Playing from the kid’s table on the world stage – Obama’s epic failure

Putin and Obama

There is a triumvirate of evil paving the way for the Anti-Christ; ISIS, Obama, and Putin.  Obama’s foreign policy to weaken America while enabling Jihadis and socialists to gain power is setting the world up for America to fall and evil to rise.  ISIS leaders want to bring about the End of Days when the Mahdi will rise and Jesus will return to bow before Islam.

The Islamo-Nazis of ISIS continue gaining ground in the Middle East, Europe, and around the world.  Obama’s plan to assist the Muslim Brotherhood overthrow governments has sent the Middle East up in flames and his withdrawal has set the stage for Putin to walk in and re-establish Russian alliances with Islamic nations.  Putin throwing in Russia into the mix to reassert Communist socialist aggression combined with Islamo-Nazi aggression is setting the stage for WWIII just as they did in the 1930s to start WWII.  Meanwhile, Obama whines from his place at the kid’s table about his being a big bully.

Obama says Putin is in Syria “out of weakness”

Russian power grows as Obama shrinks America’s standing in the world just as he has been shrinking her economy.  Obama’s policy of leaving a power vacuum in the hotspots of the world by withdrawing and shrinking the American military will not be reversed without going to war.  Barack’s childish psychological analyses of Putin and ISIS have left them free to kick sand in his face and tell him to bugger off!

The Leader of the Free World is at a complete loss of what to do.  His policy of appeasement and enabling evil powers to grow appear to be backfiring on his leadership of America.  But if one looks at it as his actions being deliberately to weaken America in order to strengthen Islam around the world then his policies are a resounding success!

This is why Rush said, “I hope he fails.”

“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” – Barack Hussein Obama

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