Liberal losers say conservatives are ‘self-brainwashing’


Leftists are angry that people are turning away from the lies of liberal media and turning to honest debate on conservative media.  In the state of liberalism where galactic stupidity passes for intelligent thought, liberals say conservatives who will not debate lies refuse to recognize opposing points of view.  Because they have lived and learned from the depravity of the Left, those who disbelieve in liberalism are condemned by the Left for not being willing to learn from their craven example.

Rush Limbaugh laughs at liberal anger

Those who tune in to FOX News are treated to a plethora of liberals expressing their opinions, spinning their versions, and exposing the Right to their way of thinking.  Unlike the rest of the media, they are met by reasoned, moral arguments by actual conservatives who blow away the arguments of the Left, uncover their lies, reveal their immorality, and explain how the misinterpretations and misinformation of the Left is being employed.  Leftists call this presenting both sides of an argument as brainwashing viewers because intelligent, moral people typically take the Right’s point of view.

This kind of critical thinking and moral decision making on the part of the masses is the last thing that leftists want.  Democrats need people to remain ignorant, not only of how the world works, but of how righteous people act.  Obama’s economic, foreign, and military policies have all been to the detriment of the nation, but he talks as if he is making America better.  The only brainwashed fools are those who are being perpetually duped by the anti-American deceivers at MSNBC and the like who remain ignorant of the consequences of Democrat policies.

Example: Independent Democrat Bernie Sanders, a devout socialist who is running for president, says he supports a 90% tax on the rich.  There are a bunch of millionaires endorsing Sanders and giving him campaign support.  Liberals say these men are doing so because they are honest rich men who want to give 90% of their income to the government.

The truth is that these men are hedging their bets so that, God forbid a nutcase like Sanders gains power, he will make certain that there a loopholes in the tax code so that they don’t get hosed with the rest.  Then they will damn any Republicans who can take advantage of the same loopholes as cheating the American people.  That is part of how Democrats have run crony capitalism for the last century.

Tax extremist

Understanding this means you have been brainwashed by Rush Limbaugh.  After sixty years, studying history for forty, and politics for the last twenty, this writer has found two truths;

“Believe half of what Republicans say and none of what Democrats say.”

“Just as you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink, you can tell a liberal the truth, but you can’t make him think.”

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