Rush Limbaugh – Jan 12, 1951-Feb 17, 2021

The passing of America’s Real Anchorman, the greatest moral journalist in the nation’s history, was met by the same hatred, bile, and contempt with which leftists hailed the crucifixion of Christ. Liberals showed their true hearts, minds, and souls as they vomited their plethora of lies and scorn for the great man. Some even admitted the truth when they proclaimed their joy that Rush lived long enough to see his beloved America fall to the communist regime of Democrat fascists. (They justify their hate with their dystopic version that Americans are evil white racists, and that America has been replaced by “good brown people.” Apparently, they are too dumb to realize they believe their own lies and are being ruled by same rich white racist Democrats that enslaved and oppressed, plus a Moslem communist messiah with his anti-American, anti-Christian mobsters.) While patriots mourn the loss of The Big Voice on the Right, leftwingnuts rejoice they won’t have his morally righteous certitude dissecting their lies and exposing their deceptions day to day. May God receive Rush in his rightful place and bless American patriots who will continue to fight for truth, justice, and the American way of liberty for all against leftist tyranny and oppression.

Rush Limbaugh

Rush eulogy by his wife followed by a compilation of some of his greatest talks:

Remembering Limbaugh: Kayleigh McEnany: ‘I Am The Definition Of A Rush Baby’

[Author’s Note: Rush’s passing, and the left’s reaction, just reaffirms my beliefs that they embrace evil, and liberal dupes follow them like mindless lemmings believing any lie they are told without critical thought or moral investigation. When an evil person dies, righteous people are relieved. When a righteous person dies, evil people rejoice. It was so with the death of Jesus and is so today. What they didn’t count on was the Resurrection. And what they don’t count on is God’s Judgment. Christians have no fear of death as our King took away our sins because, like Rush, we love God. That’s why the wicked despise Christians so viscerally. The left hates God and Christ, which is why they either demand He be rejected as phony or they turn to false gods like Allah. They will never love God but will demand others reject Him, submit to their false gods, or be destroyed. Rush taught us righteous moral thought, to examine what people do not just what they say, and to be realistic in our expectations. He lived the American Dream as he wished and urged for all Americans to do so. He fought against communist fascism that enslaves half the world. From the moment he declared he hoped Obama failed to impose his leftist ideology on the nation he was falsely accused of racism. Although the American Dream has died along with him, with Trump’s resignation, and with Democrat’s burning of our Constitution that is now just a flag they wave to distract liberals, the dream of Americans and all people to live free from slavery by the left will never die!]

Rush Limbaugh Speaks Righteous Truth to Power


Liberal’s Backwards Think Has Reversed American Liberty

Donald Trump Empty Promises

How we know that Democrats are communist fascists

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1 Response to Rush Limbaugh – Jan 12, 1951-Feb 17, 2021

  1. gbat2017 says:

    For those who listened, Rush was able to transform those with ‘minds of mush’ to conscious, thinking human beings. The hateful Lefties were blinded by his light but couldn’t destroy Rush.
    I’m sure Pelosi, Schumer, Biden and Mitch McConnell are thanking the devil for answering their prayers.


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