Extreme leftist Democrats propagate stupidity and lies

locking the door

Extremist Democrat propagandists reach the pinnacle of galactic stupidity in defense of Islam against Christian Americans

You want to know what ‘extremism’ is?  How about Democrats who are all in on bringing millions of Moslems to America, many of whom are Islamists and Jihadis, while striving to outlaw guns in the hands of law-abiding American citizens.  They believe those who want this effort stopped and not allow these Moslems into America are “extremists and haters.”  They say Islam has nothing to do with Jihad and terrorism.


Democrat leaders in America have embraced socialism, Islamism, and atheism, all of which are anti-American and will lead to the fall of this nation.

They believe that if you do not invite people who want to kill you into your home then you are an extremist hater.  The Left has not only gone off the deep end, they have not only left the planet, but they have exited the solar system in their propaganda campaign of galactic stupidity!  A simple reality check reveals them to be out of this world, and their logic to be not only dysfunctional, but self-destructive.  This is not surprising when they subscribe to the insanity of white guilt and anti-Christian ideologies.

They believe you are an “extremist” if you believe:

  • Government should not spend the taxpayers into debt.
  • Deadbeats do not deserve taxpayer’s financial support.
  • People should fight criminals.
  • We should support police, soldiers, and armed citizens.
  • America is a sovereign nation.
  • Foreigners should not be permitted to invade.
  • Christianity is good and Islam is evil.
  • Jihadi terrorists are Muslims.


Their ideas of what is ‘extremist’ are not “words of wisdom.”  They are expressions of mental retardation and the sickness of the dysfunctional liberal mind.  More accurately, they are words of deceit and treachery!  Gov. Mike Huckabee expressed Christians and Americans in the most honest terms when he said;

“I’d like for Barack Obama to resign if he’s not going to protect America and instead protect the image of Islam!”

The message all Americans must give to these wacked out liberals who believe they can label patriots as “extremists” is not ‘no we’re not, you are wrong.’  Our message must be;

“GO F*CK YOURSELVES, you vile, lying, psychotics!”

These leftists, these communist, these atheists, these socialists who would pervert America so that any ideology other than Christianity, even Islam, can subvert it, have taken control of our education and media.  It is time for Christians to take a stand against their multicultural corruption of America’s moral soul and smack them down!  If ever there was a bad joke perpetrated on an ignorant populace, it is the idea that there is something called “liberal wisdom.”

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3 Responses to Extreme leftist Democrats propagate stupidity and lies

  1. I am amazed at the number of supposedly bright folks who seem to agree with the leftists in their delusion re: Islam. Discussion with these folks is not possible. Any attempt to use logic and reason seems to shortly devolve into the leftist/atheist pulling up the “…phobia card”, and the accusations fly. That is when I usually walk away, or laugh in their face.
    Keep up the good work, dustyk103.


  2. Kiowah says:

    Changing the status quot …eh…


  3. Democrats don’t know a goddamn thing about effective governance.


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