Portland’s Democrat Thug Mayor Terrorizes Republicans

Portland’s anti-police mayor, who doubles as the Police Commissioner because he fired the previous one, continues to promote Antifa riots, thuggery, and assaults, on his city’s streets.  He again instructs the police to stand down and let them wage their war on Americans.  Portland city now has “no-go zones” where Antifa thugs rule.

If ever there was a terrorist group in the United States that needs to be crushed as badly as any Moslem jihadi, it is Antifa.  The mayor forces police to stand aside as they rampage in attacks on Americans.  These masked terrorists are free to run rampant in any Democrat controlled city in any Democrat controlled state.  If citizens defend themselves against these criminal terrorists, then it is they who are attacked by Democrat police.

Leftist media tried to blame the Aurora theater shooting on the TEA Party by associating a member who had the same name as the shooter with the evil deed.  An Antifa fanatic actually attacked an ICE facility in Washington state and was killed by police and the media is silent.  This is exactly how socialist dictatorships operate.  This is proof that it is Democrats who use police to oppress the people.  This is confirmation that Democrats encourage criminals to reign over citizens.  This is the Gospel truth proving that leftist Democrats are striving to violently overthrow this great nation.  This is a part of Obama’s Army.

Antifa vs. Republicans – (min 16:42-20:52)

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