Mohammad – The First Terrorist and his death cult of self-imposed brainwashing

Islam is violent

Killing journalists is what Mohammad did in his time, so why is it a problem for westerners today?  This was not unknown, and claims that it is a “radical few hijacking a religion” is a lie and they know it.  They are inviting this evil into the West without hesitation regardless of fourteen hundred years of Islamic violence, conquest, and slavery all done with the blessings of Mohammad.

In his day there were no printing presses, but poets and orators who spoke in the town forums directly to the people.  When Mohammad fled from Mecca to Medina, he started a war with his tribal chieftains who rejected him, bringing a Meccan army to Medina’s walls.  People of Medina spoke out against this violent religion promoted by this foreigner bringing attackers against them.  In response, Mohammad had his followers murder these people in their beds to shut them up.

This is in the Koran and the Hadith!  (You should try reading them.)  So why do people claim this is not Islam?  An Imam in Britain who preaches Jihad (Holy War) in the name of Islam against his neighbors in England, the country to which he immigrated, explains it quite clearly;

“Islam does not mean ‘peace,’ it means submission,” says Imam Anjem Choudary expressing the ideology of the Prophet.  “We can live peacefully together if you submit to Islam.”

Imam Choudary validates Islamic terrorism

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In what universe is war considered “holy?”  In what nation does a call for enslaving all people bring peace?  The difference between Christianity and Islam is that Jesus taught peaceful resistance where Mohammad taught bloody vengeance.  Where Christ told his followers to spread the word of the Gospel to those with the heart to listen, Mohammad commanded his followers to invade foreign lands and put them under the boot of Islam.

“The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet.”

These are not the words of terrorists, they are the words of Barack Obama  spoken in front of the UN General Assembly.  These are not the words of a Christian, they are the same words used by any Moslem declaring that any who speak against his god will be destroyed.  This is a direct link to Obama’s Islamic heritage.

“America is not at war with Islam and never will be,” says Obama.

Yet Islam has been at war with the world since its inception.  America has already fought many wars with Islam such as the wars with the Barbary Pirates who were capturing American ships in the Mediterranean and enslaving passengers, and the Moros in the Philippines who were trying to carve out their own country.  The wars in response to 9-11 were maligned by the Left, and now they have elected a president who has been assisting the Muslim Brotherhood in expanding Islamic power throughout the Middle East, and ISIS is the result.

The modern American Left is not condemning the Moslem terrorists in Paris for the murders there.  Rather they are condemning the satirists for their cartoons mocking the fanatic murderers of ISIS and Islam.  Barack Obama labels these Islamist murders as “senseless violence” much like he labelled the Moslem attack in Ft. Hood, TX, “workplace violence.”  Is this part of Obama’s “new normal?”

In a land of liberty there is no place for a religion of persecution like Islam and the Sharia Law of Mohammad!  Yet the atheist Left invites them in, makes excuses for them, and promotes Islam as atheists and Islamists make common cause against the Christian God in America.  This sounds strange unless one understands that the godless and the fanatics of a vengeful god make common cause because both are anti- Christ.  Just like the two leftist socialist ideologies of Nazis and Communists joined forces in WWII to conquer Europe, until one betrayed and invaded the other, so, too, will atheists and Islamists be at each other’s throats when they believe they are destroying Christianity.

Leftists will attempt to condemn Christianity as being the same, but knowledge of history refutes this claim.  The Catholic Inquisition of the Middle Ages was the result of conflict with and learning the ways of Islam during the Crusades, which themselves were a counter attack by the West against Turkish invaders slaughtering Christians.  The Catholic Church became corrupt and exercised authority over all who were not members of the church, including Christians.  It is because of being under Islamic rule for centuries that Spanish and Sicilian cultures were so corrupted as to create the Inquisition and Mafia and the culture of lording over peons that exists to this day.

The Inquisition lasted almost four hundred years until Christians rebelled against the church and a very bloody religious war took place between Catholics and Protestants.  The Mafia moved to America in the early 20th century and became thoroughly infused into the Democrat Party and unions.  The corruption that began under the dictatorship of theocrats has infiltrated America, which is how Obama can claim that Islam had influence in shaping America.

Millions died in Europe for freedom from religious persecution, and now Islam is bringing it back into the world.  Colonists migrated to America to establish a Christian nation where those in power were not allowed to persecute others because of their religion.  Islamists are migrating into western nations say they have a right to practice their religion freely.  Yet their religion is to impose slavery on others to submit to Islam, and those who refuse are subject to attack by Moslems defending their religious rights.

Moslems are so fanatical about their religion because Mohammad was very shrewd and understood how to force his will on his followers.  He told them that Allah commanded they pray 5,000 times a day.  Rather than think sensibly (the Moslem call to prayer takes about ten minutes, so in truth they couldn’t pray more than about 150 times in 24 hours) they despaired as this would force them to pray constantly and die of thirst and starvation!   Mohammad “bargained” with Allah and he reduced it to five times a day.  (It can be noted that men don’t jack off that many times in a day and yet are called sex addicts.)

The religion of Islam that rules through a theocracy has no place in the free world.  Giving religious freedom in America to a religion that is no more civilized than the Nordic pagans, also of the Dark Ages, is akin to giving rights to Satanism and human sacrifice.  The right to murder your neighbor because he’s not of your tribe, or to enact revenge against strangers because of an insult by someone is not a right amongst civilized people.

When Jesus said, “If someone slaps you on the one cheek give to him the other also,” He did not mean if someone murders your brother you should give to him your son.  Pagans insult Christianity in the most heinous and blasphemous ways, including putting a crucifix in urine, and smearing a Madonna with feces the calling them “art.”  No Christians blew up museums or murdered these “artists.”

Islam has no place in America or Europe.  And unless those who oppose the violence that is the basis of this religion reject their religion utterly, they have no place in the civilized world.  Those who are so brainwashed that they will not let go of their religion of hate and vengeance should be forced to enact a second Hijra and move back to their countries rather than be given the opportunity to use oppression, intimidation, and murder to expand into their naïve neighbors.

There have been numerous attacks in America by Islamists.  They are thieving, raping, and murdering people in the name of their religion and the government is not reporting it.  Single news stories of a car running over a group of people, serial murders, and assaults are being subsumed in the media.  It takes a Ft. Hood or Boston Marathon bombing to make people pay attention, but then they are misled.  If Americans don’t wake up to the fact that the country is being infiltrated by her enemies, then America will sink into the darkness and lose its way from the Light.

The bottom line for those who want to argue moral equivalency of history, it is not Christians today who are murdering people worldwide in the name of their religion.  Columbus and the Europeans did not set out to destroy Native Americans.  Don’t bother trying to condemn Christians as being the moral equivalent of Islam or correlate phrases in the Bible with the Koran.

Christians destroyed the Inquisition because it went against the teachings of Christ.  Moslems embrace the Islamic Jihad because it is the essence of the teachings of Mohammad.  Civilization needs to learn from the lesson from the Romans in dealing with the extremely violent Germanic and Aztec religions.  There is no place in the civilized world for Islam.

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7 Responses to Mohammad – The First Terrorist and his death cult of self-imposed brainwashing

  1. Ron Barefoot says:

    Awesome survey of the facts in your blog. You are correct that Christ was the only speaker of his time and the times that followed who did not advocate violence! Thank you for a strong read!


  2. Dean says:

    I believe and agree………


  3. Steve Neal says:

    Great read, chocked full of facts… The US has GOT to stop cutting back traditional Christian values and public influence that founded this nation. We must stop letting the socialist progressives destroy our workforce, military strength, economy, and patriotic spirit. Stop handing this country over to Islamic Jihad. All my guns are loaded and I’m an expert marksman, so let’s take this country back…


  4. Matthew says:

    “Barack Obama labels these Islamist murders as “senseless violence” much like he labelled the Moslem attack in Ft. Hood, TX, “workplace violence.” Is this part of Obama’s “new normal?””

    Gosh. I thought I was reading about the San Bernardino massacre just then but then scrolled up to make sure the article was from back in January…


  5. Alula says:

    Hi .man i read your written over and over,however i agree and disagree with you .for instance you europeans are not real christians,you are catholics.and in my money,the catholic is the one which inspired by islamic ideology since ever before,killed many jewsh and christians more than muslims.and again you fund terrorists like alqaeda and isis..etc so what is your christianity? Except that you belive in material and power…if you had power in faith, islam would not have knocked at your door and get in your house.due to you are weak, corruption you aregoing to suffer alot.and again due to your fake religion of catholicism, many europeans have converted to islam including priests and missioners.


    • dustyk103 says:

      I agree with you. Most people do not become Christians, and Christianity has been under assault by the atheist/satanic Left for decades using technology as their god to say God does not exist. Those same atheists are funding the fanatics of Islam and Muhammad’s own satanic death cult to corrupt their own people for only one reason; it is easier to force the rabble to submit to a cult than to instill rebellious atheist independence into them. London is a prime example even worse than America the last eight years. They elected a Moslem mayor who now populates police with Moslems who, astonishingly, cannot figure out how a devout Moslem could commit acts of jihadi terror. When people are so blind that they fail to recognize what is killing them then they won’t understand what happened that conquered them. The deception of the Left is far more insidious than people will realize and it won’t be until the world is in flames that they get a clue.


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