When Obama takes credit for falling gas prices – gasbags explode!


Obama has done all in his power to stop oil drilling and promote green energy sources like pond scum biofuels.  Now that fracking that he has attempted to ban has made America the #1 oil producer in the world he wants to take credit for lower gas prices.

If you ask Obama about his policies to; stop American oil drilling in the Gulf, shutting down federal lands to drilling, cutting off the Keystone Pipeline, denying drilling in the arctic waste of Alaska’s North Slope, closing coal mines, restricting the construction of coal-fired power plants, making regulations in attempts to stop fracking, promoting the global warming fraud that man can control the climate, saying that CO2 pollution is destroying the planet, and all of his efforts to reduce American energy from fossil fuels – he will deny it and say he is for “an all-of-the-above approach.”  And then when private oil drilling on private lands and fracking produce a boom in U.S. oil production, he takes credit for falling gas prices – prices he said four years ago would never come down just because Americans drilled for more oil.  And the media pundits to which he spews his bullsh*t from his lying mouth will all nod their heads and let him deceive the fools who believe him without challenging him.

In the last century there has not been a single Democrat policy, a single liberal idea, or a single leftist ideological promotion with which moderates would go along that has benefited the people.  All their efforts have only resulted in more taxes being taken from the people, and more wealth being sucked up and squandered by corrupt politicians.  From Woodrow Wilson’s creation of the Federal Reserve, an act warned against by all the Founding Fathers as the greatest step in the establishment of government tyranny, to Obama’s campaigns of fraud and deceit from healthcare for all to climate change, America has been going downhill.  People have prospered and technology has advanced over the last century not because of Democrats, but in spite of them, because of the ingenuity of the American people.  But liberal Democrats and moderate Republicans have always ensured that their corrupt leaders got a lion’s share of the profits.

Yes we can ban fracking

The man who said, “We cannot drill our way to lower gas prices,” is taking credit for the booming oil industry in America brought about by fracking.  Obama has shut down American drilling in the Gulf and elsewhere by refusing licenses on federal lands, but has no control over private lands.  Now he wants to be credited with their drilling America’s way to lower gas prices.

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