they believe it without question.  Fortunately, liberals only make up 20% of the population, though they are the violent Democrat base, and much of the country is joining Trumpsters in support of the man they wrong.

The Great Backfire Is Underway

Facts, truth, and investigation are the three legs of the stool of knowledge.  Take away any of the three and the stool falls like the person in ignorance.  Ignorance is only resolved by learning the facts by investigating both sides to find the truth.  Liberals, being emotionally immature, do not investigate to learn all the facts.  They hear one set of facts and believe without proof.  Often the only proof they will believe is the proof of the side to which they have become emotionally invested as they do with Democrat’s Russian collusion, white supremacy, illegal immigration, and climate change.

Understanding liberalism is understanding immaturity and impotence.  When liberals spit in people’s food that is not an act of courage, it’s an act of impotence.  They wouldn’t dare stand up to them face to face.  That’s why these radical leftist liberal loons conduct their riots in Democrat cities where they won’t be punished.  That’s why every mass shooter, like every presidential assassin, has been a crazed leftist.  That’s why, when they go insane, they shoot up unarmed crowds where they think police won’t be there to shoot them.  That’s why terrorists pick soft targets because, like all leftists in their criminal mentality, they prey on the weak like scavengers.  Warriors prey on the strong.

There’s the difference between alpha and beta male conservatives and lesser liberals.  If you spit on Donald Trump, he wouldn’t yell at you or spit back or slap you, he’d punch you in the face!  We elected him because he’s an alpha male fighter, a leader, and he fights fire with fire.  He gave Bush and Cruz a hard time fighting them the way Democrats fight Republicans.  But he also fought Hillary the same way which is something we never saw Republicans do since Reagan.  That’s why he won.  Obama’s phony dossier of Trump supposedly hiring hookers in Moscow to pee on the bed he once slept in is exposed as bogus on its face.  An alpha male leader doesn’t commit acts of impotence.  No, Trump ran for president to undo all Obama did to unmake America essentially pounding his face.

Liberals are so lost in their weakness that they must fantasize about being bullies.  Just as they made movies about assassinating Bush and Trump, now they made a movie wherein they hunt helpless Trump supporters.  These are the people who blame violent movies and video games for mass shootings after they produce “games” like Grand Theft Auto wherein criminals beat citizens to jack their cars, shoot cops, and rape hookers.  It’s akin to their “knockout ‘game’” where blacks would go up behind innocent people and club them down.

Hollywood Fantasy Film Depicts Liberal Elites Hunting and Killing Deplorables

Rush Limbaugh: “The movie originally was gonna be called ‘Blue State v. Red State,’ but now it’s just called ‘The Hunt.’ I mean, take your pick, which is which? So, the very people — and I’m including Hollywood. The very people who are running around acting so outraged and so offended and so disgusted over what Trump is doing… ‘Trump is causing these mass shootings!’ These very same worthless shreds of human debris are producing a movie — for profit — showing the fun and the thrill and the satisfaction of hunting Trump supporters.

“A couple of more questions on this movie, ‘The Hunt.’ A, where do these liberals get their guns? They hate guns! It’s a rhetorical question. But more importantly, why don’t we have ours in this movie? How is it that we are unarmed?”

The answer is conservatives would only be unarmed if they foolishly believed disarming would make liberals feel safer.  This is another example of the difference between the righteous and the left.  When conservatives are armed and liberals are not, everyone is safe.  If liberals are armed and conservatives are not, then there would be genocide.  It’s just as Netanyahu said,

“If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more ‎violence.  If the Jews put ‎down their weapons ‎today, there would be no ‎more Israel.‎”

Want to see a movie about what really happens when liberals hunt a conservative?  Watch the old movie, “The Naked Prey,” Cornel Wilde, 1965.

Democrats go beyond boycotting businesses, harassing Republicans in restaurants, conducting riots and assassinations.  They are doxing Republican donors.  That means they are publicly posting these people’s personal information perhaps in hopes that some of their rabid followers will hunt them down.  Trump’s team needs to take action and bring these violent leftists and their coup conspirators to justice!  If they do not, then the left will eventually end up overthrowing America.

Learn why a righteous person glorifies military heroes, business tycoons, and charitable philanthropists, and why only leftist haters glorify criminals and tyrants.  That’s all Democrats have is vicious thugs who don’t obey any laws.  To them, that’s freedom.  As they celebrate the anniversary of Ferguson, one must wonder if they also celebrate the anniversary of the murders of Dallas police.  Democrats celebrate all things that bring down America into the gutter with their socialist ideology.

Trump’s rhetoric is not creating hate – it’s Democrat’s!

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[Author’s Note: I was going to publish this on Friday, but I think my readers already had enough to read for one week.  Then Rush comes on at midday and says the exact same thing I said.  Great minds think alike, but according to liberals who are duped every day by leftist deceivers, I’m the one who’s “programmed.”  At least I know science and have come to understand people far better than I did when I was young and naïve.  Rush was on fire last week and his shows on the 7th, 8th, and 9th are well worth listening to in their entirety.  My next three very short articles will be on those very subjects including climate change, gun control, and Democrat’s glorifying criminals as their heroes.]

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