Love cannot defeat evil unless it is more heavily armed

Can't coexist

“Love can defeat evil,” liberals say is in the Bible, “you always ‘turn the other cheek.’”  Why is it anti-Christians always try to interpret Jesus to Christians?

“But I say to you, do not resist an evil person; but whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also.” – Matthew 5:39

This is probably the most misinterpreted statement Jesus ever made.  Liberals, who have not yet learned morality, believe this passage is telling them to allow murderers, rapists, and thieves to run rampant over humanity without consequence.  Developing a moral compass is not a matter of understanding good and bad, but of learning right from wrong.

The evil people of whom Jesus speaks is every last person ever born on Earth.  He is speaking about people who insult you – slap you in the face, not about people who would murder you, rape your wife, and enslave your children.  Jesus is saying that if someone is abusive toward you that you should walk away and leave God to deal with them in His own way, and not be vindictive, vengeful, or hold a grudge because those thoughts darken your soul.

He was not talking about people who are children of Satan, people who would rob, rape, or kill other human beings for their own profit or pleasure.  He never said, “If someone rapes your wife give to him your daughter” or “if someone kills your brother give to him your son.”  Jesus never said to lay down and let evil rule the Earth, or to give your children to the children of Satan to be raised in the ways of truly evil people whose hearts are so black that they will never see the Light.

The question for liberals who abhor war because innocents die is this; how do you stop these people from murdering your children?  Your answer will determine whether your children grow up in the world with parents who love them, or if they perish as slaves and offal to Islam.  WWII was fought because righteous people recognized that the murderous totalitarian regimes of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan could not be permitted to rule the world.  We spent forty years in a Cold War with the Soviet Communists that enslaved Eastern Europe for the same reason.

Mahatma Gandhi ended the British occupation of India through peaceful resistance.  Martin Luther King, Jr. defeated the oppression of southern Democrats through peaceful resistance.  But both were asking for justice from Christian societies.  Islam’s idea of justice is you submit or you die.  Why then would anyone think that laying down for Islam would be a good thing?

Reforming Islam away from Muhammad is as absurd as reforming Christianity away from

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4 Responses to Love cannot defeat evil unless it is more heavily armed

  1. Arthur W. DiMatteo says:

    Christianity preaches non-resistance to evil: that’s your problem, not mine. In 70 AD, Roman legions besieged and sacked Jerusalem, burning and destroying the temple that Jesus Christ had supposedly once taught in. Many Jews fought back, but the earliest Christians fled the city, leaving all the Jewish defenders to die. The Romans were pagans, invading their homes, yet those who heard the gospel directly from the living apostles ran away, cast down their arms, and offered no resistance. What do you know about the will of your deity that they did not?


  2. dustyk103 says:

    So you know less of history than you know of global climate. 😀
    The Romans besieged Jerusalem in response to the Jews revolting.
    Christianity does not preach non-resistance to evil. Jesus teaches non-retaliation. He never says never to fight evil. What would be Christian about laying down and dying and allowing your children to be indoctrinated into evil?


  3. Sara says:

    I’m not a history major, and I’m probably remembering this wrong, but I think it was also the Jews who, at the time, hated the Christians. So when Rome moved in to stop a revolt, the Christians got the heck out of dodge. The Jews at the time (were they still referred to as Israelites?) actively hunted Christians (the Apostle Paul was once known as Saul, and he was charged with persecuting them, until the Lord laid the smackdown on him, and he was converted). Maybe Mr.DiMatteo is thinking that since Jesus was a Jewish Carpenter, the Jews & Christians were brothers in Faith? But the Jews rejected Him, and that is why they were *not* friends.


    • dustyk103 says:

      You are correct. The new Christians were despised by the Jews who believed more in the Pharisees that Jesus scorned and rejected Him as the Messiah.


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