By his actions Obama is either a blathering fool or betraying America

Obama mocking Americans

“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” – Barack Hussein Obama, Audacity of Hope.  Obama mocks Americans who are fearful of importing jihadis with refugees.

With the crisis in Europe of millions of Syrians claiming to be refugees from the war there between the people and Assad and ISIS, but consisting not of non-Moslems being murdered by ISIS, or women and children, but mostly military aged Moslem men, no American is looking at them as refugees, but as invaders – except Barack Hussein Obama.  Following the terrorist attacks in Paris, the rapes in Sweden, and the riots in other countries, Hillary said that we must wage war on “radical jihadism.”  Apparently, she has no clue that jihadis only exist in Islam which both she and Obama refuse to link to the worldwide terror networks that are rampaging through the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, and infiltrating into Europe and America with the help of elected socialist leaders like Obama.  Nor does she understand that Jihad, Holy War, is the fundamental basis of Islam as established by Muhammad who waged war on Mecca and all of its neighbors.

Barack Obama, aka Barry Sotero, mocked Republicans for the umpteenth time saying that “they are fearful of widows and children” refugees.  With the confirmed reports that over 75% of so-called Syrian refugees are young Moslem males, and the attacks by Moslem “immigrants” around the world increasing, even Senate Democrats all voted with Republicans to halt Obama’s plan to import two hundred thousand of them into the United States.  Why Democrats are surprised when Obama, who claims to be a Christian, (despite the church he attended not worshipping the Christ of the Bible, but the Black Jesus of the Koran), would stand with and assist Moslems is a colossal joke!

Liberals are confused about what makes someone a Christian.  Whoopi Goldberg told the audience of The View that Adolf Hitler and Timothy McVeigh were Christians.  What Christian acts did these men ever commit?  These lunatic claims are so far out in left field as to be beyond delusional and enter the realm of galactic stupidity.

The same can be said of Obama.  How is assisting the anti-Christ religion of Islam be an act of Christian love?  There have even been stories about certain “Christian” groups giving Moslems a Koran rather than a Bible.  Jesus certainly never said we must love Satan and his minions, but that we must stand against them!  Giving aid and comfort to the enemy is not the same as giving charity to the helpless.

So the question must be answered –

Is Barack Obama acting out of compassionate stupidity or is he betraying the nation whose laws he swore to uphold?

Liberals are mentally incapable of fighting the Jihad

clueless or not

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