Democrats Save the World

Democrats say they are the last great hope to save humanity and all life on the planet.  Do you understand that?  If you don’t vote Democrat then all life on planet Earth, including you, will die!  After saying this, they said that Donald Trump uses demagoguery and fear mongering to divide people.  Do these people even listen to themselves talk?

Hannity explains the Democrat debate

How will Democrats save America and all life on the planet?  By stealing all wealth from the rich and giving it to people who don’t work, who just lay at home and do drugs, and who come to America to steal, and eliminating American energy.  This is Democrat morality.  Their rat-infested cities wallowing in crime and corruption are the hearts of their people and the socialist soul of their party.  The only way to save America from Donald Trump making America great again is to go back to Obamaism with its stagnant economy, ultra-high ObamaCare taxes, and racial division ala America’s black Moslem communist president and his party.

Again, I ask, do these people even listen to themselves talk?  Democrats have never known what America is truly all about.  They only know that this is the land of prosperity and if they are not ruling it then they cannot obtain the wealth for which others work.  All they have ever known is that the people exist to serve them, to provide for them, and to do as they are told.  This isn’t political opposition believing they are the ones who would save people from their own greed and the planet from people’s pollution.  This is a god complex.  The party that can’t even keep their own cities clean believe they can clean up the planet.

Democrats continue to credit Obama with the Trump economy, declare Trump is a racist, promote their utterly debunked Russian collusion fraud, and declare the end of the world from mankind changing the climate.

Can you spell i-n-s-a-n-e-l-y s-t-u-p-i-d?

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