Hillary’s plan for America’s immigrant crisis is Titanic!

titanic america sinking

Democrats created this immigrant crisis and blame Republicans for the economic crisis that Democrat policies have created.

In both her economic and foreign policy speeches, Hillary smeared Trump as racist, incompetent, and incapable of dealing with either.  The Democrat’s plan for the immigrant crisis is similar to the Titanic; there’s a big hole in the boat and they can’t plug the hole or bail out the water, so what is their solution?  Do you remember these lines from the movie?

“The ship will sink.”  “Half the people on this ship are gonna die,” but “not the ‘better’ half.’”

As Hillary slanders banks as being the greedy rich in order to win Democrat votes, she takes millions in speaking fees from them to fund her campaign.  As she declares Trump to be in bed with bankers to give Americans a raw deal, she and Obama have stolen trillions of tax dollars to fill Wall Street’s wallets.  She says Republicans want to bring back sub-prime mortgages to make “predatory” loans and crash the economy again, and ignorant people who don’t know her husband Bill is the one who came up with them believe what she says and cheer for her.

The Left sees America as the Titanic and they’re going to convince fools to give them the lifeboats by hook (convincing the ignorant to give them money to “save the planet” from climate change) or by crook (taking trillions in borrowed tax dollars to give to Wall Street as “stimulus”) so that they are the filthy rich who will survive when the ship goes down.  They are doing nothing to stop the flood of immigrants into the country, but are actually inviting in more!  That’s like making the hole in the ship bigger rather than trying to plug it!  It’s like the Pied Piper leading the rats onto the sinking ship and then drowning them all.

Republicans do not see America this way.  Immigration can and must be stopped until America can find her way because right now she is lost!  Our children are not being taught about America’s greatness, but that America is the evil in the world.  Allowing people who are not only anti-American, but who want to destroy America and remake it in the image of the land they left is NOT WHO WE ARE!  This is AMERICA where people come to live the American Dream, NOT to recreate the Mexican nightmare or the Islamic hell!

Hillary’s economic speech an EPIC of liberal stupidity like her foreign policy


All the policies of Democrats have led to an American economy in crisis and they lay all the blame on Republicans, which the GOP stupidly accepts because many have been complicit in working with Democrats rather than stopping them!

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1 Response to Hillary’s plan for America’s immigrant crisis is Titanic!

  1. EIleen says:

    Unfortunately the sheeple will associate Trump’s real estate loans as being “in bed with the bankers”, even though the magnitude of the loans dwarfs the amount of money Clinton got from the big banks. I’ve actually seen posts in places like Disqus calling Trump a liar because he published the amount of the loans he has on several of his properties and used that as an excuse to call him a liar.


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