Democrats say Hillary’s email not a national security issue


Long before Hillary became champion of the sexually abused, she was crushing bimbos harassed by her philandering husband.  As Secretary of State she weakened the defenses of America’s embassy in Libya, which resulted in the assassination of our ambassador.

Liberals are tired of hearing about Hillary’s email and their favorite candidate for president being accused of violating national security while serving as Secretary of State.  Never mind that an American ambassador was murdered, the first since Jimmy Carter, and that he was killed on American soil by the same people Obama helped to overthrown Kaddafi.  Never mind that America’s enemies; Islamic Jihadis, Soviet Russians, and Chinese Communists are expanding their power around the world through military incursions.

The Obama presidency and Democrat agenda have been a foreign policy disaster for the United States.  Liberals bury their heads in the sand and say America needs to be small, needs to be weak so as not to get involved in foreign affairs.  “Let the world solve its own problems” was the battle cry of leftists in the 1930s as Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, Imperial Japan, and Fascist Italy began their military expansions.  And as they did in WWI, Islamists joined with the Nazis and by the 1940s the world was at war.

Hillary specifically has been demonizing Republicans as gun owners who want to kill blacks, and women haters who want to take away women’s healthcare.  The measure of her devotion can be examined in her declaration that she will stand by any woman who has been sexually violated – unless they were violated by her husband.  Those women she destroys.

Hillary was crushing bimbos long before she declared herself their champion

Hillary Benghazi ad

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4 Responses to Democrats say Hillary’s email not a national security issue

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    Well said post!


  2. China Russia and Iran having emails dealing with our nuclear arms and mideast conflict mitigation strategies before our committees do is a very serious national security violation which she caused. The reason why liberals are tired of hearing about it is because they have no good answer or retort for it. The question is: Why do they keep allegiance to and defense of Hillary when they see what she’s done ?

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  4. BeccaVaughn says:

    Hmmm funny everytime someone is ready to come foreward and testify against her and her hubbies women coming out they end up dead with “Apparent Suicide” and nobody has figured it out? And yet the poor ambassador that was killed is yet another Clinton’s victim. Will her Crimes ever catch up with her?


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