Omar’s Twisted Islamic Hate

“We cannot let Trump and Netanyahu succeed in hiding the cruel reality of the occupation from us.”

“If Israel was an ally.”

“Trump is trying to pit Muslims and Jews against each other.”


Omar openly supports Hamas, Hezbollah, and BDS.  She is a Moslem jihadi working to destroy Israel.  She is an Islamist fundamentalist living as Muhammad instructed in the Koran to despise Jews and Christians.  That she is living in and elected as an American representative becoming one of the primary faces of the Democrat Party exhibits just how far left and wrong Democrats have become.  Muhammad instructed his fanatics to put the world under the boot of Islam.  After seventy years of wars between Moslems and Jews over Israel, for this wanton idiot to declare Trump is trying to pit Moslems and Jews against each other is hysterical.

Omar curses Israel for refusing to allow her to spew Moslem hate in their country

In response, President Trump declared that Jews voting Democrat are betraying their people.  Leftists try to twist his words to mean Jews are betraying him.  Democrats smear merchants are being willfully ignorant by obfuscating Trump’s remarks about Jews voting Democrat being disloyal, that he is saying they are being disloyal to Republicans.  What a**wipes.

He’s obviously talking about Jews being disloyal to other Jews by voting for a party that is anti-Jew, anti-Christian, pro-Islam, and pro-atheism.  His meaning is clearly not the same as leftist gay or black Democrats who curse gay and black Republicans as traitors.  Every minority group that votes for Democrats is voting against themselves without realizing it because they have been duped.  Democrats pander, fear monger, and demagogue over every issue, always standing on the wrong side promising Nirvana and delivering misery.

Trump says Jews voting Democrat are betraying their people

If anything, it is blacks who vote Democrat who have betrayed their own people – especially their slave ancestors whom they profess to revere.  Former slaves who survived into the 1930s must’ve been horrified to watch their great grandchildren flock back to their former masters.  Democrats have always been everything they accuse Republicans of being.  They now try to blame Republicans for the KKK, anti-drug laws, and anti-immigration laws.  If you ever watch the movie, “Gangs of New York,” it is the native-born Democrats who resent the immigrants coming into this country.

Now Democrats pretend to be the opposite of what they’ve always been to dupe ignorant simpletons into making them the ruling power in America.  Leftists perpetrate frauds in every manner possible, from Jussie Smollett’s fake hate crime to the violent Nazi terror group Antifa creating a false conservative rally against Omar and Tlaib to manufacture a hate narrative.  Leftists are twisted deceivers who act immorally in all things.  That’s why they promote hate, bigotry, and violence in their own ranks while blaming Republicans by demonizing them in the eyes of the unwitty.

1619 Movement is another leftist lie

Their 1619 Movement is an attempt to make America guilty of slavery from the first landing of colonists at Jamestown.  Their only goal is to abolish the USA to create the USSA as a socialist dictatorship with themselves as rulers.  President Trump should have every democrat governor and mayor who makes their states and cities sanctuaries arrested and tried for usurpation of American’s rights.  Trump needs to pass a federal law for voter ID by citizens only and do away with these provisional ballots and ballot harvesting that allows so much Democrat voter fraud and multiple voting.

Democrats are consistently trying to subvert America over their frauds of Russia, racism, and recession through deception of their dupes causing their manic depressions leading to delusions making them dangerous sociopaths.  Democrat corruption appeals to criminals while duping liberals.  Republicans appeal to righteous citizens who are mostly Christian conservatives.  These are the people Democrats despise.

Leftist hatred is pervasive and endemic.  They live in denial projecting their hate onto the right, but the proof is obvious for anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear.  My own family has Obamaites with whom I visited even while Obama, the low-life Moslem communist they elected, was president.  But now that Trump is president, they don’t speak to me.  Tolerant liberal Democrats do not exist.  Neither do sensible Democrats.  Some flee Democrat states to escape their high taxes for low tax red states and then stupidly vote for Democrats to take over and make them pay high taxes again.  The only sensible, morally intelligent, mature Democrats are those that grow up to become Republicans.

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