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The Never Ending Story of Washington Lies: Trump, Russia, Obama, Wiretapping

From ObamaCare to Islam, every accusation Obamaites sling at Trump always bounces back at them as if it hit a rubber shield leaving them with rotten eggs running down their own faces.  Take Trump saying Sweden made a horrible mistake … Continue reading

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The Last American Journalist

The Democrat propaganda machine consists of 90% of the media.  When you realize this is the beginning of wisdom. “Trump is too unstable to have his finger on the nuclear button.” – Hillary Clinton The purpose of the MSM is … Continue reading

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Hillary would put Bill in charge of the economy

Some are saying the devil you know in Hillary than the devil you don’t in Trump.  So they think it’s better to have the one you know is going to destroy the country rather than the one who might save … Continue reading

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Press corps says Ben Carson is p*ssing into the wind

A victim of liberal lies, Dr. Carson calls out their media for spinning lies.  There is no longer any journalism being practiced in the United States, and that’s why journalism has descended into profanity. Following last week’s remarks about the … Continue reading

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Proving the liberal media are corrupt Democrat lapdogs

The Republican War on Women meme was begun by pundit George Stephanopoulos who has been completely exposed not only as a major Democrat donor, but as a Democrat operative in the mainstream media. The man who began the war on … Continue reading

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