Kerry says ignorance is bliss in Obamaville

Kerry don't tell

{sung to the tune of Jimmy Buffet’s “Margaritaville”}

“Wasting away again in Obamaville,
Searching for my lost freedom of thought.
Some people say there’s a Republican to blame,
But I know that it’s Democrat’s fault.”

Once again liberal elitists prove that they believe themselves to be the arbiters of truth and the common people too stupid to observe events and decide for themselves what they mean.  Obama’s secretary of state thinks the media should not tell the public about jihadi terror attacks because that makes Islam look bad.  He pans the Obama line that Islam is peace and radicals are hijacking the religion of Muhammad.

Kerry may be an ignorant dupe in this, but Obama was raised in Islam and he is fully versed in the life and teachings of Muhammad.  Sharia is not the law of radicals and Jihad is not the way of psychotics.  They are the teachings of Muhammad and the calling to which he charges all Muslims.

Muhammad did not spend his years teaching Islam is peace.  He spent it enlisting the downtrodden and convincing them to rebel against their tribal leaders.  Muhammad spent his years leading his followers in waging Jihad as Holy War against those men who rejected his authority.  Any other interpretation is a smokescreen to confuse the infidel of the true purpose of Islam.

Muhammad the 1st Terrorist and his religion of self-imposed brainwashing

Upon his death Muhammad charged his followers to “make the world Islam” and they did so by the sword spending the next century and a half conquering all they could.  The Golden Age of Islam was those first 200 years in which they subjugated many millions of people from civilized nations.  It is only as a result of Islam squashing science and knowledge that they eventually became the violent Third World countries they are today.

The Jihad was stopped outside the gates of Vienna in the 17th century when Western military technology outstripped Islamic fanaticism.  But Obama has fathered a new Jihad by weakening America and passing her wealth to the Middle East to set the region on fire.  This is the truth that John Kerry believes the media should keep secret from the ignorant masses so that they will continue to support Democrats who want to import Islam and Sharia into America.

Our country is being disassembled right before our very eyes

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