The Eagle and the Snake – America’s war with Islam, pt. II


Jihadis deception

Trying to explain righteousness to liberals is like trying to explain fire to fish.  You have to come out of the water and evolve before you will understand.  Trying to explain Islam to someone who has been propagandized to believe it is peace is like trying to explain science to a global warming believer.

ISIS is Islamic

No one is born knowing morality.  We all know good and bad but that is not the same as knowing Good and Evil.  Developing a moral compass is the most important thing in life.  Without it we are lost and a normally intelligent person will logic their way into all the wrong beliefs.

Liberals say there are no common links between any terrorist attack

Denying that Islam is the cause of jihadi terrorism is due to ignorance of Islam and the teachings of Muhammad.  It is due to failures on the part of our education system in which liberals teach that ideologies that are destructive – socialism, Islam, liberalism – lead to evil.  Liberalism leads to socialism leads to democracy leads to totalitarianism, which is why America was founded as a republic.  If you don’t understand how that is then you should listen to the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin when he said;

“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding what to have for lunch.”

It is also the fault of the liberal media that ignores 99% of the acts of Islamist terrorists around the world.  They say condemning jihadis is condemning all Moslems.  That’s just them projecting their own bigotry on the Right in which they condemn all Christians as self-righteous hypocrites.  It is the Left whose lack of a moral compass leads them to being the self-righteous hypocrites.


In just one month here are all the terrorist attacks you don’t hear about

Even this list is a partial list of the evils of Islam.  It does not take into account honor killings, mutilations, and maimings that are done by Islamists.  Nor does it account for the oppression, slavery, and abuses by those who do evil to others in the name of Islam.

The worst characteristic to have in life is ignorance and it takes a lifetime to overcome.  Ignorance is not bliss, it is what actually killed the cat.  Accepting Moslems into your country, into your home, when they have no intention of adopting your culture but wish to inflict their barbarian culture on you is the pinnacle of naiveté.  Liberals are asking the fox into the henhouse.

This is what happens when nations accept immigrants who won’t integrate

America is at war with itself and her enemies are taking advantage as the Left and Right battle for the soul of this great nation.  Those who would unmake America and remake it as another socialist dictatorship have corrupted America’s youth to expect a handout instead of a hand up.  They talk of righteousness they do not understand in order to deceive the ignorant of their true intentions.  Each terrorist attack is a wake-up call and only half of Americans are opening their eyes.

Find the truth for yourself; is it Republicans who are lying in saying that Islam is violent when it is not, or Democrats who are lying in saying Islam is not violent when it is?  Learn what Muhammad taught and understand the full history of the Jihad.  Deception is how evil prospers by fooling good men into doing nothing.

“For My people are foolish, They know Me not; They are stupid children And have no understanding. They are shrewd to do evil, But to do good they do not know.” – Jeremiah 4:22



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