Republicans vote to legalize rape and make birth control a crime

Republican war on women

The Republican War on Women is at the center of Hillary’s campaign platform and the reason Republicans are the greatest evil on the planet.

GOP candidates for president are applauding the new laws passed by the Republican Congress to legalize rape by white men and made the use of birth control a crime.  In a move to counter the Feminazis condemnation of the rape culture on college campuses, the Republicans are taking rape off the books and making the ravishing of nubile young women legal.  At the same time, in their effort to defund Planned Parenthood and stop the selling of dead baby body parts to fund the Democrat Party, Republicans will also stop the breeding of black women by black men.  Henceforth, only white men can rape black women to get them pregnant and solve their overpopulation problem, thus justifying the greater expenditure in welfare and expansion of prenatal services through ObamaCare.

At this point one of three things is happening:

  • If you are a liberal, your head is about to explode.
  • If you are a moderate, you are confused.
  • If you are a conservative, you are laughing your ass off at the insanity!

The point of this exercise is to illustrate the nature of liberal’s gullibility – as if any of this would ever happen.  Yet they would believe it, while conservatives would recognize it as patently ridiculous!  The manufactured Republican war on women’s birth control, white racism, and global warming are all complete and utter frauds with no basis in reality, yet liberals believe in them.  America has become a nation of fools.

Liberals believe the most insane, heinous things about the Right.  By way of example; Hillary is basing her entire campaign on “Republicans are the spawn of Satan” who will steal your money, leave granny to die in the street, and eat your children.  They do this because they don’t know any better and are supremely gullible.  They believe that Republicans want to rape women and leave them broken, barefoot, and pregnant.  They think the Republican war on women’s birth control to be a real thing, despite there being no Republican anywhere who has ever suggested any such thing, just as they believe there is a “culture of rape” on college campuses.

The average liberal deludes themselves that they think intelligently, are knowledgeable, and sane when they suffer from colossal ignorance and dysfunctional rather than critical thinking.  Those who would enable them to continue in this vein distract them with attacks on people’s character rather than debating the facts, such as Planned Parenthood condemning those who exposed their evils rather than confront the fact that they kill babies for profit.  Liberal psychologists tell them they are intelligent and sane, that conservatives are the evil, ignorant fools, and deceive them at every turn.

Science is the tool by which they fool them into believing that mankind’s pollution is causing global warming.  They fall for this because of their ignorance of science – such as the fact that CO2 is a heavier than air gas not capable of making a greenhouse bubble around the Earth.  The science of psychology by which they are fooled is called propaganda and, like the Force, it has a strong influence on the weak-minded.

Liberals strive to shut down debate by mud-slinging and character assassinations using any lie people will believe to make those who tell the truth appear dishonest.  They cry evil racism at those who speak the truth about racism in America and believe “Hands up, don’t shoot” actually happened rather than the truth that came out in the Grand Jury.  They even riot and destroy their own neighborhoods, or rather political agitators from elsewhere come in to loot and burn down their neighborhoods.

As the chief Deceiver-n-Thief of the Democrat Party, Barack Hussein Obama, stealth Moslem that Americans were fool enough to vote into power, has spared no effort to divide and conquer witless Americans.  From the war on women to the deal to allow Iran to build a nuclear bomb, that half the population still does not recognize his pathological lying speaks volumes at the blindness and ignorance of the mob.  America’s morals have been ripped to shreds by the leftist agenda to corrupt and destroy the greatest power for good the world has ever had.

Millennials must be taught that liberalism is not something to aspire to, but to be overcome and outgrown.  Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on immorality.  America will either rise above the liberal plague that has infected our nation, or be consumed by this cancer and go the way of the Roman Empire that was destroyed by barbarians from without and corruption from within.

We are a nation of spoiled rich brats who have grown fat and lazy and think they are entitled to the best of everything.  Their religion is greed and envy and it’s no wonder the rest of the world looks on them with contempt.  They wallow in guilt and work toward their own destruction rather than using what God has blessed them with to make the world a better place.  And all of this is because they have turned their backs on the Lord to embrace the ways of Satan to believe they are themselves gods of this earth.

Liberalism proves that IQ does not mean intelligence

Democrat’s war on the truth and Republican’s failure to expose the lies

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6 Responses to Republicans vote to legalize rape and make birth control a crime

  1. Eleanor Jordan says:

    4. If you’re a true conservative, you’re shaking your head…


  2. Tom DeFranco says:

    The “Republicans hate women argument is as old as Nancy Pelosi and as believable. In short, it’s horseshit!!!!


  3. Lisa says:

    And let’s not forget that they also “want dirtier air and dirtier water”. Can people really believe that crap! Amazing.


    • HarryS says:

      Progressivism, according to Hillary the new name of Liberalism, is a brain defect.
      Socialism is the failure of Socialists to grow up. Babies are fed, clothed, cared for without earning it. As children mature, they are gradually trained to do more and more for themselves.
      Progressives-Liberals-Socialists try to stay infants, being given their needs and wants without doing anything to earn it.
      The wicked persons behind the scenes use this infantile desire to gain power, control over the mass of Progressive dupes.
      The foolish Jews who became the Jewish police were promised rewards by their Nazi Gestapo overlords. Their reward: to be the last to be loaded into the cattle cars.
      The Progressive masses also look to a reward: living in a “Paradise” of everything they want given to them, and total sexual license. Their lives center on their orgasm sensory nerves.


    • HarryS says:

      And a neverending supply of grannies in wheelchairs to push over the cliff.
      Whatever Progressives-Liberals accuse Conservatives and Republicans of doing is what the P-Ls are up to.


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