Benghazi – From delusion to damnation, from heroism to betrayal

Democrats are continuing to sit back, laugh and smile saying, “Nothing to see here,” as Republicans are still demanding answers a year and a half after Al-Qaeda forces were allowed to attack an American embassy, raise the Al-Qaeda flag on American soil, and kill an American ambassador.  From the order to rescue forces to stand down to the president blaming an obscure YouTube video no one saw, Americans have no answer as to why Obama left the Libya embassy undefended.  Democrats say only a delusional minority of the Rightwing are pushing a phony political agenda as they spit on the graves of the men who died in Benghazi on September 11, 2012.

Obama’s reputation for telling the truth in all things is a testament to his ability to cover-up anything with the help of the media.  From the guy who said a video made them do it:

  • The guy who gave us ObamaCare that would lower premiums and allow people to keep their health insurance.
  • The guy who gave us our economy “creating more jobs than President Bush” while losing ten million people to the jobless pool.
  • The guy who gave us Fast & Furious and the IRS targeting, both of whose bosses were held in Contempt of Congress for not revealing their operations.
  • The guy who gave us America no longer a Christian nation, who attacks Christian churches and businesses demanding they pay for abortions.
  • The guy who gave us military reductions, cut their benefits, denies soldiers the right to pray, and makes America weaker as the world becomes more dangerous.
  • The guy who gave us closed coal mines, shut down Gulf oil drilling, denied the Keystone Pipeline, while giving $2 billion to Brazil to drill in the Gulf.
  • The guy who gave us Benghazi because of a video about Muhammad and declared, “The future does not belong to those who would slander the Prophet!”
  • The guy who gave us the Party of Lincoln as the KKK, and Lyndon Johnson as the president who freed the slaves.
  • The guy who gave us those who tell proven truth are delusional and those who tell proven lies are patriots.
  • The guy who gave us a shrinking economy while pouring trillions of borrowed taxpayer dollars into Wall Street.
  • The guy who gave us a government shutdown, who barricaded the WWII Memorial to keep veterans out, while opening the National Mall to allow illegal immigrants to protest America.

Democrats call those demanding answer a “delusional minority”

Obama aide slips up and reveals that Obama didn’t care about the attack

These liars call the righteous a delusional minority when 60-70% of the people want to know what happened in Benghazi.

  • Who gave the order to stand down that was ignored by the heroes Woods and Doherty who saved over forty embassy staffers?
  • Where was the president and why was he not in the Situation Room as he claimed to have been?
  • Why didn’t Obama order or even allow a rescue?

The truth that the scam of blaming the video and arresting a man who made a movie about the life of Muhammad has been revealed as a political ploy to avoid having Al-Qaeda’s victory at Benghazi come out when Obama was campaigning they were on run has been exposed.  The movie, “Innocence of Muslims,” was not the “crude and disgusting video” Obama claimed insulted Muslims and incited them to attack the embassy in Benghazi.  The film-maker did mock U.N. security forces in the Middle East that have been standing back and allow Muslims to butcher Christians, but the movie itself was an accurate depiction of the life of Muhammad.  The fact that depicting the Prophet of Islam is against Islam’s Sharia Law and punishable by death is the foundation of Obama’s accusation.

On the day that the embassy was attacked, Woods and Doherty “went to the sound of the guns” against orders to stand down and manned a fifty caliber machine gun on the roof to hold off the attackers for eight hours is being defiled by Democrats.  They were ordered not to go to the embassy, and once there were ordered two more times to stand down and allow the Islamist terrorists to overrun and kill or capture the entire staff.  They did not, and spent eight hours holding off over two hundred attackers, all the while painting targets with a laser to guide in aerial bombs they expected until a mortar round killed them.

Benghazi is only an hour away from U.S. jet fighter bases in Italy, but no support came because the Commander-in-Chief gave the order to stand down.  Now Democrats are trying to claim they were killed in the first hour of the attack.  Were there any truth to that, none of the embassy staff would have escaped.

This is not a scandal like any previous presidential scandal.  Like Fast & Furious, this was a betrayal of the American people.  How long will Democrats be allowed to continue to spit on the flag before the country opens their eyes?

Obama’s Islamic heritage

The Battling Boys of Benghazi

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