Obama punishes Brits with trade embargo for defying Islamist immigration agenda

The war of words between the left and right:

L – “Build bridges not walls.”

R – “You no more build a bridge to people who want to kill you than you leave your doors unlocked and allow strangers into your house.”

R – “Liberals don’t have the moral compass to know the difference between the Berlin Wall and the Great Wall of China.”

R – “Islamophobia – it’s not irrational fear when they’re really trying to kill you.”

L – “Denying immigrants is not who we are.  America is a nation of illegal immigrants and everyone has a right to come here.”

R – “America was colonized.  It has had immigration laws that have worked since becoming a nation of laws under the Constitution – until Obama who chooses to ignore them became America’s most lawless president.”

L – “Conservatives are racist against Illegals and Moslems.”

R – “Neither being in the country illegally nor being Moslem is a race!”


Obama lawless treason

As President of the United States, Obama took an oath to uphold our Constitution.  He has violated that oath every week he has been in office.  His latest violations have come in his refusal to abide by our courts declaring his Executive Amnesty to be illegal and ordering him to stop.  He continues to push for legislation to take guns away from law-abiding Americans while forcing the FBI to allow jihadis on terror watch lists like the Orlando shooter to buy weapons.

Isn't this treason

Now he is openly punishing our greatest ally in the modern era, Great Britain, for refusing to abide by Obama’s Islamist immigration agenda any longer.  Moslems have launched a new Jihad against the West in the face of weak leftist’s politically correct lies and propaganda.  Either America will stand up and throw the bum out and prosecute him for his crimes or her citizens will elect to cut their own throats.

Not who we are 1

Obama declares British trade embargo for defying his Islamist immigrant agenda

Obama defies Supreme Court refuses to abide by immigration law

Obama’s AG Lynch says fight evil with love – hug a jihadi today

Democrat's solution to ISIS

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3 Responses to Obama punishes Brits with trade embargo for defying Islamist immigration agenda

  1. Eileen says:

    When Trump does this its called racism, when Obama does it its justified.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. commonabe says:

    His hubris, arrogance and thick-headedness knows no bounds. Cameron showed class in his departure, demuring to the will of the people. Our guy hates the will of the people. Even when it manifest in another country.

    Liked by 1 person

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