Young liberal wisdom: X – Liberalism begins with envy and ends with greed

Have you heard that liberals are compassionate, care about others, and want to help them?  Have you heard that liberals believe in treating everyone equally and fairly in all things without prejudice or bias?  And have you heard that conservatives are heartless old people who have their wealth and don’t care if anyone else does, that they think people should fend for themselves?


[In the battle of Left vs. Right, the propaganda of the Left would have people believe they are for making America great.  In examining the policies of Left and Right, the Left tears down the rich while the Right builds up the poor.]

There is one thing that liberals of the Democrat Party do exceptionally well and that is to lie convincingly by twisting the truth.  Everything they say about themselves and conservatives is true – if you hold up a mirror to them.  The truth of this is found by conducting an examination of the facts with critical thinking to discern the truth in reality.

President Obama says he believes in the American Dream, and says that nobody ever achieved success without help from government.  Yet people realized the American Dream long before the American government came into existence.  If you didn’t learn it in school, which these days you probably did not, the American Dream is not the acquisition of vast wealth as liberals teach.

The American Dream is to be able to worship God and prosper from your own labor free from the oppressions of corrupt governments and greedy criminals.”

Liberalism begins with envy and ends with greed.  Liberals believe the wealth acquired by the rich is done, not through personal responsibility and effort, but at the expense of others.  This greed and envy is put on full display in a recent TV commercial made by Chevy in which a teenage babysitter, after seeing the apparent luxury of the family’s minivan, responds to the mother’s payment inquiry by demanding more.

Chevy babysitter commercial

To the liberal’s mind if you have more you should pay more, not because you are getting better quality luxury but because you have more to spend.  As Barack Obama has said, being able to spend more is his measure of wealth, which is why he is spending trillions of taxpayer dollars more than government takes in taxes putting future generations into terminal debt.  In Liberals Backwards Think, liberalism teaches that spending the money you make is how you increase your wealth rather than making money to spend and having enough to save.

Obama says those who make more should pay more in taxes, whereas Dr. Ben Carson quoted God saying everyone tithe 10%.  Imagine if every business charged based on what you make and not on what they provide?  That Starbucks coffee would be $2 for someone who made $20,000 a year, but cost $10 for someone who made $100,000 a year.  If you fully implement Obama’s logic, the person making $100,000 a year can afford and should pay $50 a cup.

Liberalism vs. Americanism

America’s young are no longer being taught the values of working, saving, and how capitalism makes economies strong while socialism tears them down.  Conservative teaches people how to be more industrious, more productive, and more conservative in their spending thereby elevating the poor to increased wealth.  Liberalism teaches people how to be more dependent, more wasteful, and more liberal in their spending demanding more from others who have more thereby tearing down the rich to make everyone more equally poor.

Evan Sayet on how liberals think

“Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims” is the first of two books written an American Christian conservative who has become legend for his ability to discern the truth behind the façade of Leftist politician’s propaganda.  “Rush Revere and the First Patriots” is likewise an examination of the Founding Fathers that socialists have deleted from America’s classrooms.  These are children’s books meant for older children and young teens, but there are millions of adults in America who would greatly benefit from learning the truth about their heritage rather than the lies that are fostered by the Left that are tearing down the greatest economy in the history of the world.

Liberals Backwards Think

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