If liberals made their own super heroes – liberals want to make Cpt. America gay


The Left would pervert America’s greatest icons.  What do you expect from those who think God is evil and Satan is a savior?

Liberals in Follywood want to make Captain America gay.  They think it’s about time there was a Superhero who was gay so they chose the most righteous man in comics to pervert.  The Left corrupts and perverts everything they touch so why should America’s greatest heroes be exempt when so many gays are in the entertainment industry?

Who would be their antagonist?  No doubt they would make Christians, Republicans, and conservative leaders the bad guys.  They would depict them as Nazis as they do God and Jesus.  Some libs even say Hitler was a Christian – as if there is anything Hitler ever did that Jesus would condone let alone command.  Socialists are always atheists unless they are Islamists.

(Liberals call Jesus a liberal even as they damn God as evil saying he was a radical who was against authority.  But Jesus stood only for righteousness and love of God, which made him a radical to the leftists of his day, the Pharisees, who only wanted their own power to be inviolate.  This is why liberals today call conservative Christians extremists and compare them to Nazis as they do the Commandments of God.  They have no moral compass to tell right from wrong.  That’s why in their political paradigm both extremes are wrong, while in the Christian paradigm there is only right or wrong.)

But liberals have already inflicted their corruption into movies.  Their meme is slipped into movies like Star Trek VI where Spock tells the council that the Klingons who would go to war are “the conservative elements.”  What is conservative about going to war?  What does that conserve?

In Ultraviolet the church is depicted as Nazis.  Even in TV, the last season of Smallville shows some self-righteous girl who refers to Lois and Clark as liberals.  As if!  Liberals, leftists, 21st century progressives, however you want to identify them, all share the same character flaw – they lack a moral compass.  Believing that socialism or Islam is good and that Christianity is bad is the bottom of the pit of backwards liberal thinking.

Libs even come up with names like a Neo-con and manufacturer “scientific studies” to invent conservatives as fearful haters with a gene that makes them believe in God and reject science as climate change deniers.  They ignore the facts that socialism killed more people in the 20th century than all wars throughout history except for Islam, which has enslaved and murdered in the billions.  They ignore the facts that Democrats run scam after scam to part fools from their money and that all the science proving man-made climate change to be a fraud they reject.

If libs made their own superhero who would the hero go after?  Would he disarm citizens and police who are about to shoot a hoodlum trying to rob or rape them?  Stop that racist cop!  If a business refuses to be part of a gay wedding he would burn it down with his heat vision!  Border patrol stopping illegals?  Tie them down with his web.  Protesters against Islam!  Blow them down.  Business owner lay off workers because he can’t afford their minimum wage and benefits?  Hang him by his toes over the side of a building!

Leftists would have Shariaman instead of Superman who would force all to convert to Islam, destroy those who would not, and punish any who deviated from Sharia Law.  All women would have their genitals mutilated at birth and he would carry out honor killings himself!  What a brave new world leftists dream of.

Perverted leftists would make Bucky Barnes into Steve Rogers gay lover rather than his brother, just as they would make Jesus’ disciples his gay playmates.  This is a sickness of perverted minds who believe anything that is righteous must be perverted with animal sex.  Giving in to humanity’s lust does not make anything right as anyone who experiences God’s love and righteousness knows.  Gays focus on sex because lust is at the center of their lives, but there is not one love story in all of history in which sex is the focus of love, just a product of it.

Make Captain America gay

Sure, let them pervert the heroes of America just as Obama strives to weaken our military by putting women into combat and enlisting illegal aliens to replace patriotic Americans.  Let them try to send out their message of including all perversions of morality as normal.  We’ll see how quickly their box office profits dry up and stop their messages of corruption and hate from spreading to our children.

Explaining the dysfunctional thinking of the neurotic liberal mind

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