Islamism and socialism – the in-your-face ideologies

Islamic Jihadi socialism mass murders

War is the most important lesson to learn in history.  If you don’t understand war then you will always be unprepared to confront evil.  Islam is the ultimate socialist ideology whose in-your-face proponents claim they are peaceful and it is YOU who is violent in rejecting their ideology forcing them to defend themselves.  This is how socialists justify mass murder from Islamism to Nazism to Communism.

“He who does not learn from history is doomed to repeat it.” – George Santayana

I believe the study of history is the most important pursuit of education.  It teaches us about what works to make life better.  I believe the most important lessons in history are about war.  War changes the world.

War is fought for only one reason – greed.  Whether it is one man or a billion, the only reason to fight is always to take something away from another and benefit oneself.  It could be over a woman, it could be over an object like food or money, but it is always about power over others.  War is to enslave others and dominate them as animals, to steal from them their prosperity and their rights as human beings.  There are always two sides; those who attack seeking to take from another and the others who defend themselves.

Trade is about prosperity.  Trade is about working together to mutual benefit.  Trade is the opposite of war.  Where war destroys, trade builds.  It is those who are greedy who destroy trade.

For the young it is important to understand that wealth itself is not greed.  Money is not the root of evil, but the love of money is.  Becoming rich and powerful through trade is good when it benefits others.  Becoming rich and powerful is evil when it is done at the expense of others.  What must be examined and understood is; are people giving their money to someone voluntarily because they want their product or service, or are they be my forced?

People need food, but they are not forced to buy it from others.  You can always grow your own.  Money is not an evil, it is a method of trade to enable an exchange of value without bartering for goods and services.

The barter system only works on the tribal level.  A hundred people can barter.  When thousands of people are involved it breaks down.

America’s dilemma

Today there are wars being fought and they are all between the two forces – the forces of Socialism and the forces of Liberty.  Socialism is about government control over the people.  All the people are made equal by an elite group that makes certain no one prospers more than others.  This appeals to the lowest common denominator and always involves the use of force over those who would strive for more – regardless of whether by benefiting others through trade or taking from others by stealing.

Liberty allows those who strive harder, work smarter, and provide better the ability to advance.  It also provides security by providing a force to protect them from those who would steal what another produces.  There are always those who would turn to the dark side because it is easier to take something from those who produce than to work to make it yourself.

That is why each generation must be taught to work with others and learn history to understand how to prosper through trade and not war.  America’s youngest generation was not taught that.  They were taught that it is better to have government elites steal for them so that everyone has what they need and no one is wanting for more.  This breeds stagnation, greed, and envy for those who do have more, and it is those people who seek position in government so they can take more and justify their greed as necessary.  This is the trap of socialism.

“Capitalism makes the rich powerful, socialism makes the powerful rich.” – Rush Limbaugh

Detroit - Hiroshima Republicans

The reason America has prospered and created the first Middle Class in history is because of capitalism.  But now that is under assault by those who would rule over the people and remake America into a socialist state wherein they are the ruling elite and the people their serfs.  They seek to accomplish this by making the prosperous Middle Class insecure by letting criminals and terrorists prosper.  People then turn to the government that is not protecting them and are asked to give them more power to provide protection.  What they provide is then a prison to enslave the populace, and they produce propaganda to convince the ignorant and gullible it is in their best interests.

Socialism teaches conformity

Those who do not conform are brutalized.  Atheist socialists like to teach that government is god and reject religion because it gives power to those not in government.  Islamist socialists teach that the ruling elite speak to god and rule through divine right.  It is the latter that exercises greater control of the population making all pray the same several times a day, and those who do not conform are apostates to be destroyed.

Socialism in the 20th century killed hundreds of millions and enslaved billions.  Ideological subgroups – Communist, Nazis, and Fascists all developed on slightly different economic and social models, but all had the same ruling elites and demands for conformity.  Those who strove for more had two choices; join government with their approval or become criminals.  None were permitted to prosper otherwise and those who attempted to escape to a better life were killed.

In capitalism those who refused to conform are only the criminals who refuse to work.  They are not examples of those who would live free but those who would freely oppress others.  Rather than be brutalized they are confined until they change their ways.

Where capitalism rewards the industrious and innovative, socialism punishes those who strive to prosper.  Those who are kept down under the iron boot often turn to revolution to be free, but are often corrupted by those who would have power over others through deception.  The United States is exceptional in all of history as being the only nation that was not seized by the corrupt at its inception and that is why she has prospered above all others.  She even fought a civil war to end slavery, and has fought conquerors in foreign lands to save others from oppression.  Despite leftist claims to the contrary, and cracks in the system that allowed some corruption to get through, the United States has been the greatest force for good the world has ever known.

Now, however, the corruption runs deep and America is in danger of bent lost.  The problem that righteous men have allowed corrupt men to take power because they were told it’s only fair.  The failure of the righteous to keep the wicked from acquiring power is why America is failing today.  The War between Good and Evil is an eternal struggle requiring eternal vigilance, and teaching each generation history and morality to keep the forces of darkness at bay.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” –Edmund Burke


Deception is the root of warfare.  It is stronger to attack the unsuspecting than to attack an opponent who is prepared.  Islam and socialism rely on deceiving the ignorant in order to overcome them.  Muhammad spoke of the importance of deception to make Islam strong (contrasted with Christ who admonished his followers to absolute honesty).

But Jesus did not say that you must give your opponents fair warning.  Telling Satan how you will defeat him only gives him the ability to defeat you.  Islamists say those who reject Islam insult Islam and are therefore attacking Islam and must be destroyed.  This self-righteous hypocrisy is the heart of evil.

When Muhammad began his cult he understood that those who submitted to it must be rooted in it to the extent that they cannot think for themselves, hence the group prayer five times a day.  This brainwashing is what convinces fanatics that killing themselves while committing murder will lead to eternal rewards in the Islamic Paradise (a place where their every lust is fulfilled and the exact opposite of Christ’s Heaven).

Leftist socialist atheists don’t understand why Islamists hate them and their atheist ideology as much as they hate Christians when they have the same socialist values.  They don’t understand that Islamists hate anyone who refuses to submit to Islam whether they are those who choose to love Christ or those who refuse to believe God exists.  Until Americans understand their enemy, the Left, socialists, and Islamists, then they will be unprepared to defend against them.  Until Americans recognize that Democrats are the most destructive force in America, and that the man they elected to be leader of the free world is actually the one who has unleashed the Islamic Jihad on the world once again, America will continue to decline until she fails and the last bastion of liberty’s light goes out.

Two Americas – Americanism or Socialism; Right vs. Left

Muhammad – the First Terrorist and his religion of self-imposed brainwashing

Faith in God kills


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1 Response to Islamism and socialism – the in-your-face ideologies

  1. Sara says:

    ” Muhammad spoke of the importance of deception to make Islam strong (contrasted with Christ who admonished his followers to absolute honesty).”
    I didn’t know ANYTHING about Islam until about 5 or so years ago. I was totally swallowing the Kool Aide about the ‘religion of peace’ and ‘Allah is just another name for God’. But when I saw that it’s actually IN THEIR HOLY BOOK to lie to others, and is encouraged, in order to spread their religion? No. Christ told us to speak the truth, even if it hurts (or gets you dead), to be a light unto nations and to live by an example of love; “to do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. The more I learn about this religion of the deceiver, the more I shake my head. We’ve all seen cults here in the USA, the brain washing and such. The 5 times a day, facing east (west?) & strict adherence to it’s doctrine or you’re a filthy sub human who needs to die? CULT. Conform or die is literally written in their text, whereas in the Bible it makes it clear that if you don’t accept HIm, you will be damned for eternity, but not that we should send you there ourselves!


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